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Nintendo Switch Pro Controller User Manual

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller FEATURE

Nintendo LOGO

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller PRODUCT

About Nintendo
A worldwide Japanese video game corporation with its headquarters in Kyoto is Nintendo Co., Ltd. Both video games and video game consoles are created and released by it. Handcraftsman Fusajiro Yamauchi created Nintendo in 1889 as Nintendo Karuta, which initially produced handcrafted hanafuda playing cards.

Health and Safety Information

Please read and observe the health and safety information. Failure to do so could result in injury or damage. Adults should supervise the use of this product by children.

WARNING – Battery

  • Use only the dedicated battery (CTR-003) for this product. There is a risk of explosion if an incorrect battery is used.
  • Stop using this product if the battery is leaking. If battery fluid comes into contact with your eyes, immediately rinse your eyes with plenty of water and consult a doctor. If any fluid leaks on your hands, wash them thoroughly with water. Carefully wipe the fluid from the exterior of this product with a cloth.

WARNING – Electrical Safety

  • Use only the AC adapter (HAC-002) provided with the Nintendo Switch console (also sold separately) or the USB charging cable (HAC-010) to charge the controller.
  • If you hear a strange noise, see smoke, or smell something strange, stop using this product and contact Nintendo Customer Support.
  • Do not expose the device to fire, microwaves, direct sunlight, or high or extremely low temperatures.
  • Do not let this product come into contact with liquid and do not use it with wet or oily hands. If liquid gets inside, stop using this product and contact Nintendo Customer Support.
  • Do not expose this product or the battery inside it to excessive force. Do not pull on the cable and do not twist it too tightly.
  • Do not touch this product while charging during a thunderstorm.

WARNING – General

  • Keep this product and packaging materials away from young children. Packaging items may be swallowed. The cable can coil around the neck.
  • Do not use the controller within 15 centimeters of a cardiac pacemaker while using wireless communication. If you have a pacemaker or other implanted medical device, first consult a doctor.
  • Wireless communication may not be allowed in certain places such as airplanes or hospitals. Please follow respective regulations.
  • Persons who have an injury or disorder involving their fingers, hands, or arms should not use the vibration feature.
  • Do not disassemble or try to repair this product or the battery inside it. If either is damaged, stop using the product and contact Nintendo Customer Support. Do not touch damaged areas. Avoid contact with any leaking fluid.


  • If this product becomes dirty, wipe it with a soft, dry cloth. Avoid using thinner or other solvents.
  • Make sure to charge the battery at least once every six months. If the battery is not used for an extended period of time, it may become impossible to charge it.

How to Use

Charge and pair the controller before using it for the first time.

How to Charge

  • Option 1: Connect the USB charging cable as shown in the diagram.
  • Option 2: Connect the controller directly to the AC adapter.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller FEATURE

How to Pair

If you connect the controller following option 1 and turn the console on, the controller will pair with the console automatically.

Component Names and Functions

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller FIG-2

  1. USB Type-C™ connector
  2. Recharge LED
  3. Player LED
  4. Notification LED
  5. NFC touchpoint
  6. Battery cover
  7. SYNC Button
  8. A Button
  9. B Button
  10. X Button
  11. Y Button
  12. L Button
  13. R Button
  14. ZL Button
  15. ZR Button
  16. Left Stick
  17. Right Stick
  18. HOME Button
  19. + Button
  20. – Button
  21. +Control Pad
  22. Capture Button 

Nintendo Customer Support

EUR: http://contact.nintendo.eu
AU/NZ: http://support.nintendo.com

Disposal of this Product

Do not dispose of this product in household waste. For details see http://docs.nintendo-europe.com
The product contains a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which can be removed for disposal purposes.
For battery removal instructions, see

Technical Specifications

Pro Controller



Operating frequency band(s)



Maximum radio-frequency power



Maximum field strength



Bluetooth® 2402-2480MHz 7dBm
NFC 13.56MHz -6dBµA/m

For an explanation of the symbols and markings used on this product, see http://docs.nintendo-europe.com


For UK:
Hereby, Nintendo declares that the radio equipment type (Nintendo Switch Pro Controller) is in compliance with the relevant statutory requirements.
The full text of the declaration of conformity is available at the following internet address:
Hereby, Nintendo declares that the radio equipment type (Nintendo Switch Pro Controller) is in compliance with Directive 2014/53/EU.
The full text of the EU declaration of conformity is available at the following internet address:

FAQs Nintendo Switch Pro Controller User Manual

What is the lifespan of a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller?

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller’s battery life, when completely charged, is roughly 40 hours. Depending on the software being used and its functions, this may be shortened.

What benefit does a switch Pro controller offer?

It boasts a solid D-pad, gyro control, USB charging capabilities, an NFC reader for Amiibo and other goods, rumbling functions, and the expected level of quality all around. It is also intended to be easy to grip. Without charging, the battery life is up to 40 hours.

Can you use a Pro Controller to play Switch without a TV?

No, you must connect it to the TV or the switch itself.

How many professional controllers are supported by the switch?

You can pair up to eight controllers with your Nintendo Switch system at once, regardless of the type of controller (Joy-Con, Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, etc.).

The Switch Pro controller can it be recharged?

The following methods exist for charging the Pro Controller: Whenever the Nintendo Switch dock is attached. Connect the dock first, then a wall outlet, using the Nintendo Switch AC adapter. The Nintendo Switch system does not need to be docked in order to charge the Pro Controller.

Drift in Switch Pro controllers?

Nintendo’s most popular type of drift is Joy-Con drift. Pro Controllers are by no means immune to drift, despite the fact that it may be less common in them. So, here’s how to fix your Nintendo Switch Pro Controller if it’s drifting.

Can the Pro controller be used with every Switch game?

The back of the box or the game’s summary page will list compatible games that can be played with Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers.

The Pro controller is wireless, right?

Using the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, advance your gaming. The built-in amiibo support, motion controls, HD rumble, and other features are all present in this Nintendo Switch Wireless Pro Controller. This Switch controller is made to go with you. Regardless of whether the console is docked, it functions in all modes.

All Switch Pro controllers support Bluetooth, right?

Wireless. Standard Bluetooth is supported by the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, enabling wireless pairing with your PC. Use the wired approach below if your computer doesn’t support Bluetooth.

Can Pro Controller be connected without a cable?

You must pair a Joy-Con or Nintendo Switch Pro Controller with your console before using it for the first time. You can pair the controller wirelessly or physically attach it to your console (see here for instructions on how to do this).

Pdf – Nintendo Switch Pro Controller User Manual 

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