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CMF Watch Pro User Manual



CMF Watch Pro


Product Overview

The bottom of the strap is the side with the logo.

  • Refer to the straps included within the package.CMF Watch Pro User Manual-fig 1

Heart rate measurement results

  • For the best heart rate measurement results, wear the watch a 1-2 finger width distance from your wrist bone.
  • Fit it comfortably, but not too tight.CMF Watch Pro User Manual-fig 2
  • The watch and strap are made of materials that are safe to wear on the skin.
  • If you have issues such as skin discomfort while wearing the watch, stop using it and consult a doctor or specialist.CMF Watch Pro User Manual-fig 11

Download & Scan

  • Download the CM Watch app
  • Scan the OR code or search for CMF Watch in the Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS) and download it. CMF Watch Pro User Manual-fig 3

Set up and pair

  • Tap the plus icon in the CMF Watch app to add a device
  • Select Watch Pro on nearby devices, or scan the OR code on the watch screen to pair with the watch

CMF Watch Pro User Manual-fig 4

Press and hold

  • Press once
    • Wake the watch
    • Open feature list
    •  Pause or resume the workout Go back to the previous page
  • Press and hold
    • Power on, power off, or restart
    • Press for 10 seconds to force a restart CMF Watch Pro User Manual-fig 5

Change straps

The watch has two detachable straps (top and bottom) that you can replace with accessory straps sold separately.

  • To remove and replace a strap: Turn the watch over and find the quick-release lever there’s one on each end where the strap meets the frame. Slide the quick-release lever and hold it to remove a strap from the watch or attach a strap to the watch CMF Watch Pro User Manual-fig 6


  • Charging
    To charge the watch, place the watch on the charging line.
    • Make sure both metal pads on the back of the watch are aligned with the metal tips on the line.
    • Before charging, please wipe away sweat or moisture residue to keep the charging contacts of the watch clean CMF Watch Pro User Manual-fig 8


  • On the home screen
    • Swipe down to expand Quick Settings
    • Swipe up to see notifications
    • Swipe left to see widgets
    • Swipe right to see widgets or return to the previous page
  • Press and hold to change the watch face
    • Cover watch with palm
  • Turn off the screenCMF Watch Pro User Manual-fig 9

Pairing & Connection

  • Enter Pairing Mode Press and hold the function button on the side to power it on. CMF Watch Pro User Manual-fig 10

FAQS About CMF Watch Pro

Can a wristwatch be used without a phone?

You should be able to use it without your phone if it is a full smartwatch, or at the very least, a specialized watch.

What drawbacks may a smart watch have?

their reliance on technology and the frequency with which they need to recharge.

Are smartwatches Internet-required?

Except for standalone smartwatches with cellular connectivity capability, the majority of smartwatches don’t require data plans.

Utilize data smart watches?

Data will be used by your smartwatch to place calls, send texts, and receive messages.

Can other phones be used with the Galaxy Watch?

Most recent Android phones with no problems can use it.

Any SIM card will work with my watches, right?

A nano SIM card or a micro SIM card are frequently used in smartwatches.

Can a smartwatch harm your health?

The constant use of a smartwatch is not harmful.

Smartwatches: Are they safe?

Extremely Susceptible to Security Threats Are Smartwatches

Does GPS exist in watches?

A GPS smartwatch is required if you wish to use your watch to navigate to a location.

Do smartwatches require GPS?

Your smartwatch’s GPS functionality is essential for tracking your fitness.

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