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Taramps MD 1200.1 Full Range Amplifier Instruction Manual

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Taramps MD 1200.1 Full Range Amplifier

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About Taramps
Taramps is a renowned brand in the audio industry, recognized for its high-performance amplifiers. Specializing in car and professional audio solutions, Taramps products are characterized by robust design, efficient power delivery, and advanced safety features. With a commitment to innovation, Taramps amplifiers cater to diverse audio needs, providing users with a reliable and quality audio experience.

Safety requirements

To ensure proper use, please read through this manual before using the amplifier. You must know the WARNINGS and CAUTIONS contained here.

  • The installation of this amplifier must be done by a qualified professional.
  • Wear safety glasses, insulated gloves, and correct tools for installing this product.
  • This amplifier is for use with 12V batteries. Always check the voltage before installing.
  • This amplifier must be installed in a firm place with at least 1” space around the heatsink for proper heat spreading.
  • Never install the amplifier in places exposed to dust, humidity, and water. Pay attention to installing it far from the fuel tank, fuel lines, heat sources, and other parts of the vehicle.
  • Be sure to install a protection fuse or a circuit brake near the battery. Follow the ampere rating as indicated here in this manual. Use of an improper fuse or circuit breaker could result in overheating, smoke, damage to the product, injury, or burns.
  • Avoid running wires over or through sharp edges. Use rubber or plastic grommets to protect any wires routed through the car’s body.
  • Before making any connection to the amplifier, disconnect the battery negative terminal.
  • When in use, the external surface of may amplifier becomes hot. Avoid touching the heatsink area and keep children far from the amplifier.
  • Output connections for speakers may have voltage levels when the amplifier is operating.
  • Make sure that the amplifier is turned OFF before proceeding with any connection or disconnection in these terminals.
  • This amplifier may produce high sound pressure levels. Avoid continuous exposure to levels over 85dB to prevent permanent hearing loss.

Functions & inputs

Taramps MD 1200.1 Full Range Amplifier (1)

  1. INPUT (R and L): Inputs of signals to be amplified. Connect these signals to the RCA outputs of the Head Unit, using good quality shielded cables to avoid noise influence.
  2. LEVEL: It sets the amplifier input sensitivity, which allows an optimal adjustment to the output signal levels of nearly all models of the Head Unit found in the market.
    • HIGH PASS: Variable adjustment from 10Hz to 80Hz, which determines the beginning of the amplifier operating frequency.
      LOW PASS: Variable adjustment from 80Hz to Full, which determines the end of the amplifier operating frequency.
  4. BASS BOOST: Boost for bass levels at 50Hz, with variable gain up to 10.5 dB.
  5. MONITOR: Connection to an accessory, whose function is to monitor the amplifier and it is where all information from the indicator LEDs, such as distortion (CLIP/TEMP) and protection actuation (PROT), will be displayed simultaneously. (Sold separately).

LEDS indicators & protection systems

  • Blue LED steady on: Indicates that the amplifier is turned on.
  • Flashing yellow LED: Excessive temperature (May be caused by obstruction of the internal cooler,
    improper installation, or poorly ventilated location). The MD 1200.1 has a thermal protection system controlled by a microcontroller (TEMPERATURE MONITOR).
    We recommend don’t turn off the amplifier, so that the cooling time will be shorter, through the ventilation of the fan.
    When the amplifier reaches the temperature of approximately 85°C (185°F), the thermal protection starts working, the audio is interrupted and the yellow LED will start flashing. The fan will be functioning, to cool down the components quickly. Only when the amplifier reaches a safe temperature level, the audio is released and the amplifier gets back to its normal functioning.
    • Blinking yellow LED according to music: Indicates that the amplifier is operating at the threshold of distortion. If the red LED also blinks, it indicates excessive distortion.
  • Red LED steady on Short-circuit or impedance lower than that supported at the output.
  • RED LED flashes 2x: Supply voltage less than 9V.
  • RED LED flashes 3x: Power supply voltage greater than 16V.

