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CMF Buds Pro User Manual



CMF Buds Pro


About CMF

Designers have a duty to challenge the status quo. The things around us and their ultimate purpose. It also covers technology. the very foundation of what we do every day. Let’s open up amazing design to everyone. By designing clever, aesthetically pleasing, and practical gadgets. That can serve as catalyst for happiness and autonomy. We reject apathy to achieve that. carefully taking everything into account. Color and substance. Finish. Brilliant to make the necessary. great, the necessary.


Scan the QR code to install the Nothing < app. (Android / IOS)

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Scan the QR code to see the User Guide in other languages.CMF Buds Pro User Manual-fig 2

  • Bluetooth: Please make sure Bluetooth 18 is turned on.
  • App: Get the most out of your Nothing products with the Nothing X app. Customize ty and gesture control settings, update firmware, and more.

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Charging CaseCMF Buds Pro User Manual-fig 4
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Replacing ear tips

  • Choose ear tips in the appropriate size for optimal comfort and sound quality. Check the accessories for ear tips in different sizes.
  • Buds arrive with medium size attached.


Use with your Android devices (Fast Pairing)

  • First-time use or new device connection
    While the buds are inside the charging case, open the charging case and place it near the Android device for on-screen setup.
  • Connect to other devices
    With buds in the open case, press the setup button until the light blinks. Then select Bluetooth settings on your device.



  • Double-tap to play or pause.
  • Triple-tap to skip forward.
  • Press and hold the touch area to switch between Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode.


  • Double-tao to answer or hano vo a call
  • Press and hold the touch area to reject a call
  • More options in the Nothing X app.
  • Optional functions: play/pause, sk1p bacK, sk1p forward, switch noise cancel action made and make no voice assistant

Wearing detection

  • Wear the buds. During music playback, take them off to pause music automatically
  • Put the buds back in within 3 minutes, music will resume automatically.
  • If 3 minutes pass, you’ll need to play the music manually Your device


  • Earbuds
    Put the buds in the charging case and close the case to charge.
  • Charging case
    • To charge, close the case and connect the case to a power supply through the power cable delivered with the buds.
    • If the indicator lamp of the case is always red, the case is charging.
    • If it is always white the case is fully charged.

Power level indication

  • White: The battery level is higher than 30%.
  • Red: The battery level is lower than 30%.
    • If the buds are placed in the case, the indicator lamp will flash the color relating to the battery level of the buds, not the case
    • Take the left and right bug out. The indicator lamp will flash the color relating to the battery level of the case.
    • For Nothing phone users, you can set the widget on the lock screen or check the power status of the device in Quick Settings on the drop-down notification bar

FAQS About CMF Buds Pro

Can many devices connect to the Buds Pro?

unable to connect to numerous devices at once

What is the charging time for the Buds Pro?

One hour of playback and five minutes of rapid charging

What is the Galaxy Buds Pro’s case capacity?

battery capacity of 472 mAh

How many drivers are there in the Galaxy Buds Pro?


How long does a pair of headphones’ batteries last?

8 hours or more

How long is Buds Pro effective?

With the wireless charging case, you may listen for up to 31 hours without needing to recharge.

What kind of wattage can the Buds Pro charge at?

2.5 watts

What number of microphones does the Galaxy Buds Pro have?


Buds Pro has internal storage, right?

without internal storage

The Buds Pro weigh how many grams?

Earbud. 6.3g in weight.
Case for Charging. 44.9 g in weight.

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