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Cuisinart Cordless Stainless Steel Electric Kettle (CA-CPK17E) Instructions Manual

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Cuisinart Cordless Stainless Steel Electric Kettle (CA-CPK17E)

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ABOUT Cuisinart

Conair Corporation is the owner of the American cookware and appliance brand Cuisinart. Carl Sontheimer established Cuisinart in 1971. The company initially made food processors, which were unveiled in 1973 at a Chicago food expo. “Food processor” has come to be synonymous with the term “Cuisinart.”


Congratulations on the purchase of your new Cuisinart® Multi-Temp Jug Kettle.

Easy to use and maintain, its brushed stainless steel design guarantees you excellent resistance to corrosion, bumps, and thermal shocks, and to scale build-up.Cuisinart CPK17E Instructions Manual-1

FEATURESCuisinart CPK17E Instructions Manual-2


Before using it for the first time we recommend operating the kettle 2 or 3 times. Fill to the MAX mark fill level (1.7L), bring to the boil and when boiling has finished and the kettle has switched off, discard the water and rinse out the inside.

Control PanelCuisinart CPK17E Instructions Manual-3

  1. On/Off Switch Used to turn the kettle on and off.
  2. Button Used to increase the temperature in increments of 5 degrees from 85°C through to 100°C.
  3. 85ºC Button Temperature setting for coffee and varieties of tea (refer to quick reference guide on page 15).
  4. 100ºC button Temperature setting for boiling water for a variety of teas (refer to quick reference guide on page 15).
  5. A digital display window (LCD) Displays the temperature setting and the water temperature.


  • Open the lid by pressing the lid release button located on the top of the handle.
  • Fill the kettle with the required amount of cold water. The water gauge is at the rear of the kettle and is marked with min (0.5L) and max (1.7L) and 2-cup and 4-cup markers.
  • N.B. Take care not to exceed the max mark as this may cause spitting or leaking from the spout when boiling.
  • Push the lid closed; you will feel and hear a slight “click”.
  • Align the kettle over the powerbase and gently lower it into position, setting it firmly on the base.
  • Plug the kettle into the mains; the LCD and water indicator window on the back of the kettle will illuminate and the LCD will show the water temperature in increments of 5 degrees.
    N.B. On initial use, the LCD window will show the ambient water temperature.
  • Press the 85°C button or the 100°C button.
  • If you want to set the temperature manually, press the “+” button located on the handle. This will increase the temperature in 5-degree increments from 85°C through to 100°C. The temperature can only be increased from a starting temperature of 85°C.
  • The corresponding temperature button will illuminate and the temperature selected will be displayed in the LCD window, flashing until the kettle is started).
  • Press the switch to start boiling; a beep will sound for 1 second to indicate that heating has started.
    N.B. If the switch is pressed but the temperature has not been set, the kettle will default to 100°C.
  • When the kettle has reached the selected temperature it will beep 5 times and switch off.
  • The kettle can be switched off at any time by pressing the button located on the handle; when this happens, the LCD will display the actual water temperature.
    N.B. The temperature can be changed at any time during the boiling process by pressing one of the preset temperature options or setting the temperature manually. If the temperature selected during boiling is lower than the temperature of the water in the kettle, it will switch off immediately and beep 5 times; the LCD will display the water temperature at that point.
  • When the unit is not in operation for 1 minute it will switch into stand-by mode. The LCD window and internal illumination on the control pad and water level indicator will stay on.
  • Once the water has boiled and the kettle has switched off, carefully lift the kettle off the powerbase.
  • When the kettle is removed from the powerbase before it automatically switches off and is then put back on the powerbase it will not continue to boil. It will need to be reset.

Hints & Tips

  • Always use fresh, cold water each time you boil.
  • As soon as the kettle boils, pour the water into your ceramic pot or cup directly onto the tea. The tea should be allowed to steep for 3 to 5 minutes. The longer it steeps the stronger it is. For iced tea, brew tea double-strength (steep twice as long) and pour over ice. Stir and serve as desired.
  • Do not open the lid of the kettle when pouring or during the heating process as escaping steam may
  • If the kettle is accidentally switched on without a sufficient water level, a boil dry mechanism will automatically switch the kettle off.
  • Empty the kettle after each use. Do not leave water standing in the kettle.

Recommended Temperature

Achieving the correct water brewing temperature is essential for the optimum flavor extraction of tea and coffee.  The quick reference guide below shows the ideal brewing temperatures for different types of teas and coffees.

Brewing temperatures for green tea and black tea vary considerably; as green tea won’t maintain its flavor or therapeutic properties if the water is too hot and black tea will never release its flavour if the water is not hot enough.

