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Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging Grip User Manual

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging Grip PRODUCT

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Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging Grip

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging Grip PRODUCT

About Nintendo
A worldwide Japanese video game corporation with its headquarters in Kyoto is Nintendo Co., Ltd. Both video games and video game consoles are created and released by it. Handcraftsman Fusajiro Yamauchi created Nintendo in 1889 as Nintendo Karuta, which initially produced handcrafted hanafuda playing cards.

Health and Safety Information

Please read and observe the health and safety information. Failure to do so could result in injury or damage. Adults should supervise the use of this product by children.

WARNING – Electrical Safety

  • Use only the USB charging cable (HAC-010), or the AC adapter (HAC-002) provided with the Nintendo Switch console (or sold separately) to connect to this accessory.
  • Do not expose this product to microwaves, high temperatures or direct sunlight.
  • Do not let this product come into contact with liquid and do not use it with wet or oily hands. If liquid gets inside this product, stop using it and contact Nintendo Customer Support.
  • Do not expose this product to excessive force. Do not pull on the USB charging cable and do not twist it too tightly.
  • Do not touch this product while charging during a thunderstorm.
  • If you hear a strange noise, see smoke or smell something strange, stop using this product and contact Nintendo Customer Support.
  • Do not disassemble or try to repair this product. If this product is damaged, stop using it and contact Nintendo Customer ­Support.­Do­not ­touch­ damaged­ areas. ­Avoid ­contact ­with­any ­leaking ­fluid.

WARNING – General

  • Keep packaging materials away from young children as they may be swallowed. The USB charging cable can coil around the neck.


  • If this product becomes dirty, wipe it with a soft, dry cloth. Avoid using thinner or other solvents.

How to Charge

After attaching the Joy-Con controllers (HAC-015 & HAC-016) to this accessory, do the following:

  • Option 1: Connect the USB charging cable as shown in the diagram.
  • Option 2: Connect the accessory directly to the AC adapter.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging Grip FIG-1

Nintendo Customer Support

EUR: http://contact.nintendo.eu
AU/NZ: http://support.nintendo.com

Disposal of this Product

Do not dispose of this product in household waste. For details see http://docs.nintendo-europe.com

FAQs Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging Grip User Manual

The purpose of the Joy-Con Charging Grip?

The Joy-Con Charging Grip (model No. HAC-012), which is available separately, enables you to carry on playing while your Joy-Con is being recharged. The recharge LED on the Charging Grip will remain lit while the Joy-Con controllers are recharging. The recharge LED will turn off when they are fully charged.

The Joycons are they charged by the Charging Grip?

The only difference between this and the one that comes with the switch is that with this one, you can plug the cord into the controller and it will charge your joy-cons. (Therefore, you can charge them without having to attach them to the switch.

How much time does a Joycon’s charge last?

Informational note: It takes the Joy-Con controllers about three and a half hours to charge completely. The Joy-Con controllers’ battery has a 20-hour battery life when completely charged.

How is a charging grip plugged in?

The USB cable that came with the Joy-Con Charging Grip can be used to connect it to the Nintendo Switch dock with LAN port or to the AC adapter for the Nintendo Switch (HAC-002).

Is a joy-con grasp necessary?

Not necessary unless you intend to play for more than 20 hours at a time or have more than one pair of Joy-Cons.

Can a battery grip be charged?

The batteries must be taken out of the grip in order to recharge them using an AC battery charger.

Without a Charging Grip, how do you charge Joy-Cons?

The Nintendo Switch controllers can be charged very easily by docking them to the edges of the system. When you attach the controllers, the main tablet-like portion of the console will immediately begin charging them; this process does not take very long.

How many joy cons are you able to bill?

The quad charger, which is USB-powered, supports charging up to four Nintendo Joy-Con Controllers at once.

What is Joycon’s range?

Most of the time, relocating these gadgets three to four feet (1–1.5 meters) away from the Nintendo Switch console and/or Joy-Con controllers will be sufficient.

How quickly do joysticks charge?

The Joy-Con controllers need around three and a half hours to charge completely.

Pdf – Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging Grip User Manual

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