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Nintendo Switch Leg Strap Instructions

Nintendo Switch Leg Strap FEATURE

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Nintendo Switch Leg Strap 

Nintendo Switch Leg Strap PRODUCT

About Nintendo
A worldwide Japanese video game corporation with its headquarters in Kyoto is Nintendo Co., Ltd. Both video games and video game consoles are created and released by it. Handcraftsman Fusajiro Yamauchi created Nintendo in 1889 as Nintendo Karuta, which initially produced handcrafted hanafuda playing cards.

Health and Safety Information 

Please read and observe the health and safety information. Failure to do so could result in injury or damage. Adults should supervise the use of this product by children.


  • Keep this product and packaging materials away from young children and pets. Packaging items may be swallowed.


  • Do not use or store the product in the following places:


    • By heat sources, such as stoves and heaters, or in places that may become hot.
    • In unstable or slippery places.
  • If you feel any kind of irritation such as itching while using the product, stop using it immediately.
  • Do not disassemble or try to repair devices.
  • Do not use excessive force on the product.
  • Intended only for use with a Joy-Con™ (L) and compatible Nintendo Switch software.


  • If this product becomes dirty, soak it in lukewarm water with a neutral detergent, rinse it well, wipe away excess moisture with a towel and hang it to dry in a well-ventilated, shady area.
  • Do not heat or tumble dry the product. 

Nintendo Customer Support



Nintendo Co., Ltd., Kyoto 601-8501, Japan
Importer in the EU: Nintendo of Europe GmbH, Goldsteinstrasse 235, 60528 Frankfurt, Germany
Importer in Australia: Nintendo Australia Pty. Ltd., 804 Stud Road, Scoresby, Victoria 3179, Australia
UK economic operator: Nintendo UK, Quadrant, 55-57 High Street, Windsor SL4 1LP, UK

FAQs Nintendo Switch Leg Strap Instructions

How is a leg strap switch adjusted?

Don’t over-tighten the leg strap; simply wrap it around your thigh and pull it to the right side to tighten. Continuing to pull, fasten the tip. Retighten the leg strap if it feels slack when you’re standing, but be careful not to overtighten it.

Where should the ring on a leg strap fit?

Place the Leg Strap high on your left leg while seated and above the middle of your thigh if you’re playing Ring Fit Adventure. If you’re playing Nintendo Switch Sports, put the Leg Strap on the preferred leg’s middle thigh. Be careful not to lose track of it.

How are Nintendo Switch straps used?

Put your hand through the Joy-Con wrist strap and firmly grasp the controller with both hands. Make that the Joy-Con strap’s Slide Lock is in the locked position. To tighten the strap and keep it from slipping off your wrist, depress the strap lock button and slide it in the direction of your wrist.

What are the purposes of leg straps?

You can execute a variety of exercises with the cable machine’s ankle straps, including leg extensions, hip abductors, leg workouts, and glute workouts. Ankle straps are the best gym equipment you can get if you want to mix up your lower body workout.

How are leg straps played with?

You only need to strap the Joy-Con (L) controller to your leg and place it into the slot to be able to kick the ball in Soccer Shoot-Out with ease. Through a future free software update for Nintendo Switch Sports, additional Soccer matches will benefit from this add-on.

How long is the leg strap for the ring fit?

One measure 1.31 feet (40 cm) and the other 1.97 feet (60cm). The leg strap is used to monitor the mobility of the lower body.

What function does a thigh strap serve?

Thigh straps improve boat handling and make it possible for seasoned pack rafters to roll their pack raft. Although the 3-Point Thigh Strap Set IS NOT INCLUDED, all Whitewater Series pack rafts are equipped with attachment points for thigh straps.

How do I prevent my straps from dangling?

Similar to sloping shoulders, narrow shoulders can cause various straps to slide off the slope. Using a bra converter ring is one method of holding them in place. It is a plastic ring that keeps your bra straps together and prevents them from acting up.

How can a strap that keeps slipping be fixed?

If you want to prevent the bra straps from slipping, try sizing down for the band. Remember that the cup size will need to be modified as well as the band size. For instance, if you go from a 36C to a 34D, your cup size will increase while your band size decreases.

Do switch sports come without leg straps?

The Leg Strap accessory for soccer is part of the physical Nintendo Switch Sports game. Alternatively, pay less for the digital edition of the game and get the Leg Strap attachment separately.

Pdf – Nintendo Switch Leg Strap Instructions

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