If the recommended temperatures don’t appear in your tea/coffee packaging, please refer to the table below:

Water temperature Drinks
85ºC White teas (e.g. White Peach, Ginger, and Lemon), Green teas (e.g Sencha, Gunpowder, and Jasmine), and black instant coffee
90ºC Oolong
95ºC French press/cafetiere coffee
100ºC Black teas (e.g. Earl Grey, Ceylon, and Darjeeling) and herbal teas (e.g. Chamomile, Peppermint and


If drinks require a lower temperature than the above, the kettle should be supervised and switched off once it reaches the correct temperature.

N.B. The LCD reads out in 5-degree increments.


  • Always unplug the appliance from the main outlet before cleaning.
  • Allow to cool before cleaning the appliance.
  • Clean the exterior surface of the kettle with a clean damp cloth to preserve its original high-quality finish. Dry and polish with a soft cloth.
  • Clean the water filter with a soft, clean, damp cloth once a month or as necessary.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners or scouring agents of any kind on the interior or exterior of the kettle.

WARNING! Do not immerse the kettle or power base in water or other liquid. Ensure the electric kettle socket is kept dry.


  • To limit scale build-up, we recommend you use only filtered or low-calcium water.
  • During use, lime deposits will form on the inside of your Cuisinart Multi-Temp Jug Kettle. To get the best performance from the kettle, we recommend descaling it from time to time. Frequency depends on the hardness of your tap water and how often you use your kettle.
  • We suggest the use of a kettle descaler to dissolve the scale. Simply follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on the packaging.
  • Alternatively, pour in enough white vinegar to cover the bottom of the kettle by about 2cm. Bring the vinegar to a boil; you may need to repeat this several times with cooled vinegar to remove the build-up completely.
  • When the kettle is descaled, empty the kettle and rinse out several times with clean water. Take care not to inhale fumes.


WARNING: Polythene bags over the product or packaging may be dangerous. To avoid the danger of suffocation,  keep out of the reach of babies and children. These bags are not toys.

  • Do not turn the kettle power on when there is no water in the jug. (The unit has a boil-dry mechanism that shuts it off.)

 WARNING: Hot surface.

  • Do not touch hot surfaces.
  • This appliance should not be used by adults or children whose lack of experience, product knowledge, or disability might cause a hazard unless they have been correctly instructed and are adequately supervised.
  • Children should always be supervised to ensure that they do not play with this product.
  • Unplug from the mains when not in use and before cleaning. Never leave the appliance unattended when plugged in. To unplug, pull on the plug, never on the lead.
  • Do not use this appliance if the lead is damaged or if the appliance has fallen or appears to be damaged.
  • If the lead is damaged it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its after-sales service, or a similarly qualified person to avoid all danger.
  • Never use the Cuisinart® jug without the Cuisinart® base.
  • For indoor use only.
  • Do not allow the lead to hang over the edge of a kitchen table or worktop. Avoid contact between the lead and hot surfaces.
  • Place the kettle on its base before plugging the base in. After use, ensure that the switch is in the off position, then unplug the appliance.
  • For domestic use only.
  • This appliance complies with the basic requirements of Directives 2004/108/EEC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) and 2006/95/EEC (Safety of domestic electrical appliances).

Electrical and electronic equipment at the end of life.

In everybody’s interest and to participate actively in protecting the environment:

  • Do not discard these products with your household waste.
  • Use return and collection systems available in your country.
  • Some materials can in this way be recycled or recovered.

FAQS About Cuisinart Cordless Stainless Steel Electric Kettle (CA-CPK17E)

What is the capacity of the Cuisinart CA-CPK17E kettle?

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Is the CA-CPK17E cordless?

This question addresses whether the kettle has a cordless design for easy use and storage.

What material is used in the construction of the kettle?

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Does the CA-CPK17E have temperature control settings?

Some electric kettles offer variable temperature settings for different types of beverages, and users may be interested in this feature.

Is the CA-CPK17E kettle easy to clean?

This FAQ addresses the cleaning process and whether certain parts are removable or dishwasher-safe.

How fast does the CA-CPK17E kettle boil water?

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Does the CA-CPK17E have a keep-warm feature?

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Is the exterior of the CA-CPK17E kettle cool to the touch during operation?

This addresses safety concerns about the heat generated during boiling.

Can the CA-CPK17E kettle handle hard water?

Users in areas with hard water may be concerned about mineral buildup, and this question addresses that.

Does the CA-CPK17E come with a warranty?

Users often want to know the warranty period and what it covers.

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