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Nintendo Switch Lite Carrying Case and Screen Protector Instructions

Nintendo Switch Lite Carrying Case & Screen Protector FEATURE

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Nintendo Switch Lite Carrying Case and Screen Protector 

Nintendo Switch Lite Carrying Case and Screen Protector FIG-3

About Nintendo
A worldwide Japanese video game corporation with its headquarters in Kyoto is Nintendo Co., Ltd. Both video games and video game consoles are created and released by it. Handcraftsman Fusajiro Yamauchi created Nintendo in 1889 as Nintendo Karuta, which initially produced handcrafted hanafuda playing cards.

Health and Safety Information

Please read and observe the health and safety information. Failure to do so could result in injury or damage. Adults should supervise the use of these products by children.

WARNING – General

  • Keep these products and packaging materials away from young children. Packaging items may be swallowed.
  • Do not fold or crease the screen protector or push forcefully on the touch screen.
  • These products cannot completely prevent scratches or other damage that may occur to the touch screen.

Carrying Case

  • Do not leave the system switched on while it is stored in the carrying case.

Screen Protector

How to use

  1. Use the included dirt-removing sticker to remove dirt, dust, and fingerprints from the Nintendo Switch Lite touchscreen. Nintendo Switch Lite Carrying Case and Screen Protector FIG-1
  2. Peel the backing film from one-half of the screen protector.
    Note: Any dirt that appears on the screen protector before it is applied can be removed with cellophane tape.
  3. Carefully align the screen protector with the edges of the Nintendo Switch Lite touchscreen. Lower it onto the screen, smoothing the affixed areas with a cloth to prevent air bubbles from becoming trapped between the screen and the screen protector. Peel off the rest of the backing film and apply the other half of the screen protector as above. Nintendo Switch Lite Carrying Case and Screen Protector FIG-2

If the screen protector is crooked Affix cellophane tape to one corner of the screen protector and carefully peel it off, then proceed again from step 3. Nintendo Switch Lite Carrying Case and Screen Protector FIG-3

Nintendo Customer Support

EUR: http://contact.nintendo.eu
AU/NZ: http://support.nintendo.com


Nintendo Co., Ltd., Kyoto 601-8501, Japan
Importer in the EU: Nintendo of Europe GmbH, Goldsteinstrasse 235, 60528 Frankfurt, Germany
Importer in Australia: Nintendo Australia Pty. Ltd., 804 Stud Road, Scoresby, Victoria 3179, Australia
UK economic operator: Nintendo UK, Quadrant, 55-57 High Street, Windsor SL4 1LP, UK

FAQs Nintendo Switch Lite Carrying Case and Screen Protector

Does Switch Lite require a screen protector?

Screen protectors are not necessary to use. However, we advise utilizing only authorized protectors if you decide to use one.

Should you purchase a case for your Nintendo Switch?

However, portability has hazards, so you’ll want to keep your Switch safe in a durable Nintendo Switch case while it’s not docked snugly by your TV.

Can a screen protector be taken off a Nintendo Switch Lite?

Review of the Nintendo Switch OLED: Screen Time Nintendo, however, strongly advises against doing so: According to the OLED Switch handbook, “Do not peel off the anti-scattering sticky film from the console’s OLED screen.”

Do I need WiFi to use my Switch Lite?

By switching to the primary console or setting the system you are using as the new primary console, you can play without an online connection.

What are Switch Lite’s restrictions?

TV versus mobile
Standard With detachable Jon-Con controllers, the Switch can be utilized in TV, tabletop, or handheld modes.
Only handheld games can be played on Switch Lite.
Detachable controllers are not a part of Switch Lite.

What safeguards should I put in place for my Nintendo Switch?

If you take your Switch on frequent trips, a screen protector and some form of battery pack are excellent places to start. Buying a case might also be a wise decision if it is frequently in a bag.

The switch has a carrying case, right?

The Switch doesn’t have as many accessories as the Wii or Wii U. No pack-in game is present. The console, the left and right Joy-Con controllers, two wrist straps for them, one Joy-Con grip, one dock, one HDMI cable, and an AC adapter make up the entirety of the Nintendo Switch’s primary hardware bundle. I’m done now.

How should a Nintendo Switch case be cleaned?

If your carrying case gets soiled, you can clean it by soaking a cloth in water mixed with a mild detergent, wringing out the extra water, and doing so. After that, re-clean it with a gentle, dry cloth. Avoid using alcohol, benzene, or thinner.

Switch Lite screens can they be changed?

The Nintendo Switch Lite has a fantastic 5.5-inch touchscreen, but it can be quite difficult to use your device if the screen cracks or stops working. Fortunately, Nintendo Switch Lite screen repairs are available at CPR retailers.

Can you use Switch Lite to access the internet?

The Nintendo Switch Lite consoles enable a variety of multiplayer gaming possibilities. Using one system or several systems, you can play with others in real-time online or in the same space.

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