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BRASS MONKEY Fridge and Freezer User Manual

BRASS MONKEY Fridge& Freezer Featured


BRASS MONKEY Fridge and Freezer

BRASS MONKEY Fridge and Freezer-Product


Brassmonkey is a brand that offers a unique collection of high-quality products for modern living. The Brand features a range of products such as home appliances, outdoor gear, kitchen accessories, and more, all designed to enhance your daily life with style and functionality.

Brass Monkey has a modern and user-friendly interface that makes browsing and shopping a hassle-free experience. Each product is accompanied by a detailed description, specifications, and customer reviews to help you make informed purchasing decisions.


  • DC power connections Powered by AC using the AC to DC power adapter
  • High-efficiency DC compressor and conversion module
  • Dual mode operation (Max & Economy)
  • Digital temperature display with adjustable control
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • 3-stage low voltage battery protection
  • USB port to charge USB devices
  • Handle and wheels
  • APP control Via Bluetooth


  • 1 x Portable Fridge/Freezer
  • 1 x 12/24V Car Cigarette Power Lead
  • 1 x 240VAC to 12VDC power adapter


  • Input Voltage: 12/24VDC
  • Average Power Consumption: 45W
  • Power Consumption: 0.25kw.h/24hr
  • Rated Current: 3.8A/1.9A
  • Temperature Range: -20°C to +20°C (with ambient temperature at 2s0c)
  • Refrigerant: R134a  100% CFC & HFC free PU
  • Insulation: Foam insulation


  • The installation of DC power sources in a boat must be handled by a qualified electrician
  • Make sure to connect power to the suitable voltage socket
  • No electrical devices are to be used inside the product
  • The product can be powered on only after being unpacked and put on a flat-level surface for over 6 hours
  • Fridge operating angle:- The fridge can be operated indefinitely at up to 5 degrees and can be operated at between 6 and 45 degrees for up to 30 minutes.
  • The product must be well-ventilated. Ensure there is a minimum of 200mm clearance at the back and 100mm around the sides
  • The product should be in a well-ventilated space, away from heat sources. Try to avoid direct exposure to sunlight
  • Keep product stable
  • When there is water inside the fridge, do not turn the product upside down to empty. Dry the water with a soft cloth.
  • Do not put metal in the air inlet vent, outlet vent, or gap
  • Do not connect to other power except 12V /21 VDC, or the 240V AC to 12VDC adapter
  • Do not soak the product in water or wash it with water
  • The product should not be repaired. If there are any issues please consult the place of purchase
  • Turn off the product before cleaning to avoid electric shocks or other issues
  • Keep product away from wet or humid places


BRASS MONKEY Fridge and Freezer (1)


BRASS MONKEY Fridge and Freezer (2)


BRASS MONKEY Fridge and Freezer (3)


  • How to Turn on the Fridge
    • Connect to power
    • Press button 0
    • The internal temperature will display and the compressor will startBRASS MONKEY Fridge and Freezer (4)
  • SET: Press the button Setting To enter different modes, ECO (Energy Saving Mode), and MAX (Fast Cooling Mode). Fa story setting.n g I.s MAX
  • Press button + or – and set the temperature to 20°c ~ -20°C


The product has a three-level battery protection function, which not only guarantees the normal operation of the product but also protects the battery of the vehicle. When in the power-on state, long press the SET button for 3 seconds, and the display screen flashes H, select low voltage production L(ow), (medium), and High by clicking the SET button. The factory default is set to (high) protection.

BRASS MONKEY Fridge and Freezer (5)

H should be set when the product is connected to car power, and M or L should be set when it is connected to a portable battery or other backup battery. Because of the different output voltages between vehicles, the battery gear can be set from H to M or from M to L if there is a voltage protection code F1 shown on the panel. The battery gear should be set to H if the product will keep working after turning off the car engine, or if the product may drain the battery.


Downloading the 11BRASS MONKEY FRIDGE11 Application

  • Using a pre-installed QR reader on your handheld smart device scan the QR code in the manual or search for 11BRASS MONKEY FRIDGE 11 App Store (for Apple devices) or Google Store (Android Devices).
  • Start the application and select the 11Search II function.
  • The application will prompt you to pair the fridge by pressing the 11set button on the fridge’s control panel. Once the 11set Setting button has been activated, the fridge will be paired with your smart device and the application will switch to a control panel allowing you to control the fridge’s functions.