Output & power supply connector

Taramps MD 1200.1 Full Range Amplifier (2)

  1. FAN: This amplifier has one internal ventilation fan. For perfect functioning, the amplifier
    must be installed in a cool and aired place with at least 1” (25mm) space around the heatsink
    for proper heat spreading. The usual working temperature of the amplifier is 65°C.
    CAUTION The fan and ventilation openings are responsible for cooling the amplifier when it is in use, so it cannot be obstructed.
  2. SPEAKER: Output (negative and positive) to the transducer’s connection (speakers). Follow the polarity described and the minimum impedance recommended. To combine speakers, the resulting impedance must be taken into consideration.
    See the examples below:
    CAUTION Due to the presence of voltage at the output terminals when the product is turned on, avoid contact with them. Risk of electric shock.Taramps MD 1200.1 Full Range Amplifier (3)
    NOTE: Impedance lower than that supported at the output can cause short circuit protection.
  3. POSITIVE POWER SUPPLY TERMINAL: Use a 5 AWG (16mm²) cable directly from the positive battery terminal with fuse (65A), as close as possible to the battery.
  4. REMOTE TERMINAL: The remote Head Unit output must be connected by an 18 AWG (0.75 mm²) cable.
  5. NEGATIVE POWER SUPPLY TERMINAL: A 5 AWG (16mm²) cable as short as possible must be used, and connected to the negative battery pole.


CAUTION: All connections to the power supply, input, and output connectors must be carried out only with the amplifier off.

Recommended wire gauge & fuse

  • Positive / negative power supply cable _____________________________________5 AWG
  • Output cables wire gauge_______________________________________________11 AWG
  • Remote cable ________________________________________________________ 18 AWG
  • Protection fuse or circuit breaker_____________________________________________65A

Calculated considering a maximum length of 4m. For a distance greater than this, you will need to increase the cable gauges.

CAUTION Check polarity and never reverse power supply cables due to the risk of damage to the amplifier.
Using wire gauges below the recommendation will result in power loss and overheating of wiring. It is compulsory to install protection fuses or circuit breakers as close as possible to batteries.

Taramps MD 1200.1 Full Range Amplifier (4)

Technical features

Taramps MD 1200.1 Full Range Amplifier (5)

Taramps MD 1200.1 Full Range Amplifier (6)

Term of warranty

TARAMPS, located on Abilio Daguano Street 274, Res. Manoel Martins – Alfredo Marcondes, SP – Brazil, ZIP CODE 19180-000, guarantees this product against any defects on terms of project, making, assembling, and/or with solidarity, due to project vices which cause it improper or inadequate to its original use within 12 months from the date of purchase. In case of a defect during the warranty period, TARAMPS’ responsibility is limited to the repairing or substitution of the device of its own making.

This warranty excludes:

  • Damaged products by improper installation, water infiltration, and violation by unauthorized individuals;
  • Tamper or torn warranty seal;
  • Cases in which the product is not used in adequate conditions;
  • Defects caused by accessories, modifications, or features attached to the product;
  • The product with damage from falling, bumps, or nature-related problems (flooding, lightning, etc.);
  • Warranty card is not properly filled or torn;
  • Costs involving uninstallation, reinstallation of equipment as well and shipment to the factory;
  • Damage of any kind, due to problems in the product, as well as losses caused by discontinued use of the product.

Technical assistance

FAQs About Taramps MD 1200.1 Full Range Amplifier

What is the Taramps MD 1200.1 Full Range Amplifier?

The Taramps MD 1200.1 is a full-range amplifier designed to deliver powerful and high-quality audio performance for a variety of audio systems.

What makes the Taramps MD 1200.1 stand out?

This amplifier stands out for its robust design, efficient power delivery, and versatility, making it suitable for various applications, from car audio systems to professional audio setups.

What is the power output of the Taramps MD 1200.1?

The Taramps MD 1200.1 boasts a power output of 1200 watts, providing ample power to drive speakers and enhance the overall audio experience.

Is the Taramps MD 1200.1 suitable for both car and home audio systems?

Yes, the MD 1200.1 is versatile and can be integrated into both car and home audio setups, offering flexibility for users with different audio preferences.

Does the amplifier support multiple impedance levels?

Yes, the Taramps MD 1200.1 is designed to support various impedance levels, allowing users to connect different types of speakers without compromising performance.

What safety features does the Taramps MD 1200.1 include?

This amplifier is equipped with built-in protection mechanisms, including short-circuit protection, thermal protection, and overload protection, ensuring the longevity of the amplifier and connected audio components.

How does the Taramps MD 1200.1 contribute to audio quality?

The MD 1200.1 is engineered with advanced audio processing technology, resulting in clean and distortion-free audio reproduction, delivering a premium listening experience.

Can the Taramps MD 1200.1 be bridged for more power?

Yes, this amplifier can be bridged to combine channels, providing users with the option to increase power output for specific applications or speaker configurations.

What is the input sensitivity range of the Taramps MD 1200.1?

The amplifier features adjustable input sensitivity, allowing users to match it with various audio sources and achieve optimal performance.

Does the Taramps MD 1200.1 come with a warranty?

Taramps typically offers a warranty for their products; however, it’s recommended to check the specific warranty details provided by the manufacturer or authorized dealers for accurate and up-to-date information.

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