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Pyle PLMRMP3A Hydra Marine Amplifier User Manual

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Pyle PLMRMP3A Hydra Marine AmplifierPyle PLMRMP3A Hydra Marine Amplifier-pro img

About Pyle
Pyle is a well-known consumer electronics company specializing in manufacturing a wide range of audio equipment and accessories. The company was founded in 1960 and is based in Brooklyn, New York. Pyle Audio has built a reputation for producing affordable and quality audio products, catering to various consumer needs.

Installation Precautions

  • Before you drill or cut any holes, investigate your vessel’s layout very carefully.
  • Take special care when you work near the gas tank, fuel lines, hydraulic lines, and electrical wiring.
  • Never operate the amplifier when it is unmounted. Attach all audio system components securely within the amplifier to prevent damage, especially in an accident.
  • Do not mount this amplifier so that wire connections are unprotected, in a pinched condition, in contact with any metal surfaces in your marine vessel, or likely to be damaged by nearby objects.
  • Before making or breaking power connections in your system, disconnect the marine vessel battery. Confirm that your head unit or other equipment is turned off while connecting the input jacks and speaker terminals.

Power and Speaker WiringPyle PLMRMP3A Hydra Marine Amplifier User Manual-1
Pyle PLMRMP3A Hydra Marine Amplifier User Manual-3

If you need to replace the power fuse, replace it only with a fuse identical to that supplied with the amplifier, Using a fuse of a different type or rating may result in damage to your audio system or your amplifier which is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Don’t misuse the level of control!
  • Do not mistake the input level control for a volume control!
  • It is designed ONLY to match the output level of your audio source to the input level of your amplifier.
  • Do not adjust this input level to maximum unless your input level requires it. Ignoring these instructions will result in an input overload to the amplifier and excessive audio distortion. It can also cause the protection circuit to engage

Controls, Input and Output Cables:Pyle PLMRMP3A Hydra Marine Amplifier User Manual-2

The switches and gain settings are located behind a watertight plug, which also lights up when the amplifier is on. Be sure to replace the plug when finished with adjustments.

  1. The INPUT LEVEL switch selects the input sensitivity of the amplifier. If you are connecting to a LINE-level source (typically any RCA-type connection) then the switch should be in the LINE (out) position. When connecting to loudspeaker outputs or headphones or high-level sources then set the switch to the SPEAKER (in) position.
  2. The POLARITY switch allows the user to optimize bass performance in the case that there is more than 1 set of loudspeakers producing bass in the system. Play some music with strong bass content and listen with the switch alternately in the NORMAL and REVERSE positions until it can be determined which setting results in a more pleasing bass response. If in doubt, or if any interaction with other speakers is unlikely, then leave the switch in the NORMAL position. 3. The GAIN control adjusts the overall level of the amplifier. When using the amplifier without volume control the level should be set to achieve a balance with other loudspeakers in the system. As a rule, keep the gain setting as low as possible while still ensuring that the system will reach full output power. When using the system with external volume control, set the external Volume Control to FULL (clockwise) and adjust the gain on the amplifier until full output power is reached.  The full output power level can be determined by turning the gain control clockwise until the apparent loudness does not appear to increase anymore. Leave the control at the setting where this begins to become apparent.
  3. VOLUME CONTROL Plug for the waterproof remote volume control. When installed, this control will turn off the Marine Amplifier Kits when turned down.
  4. INPUT Stereo RCA audio input for connecting other audio devices.
  5. To Connect Bluetooth
    1. Turn on the amplifier, the red Bluetooth indicator LED keeps blinking at this moment.
    2. Look for the “Bluetooth” function in your phone settings and open it.
    3. Search the Bluetooth device which is a “Pyle amplifier”. After you connect the Bluetooth successfully, the red Bluetooth indicator LED will stay on.
      Bluetooth Version: 3.0

Only models PLMRMB4CW and PLMRMB4CB feature built-in Bluetooth.

FAQS About Pyle PLMRMP3A Hydra Marine Amplifier

What is the Pyle PLMRMP3A Hydra Marine Amplifier used for?

The Pyle PLMRMP3A is a marine-grade amplifier designed for use in boats, yachts, and other marine environments to enhance audio systems.

How many channels does the amplifier have?

The PLMRMP3A typically features two channels, making it suitable for stereo applications.

What is the power output of the amplifier?

The power output varies, but the PLMRMP3A is known for providing a high power output to drive marine speakers and deliver clear audio.

Is the amplifier suitable for outdoor use in marine environments?

Yes, the Hydra Marine Amplifier is specifically designed to withstand the challenges of marine conditions, including resistance to water and corrosion.

Does the PLMRMP3A support different audio sources?

Yes, many models feature multiple audio inputs, including RCA and AUX inputs, making it versatile for connecting various audio sources.

Can the amplifier be used with both high-level and low-level inputs?

Many marine amplifiers, including the PLMRMP3A, are designed to accept both high-level (speaker level) and low-level (RCA) inputs for compatibility with various audio systems.

Does the amplifier have built-in protection features?

Marine amplifiers often come with built-in protection against overheating, short circuits, and other potential issues to ensure the longevity of the amplifier and connected components.

Is the PLMRMP3A compatible with different speaker types and sizes?

The amplifier is typically compatible with a variety of marine speakers, but users should check the specifications for specific details on supported impedance and power ratings.

Can the amplifier be mounted in different locations on a boat?

Yes, the Hydra Marine Amplifier is designed for flexibility in installation and can often be mounted in various locations, providing it is adequately protected from direct exposure to water.

Does Pyle offer a warranty for the PLMRMP3A Hydra Marine Amplifier?

Warranty information may vary, so users are advised to check the product documentation or contact Pyle directly to inquire about warranty coverage for the PLMRMP3A.

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