BRASS MONKEY Fridge and Freezer (6)

Please scan the QR code to download the APP

BRASS MONKEY Fridge and Freezer (7)


  1. Do not wash the product with water or soak it.
  2. Please disconnect from the power before cleaning the product to avoid electrical shock.
  3. Drain the product simply by removing the plug at the bottom.BRASS MONKEY Fridge and Freezer (8)
  4. Clean it with a soft wet cloth

If you will not use the product for a long period, ensure you:

  1. Turn it off and disconnect from power.
  2. Remove everything from inside (food, drinks, etc)BRASS MONKEY Fridge and Freezer (9)
  3. Drain any remaining water by removing the drain plug, then wipe all internal surfaces with a soft cloth to ensure that they are clean and dry.
  4. Keep it stored away from wet or humid places.


  • The product is not working:
    • If using the 240VAC to 12VDC adapter check the power supply is working
    • If using the DC cable please ensure the cable still works.
    • Check the power supply is working
    • Check if the plug and socket are connected
    • Check the fuse
    • Check the power switch on the control panel is on
    • The compressor starts delay protection for 3 minutes after turning on
  • Food inside the product is frozen:
    • Temperature is set too low
  • Water flowing sound inside the tank:
    • The Refrigerant is flowing, this is normal
  • Water drops around the case or door gap:
    • When moisture in the air meets the lower temperature case, it will naturally become liquefied and condensed. Wipe away with a towel or soft cloth
  • Code F1 displayed:
    • Low voltage protection, which can be solved by setting the battery protection button from H to M or from M to L
  • Code F2 displayed:
    • Fan overload protection. Please turn off the product and restart it after 30 minutes. If the code displays again, please contact the place of purchase
  • Code F3 displayed:
    • Compressor frequent start protection. Please turn off the product and restart it after 30 minutes. If the code displays again, please contact the place of purchase
  • Code F4 displayed:
    • The compressor is overloaded or working at a low speed. Please turn off the product and restart it after 30 minutes. If the code displays again, please contact the place of purchase
  • Code F5 displayed:
    • High-temperature compressor module protection. Please move the product to a ventilated area and turn it off for 30 minutes then restart it. If the code displays again, please contact the place of purchase
  • Code F6 displayed:
    • No parameter can be detected by the controller. Please restart the product. If the code displays again, please contact the place of purchase
  • Code F7 / F8 displayed:
    • Temperature sensor error protection. Please check the sensor terminal

The warranty for this product is 3 years from the date of purchase.

During the warranty period, the following are excluded from coverage:

  • Intentional damage
  • Damage by fire, flood, etc
  • Damage or malfunction caused by incorrect usage and not following this user manual
  • Damage or malfunction caused by disassembling

FAQs BRASS MONKEY Fridge and Freezer

What options are available on a Brass Monkey refrigerator/freezer?

Operating a refrigerator at The refrigerator can run continuously at a temperature of up to 5 degrees and for a maximum of 30 minutes at a temperature of between 6 and 45 degrees. The compressor will turn on 4. Push the button to choose between the ECO (Energy Saving Mode) and MAX modes (Fast Cooling Mode). The default option is Max 5.

A freezer made of brass monkeys uses how much energy?

0.2 kWh of energy is used on average per 24 hours.

How is a brass monkey refrigerator kept shut?

These metal tie-down brackets make it even simpler to secure your Brass Monkey refrigerator or freezer. Just unscrew the plastic handles from the refrigerators, mount the metal bracket, and then screw the plastic handles back on. Use any tie-down strap to easily anchor your refrigerator wherever you need it to be.

Which compressor does a fridge made of brass monkeys use?

80L Brass Monkey Portable Dual Zone Fridge/Freezer with LG Compressor and LG Compressor.

The voltage of a fridge made of brass monkeys?

They are an excellent option for 4WD, camping, caravanning, or any other outdoor experience because they can be powered by either 12/24VDC or 240VAC (through an external main power source).

Do fridges from Brass Monkey have batteries?

A removable battery compartment on this machine also enables you to utilize one of our Brass Monkey batteries to keep your fridge running while you are between campgrounds.

How big is a brass monkey refrigerator?

Metal Monkey 60-liter refrigerator/freezer for usage in a car, 4WD, or RV. Dual-zone controls allow you to choose the ideal temperature for various purposes. 45-liter refrigerator/freezer with an inbuilt battery space. 35-liter refrigerator/freezer with inbuilt battery space.

Brass Monkey is cold, why?

The practice of placing iron cannon balls on a dimpled brass plate on a warship’s deck gave rise to the idiom, “It is cold enough to freeze the balls of a brass monkey.” When exceedingly cold, the brass shrank to the point that the iron balls fell out.

What can I use to safeguard my refrigerator?

The Fridgeguard is the best gadget for the job. By cutting off the power when the voltage drops, will safeguard against low voltage (brownouts).

Which method of storage for a refrigerator works best?

To prevent harm to the internal mechanisms and sealed systems, store your refrigerator upright. To avoid odors and moisture buildup, keep the door open or slightly in a jar. If the door of the refrigerator pushes on the seal, avoid placing anything there to hold it open because doing so could harm the seal.

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