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Eldom WK220 Digital Kitchen Scale User Manual

Eldom WK220 Digital Kitchen Scale FEATURE

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Eldom WK220 Digital Kitchen Scale

Eldom WK220 Digital Kitchen Scale PRODUCT

About Eldom

Eldom is a company that specializes in the production and distribution of household appliances, primarily focused on water heaters and electric heating solutions. While Eldom is not as widely recognized as some other brands in the industry, it has a presence in the European market and is known for offering a range of products designed to provide hot water and heating solutions for homes.

Eldom’s product line includes electric water heaters, storage water heaters, tankless water heaters, and electric radiators. These appliances are designed to meet the heating and hot water needs of residential and commercial customers. Eldom aims to provide efficient and reliable solutions to ensure that people have access to hot water and heating when they need it.

General description


  1. [0] button – ON/OFF / TARE / CALIBRATION
  2. LCD display
  3. [m] button – selection of product type
  4. [u] button – change of unit
  5. Handle
  6. Base
  7. Container with a scale


  • battery: CR2032
  • volume: 1 l
  • weight max: 3000g,
  • weight resolution: 1g, 1/8 oz, 1/4 cup


Designed and engineered with state-of-the-art technology and components, this instrument will provide reliable weight and volume measurements of different ingredients for baking and cooking.


  • The unit comes with a battery. For the first installation, pull out the insulation sheet from the battery cover to turn on the unit.
  • Place the cup on a flat surface and press the [0] button to turn on the unit. To ensure accurate measurement, you are suggested to check the weight of an empty cup every time you first turn on the unit. It should read 0 grams (or oz) for your empty cup.
  • Calibration for the cup is needed ONLY when the reading of your EMPTY cup is higher than zero (gram, oz, cups, fl oz, or ml). The calibration process will reset the reading to zero for the empty cup.

To calibrate:

  • make sure the cup is empty. Clean the unit with a dry cloth to remove any excess liquid from the cup.
  • Turn on the unit with a single press of the [0] button.
  • Make sure the cup is placed steadily on a flat surface. Hold [0] for 6 seconds until “CAL” flashes. Do not touch or move the cup when “CAL” is flashing.
    The display reading will show “0” and the calibration is completed

Weight Measurement

  • select “SCALE” display mode by pressing the [m] button repeatedly until the arrow icon is pointing to “Scale”
  • Press [u] to change the weight unit between gram or oz if needed
  • place the ingredients into the cup
  • place the cup on a flat table to display the reading. Once reading is shown, you may also hold the cup on hand for easy viewing

Volume Measurement

  • select the ingredient between water, milk, oil, sugar, or flour by pressing the [m] button repeatedly
  • Press [u] to change to the desired unit if needed
  • place the ingredients into the cup
  • place the cup on a flat table to display the reading. Once reading is shown, you may also hold the cup on hand for easy viewing
    The display resolution of “LBS OZ” is 1/8 OZ. If finer resolution and higher accuracy are required, please select Gram for the measurement and convert back to LBS OZ if needed.

NOTE: The volume measurement is converted from the weight & the pre-set density of the ingredient by the processor in the cup. There are different types of milk, oil, sugar, or flour in the market. Different types, brands & origins of the same ingredient have different densities. For this reason, some variation in the volume measurement will occur depending on the type of ingredients you are using. The volume reading provided by the cup can only be used as an approximate value.

The density and type of ingredients being used in the cup are shown below.Eldom-WK220-Digital-Kitchen-Scale-User-Manual-2

Tare Function

It is easy and convenient to build up & mix different ingredients together in the same cup. After the first ingredient is added and measured, you may add another ingredient after performing the tare function below.

  • place the cup with the first ingredient on a flat table
  • and singly press the [0] button. The reading will reset to zero and the “TARE” icon will remain on the upper display.

Now you can add your additional ingredient. Only the weight or volume of the last ingredient added is measured. Continue the above procedure to build up different ingredients for your recipe.

Reversing the Tare Function

  • Right after the tare function has been performed and the display is showing a “0” reading with the “TARE” icon appearing, you can press the [0] button to resume the original weight or volume reading just before the tare function and the “TARE” icon will disappear.
  • The reverse tare function and reversing tare function only operate when the cup is placed on a flat surface.
  • Hold the [0] button for 3 seconds to turn off the unit.
  • The unit turns off automatically after 5 minutes in idle state.


  • It is easy and convenient to mix different ingredients in the cup. However, when mixing your ingredients, you should avoid pressing down the bottom of the base where the sensitive weight scale components are located. Excessive force applied to the base of the cup may permanently damage the scale inside and provide inaccurate readings.
  • The transparent cup can withstand up to a maximum 70OC of food or liquid


  • Eldom-WK220-Digital-Kitchen-Scale-User-Manual-3 Unstable (UnST)
    The scale is unstable and the unit will turn off automatically. Place the cup on a flat table and turn on the unit again by pressing the [0] button once.
  • Eldom-WK220-Digital-Kitchen-Scale-User-Manual-4 Error (Err)
    The scale is overloaded. The weight or volume in the cup exceeds the maximum display range.


  • Only clean the inside of the transparent cup with cold or warm water together with optional mild cleaning detergent. Do not use hot water to clean the transparent cup as it can withstand up to 70oC maximum.
  • Use a damp cloth to clean the outside of the transparent cup, handle, and base.
  • Never immerse the cup in water or put into the washing machine for cleaning
  • If for example you accidentally drop the cup into a tank of water or you clean the handle under tap water for a long time and water gets inside the handle, let water drain from the four rectangular holes located on the base of the unit. The water or mist residue inside the handle is not harmful to the unit and does not affect the operation and performance of
    the unit. Place the cup in an environment with good air ventilation and let it dry.
  • To extend the product life span, remove any food or liquid from the cup when it is not in use so that it is not loaded with weight
  • After cleaning, place the cup in a location with good air ventilation


Low battery indication is available.

Rotate the battery cover to the “OPEN” indicator to open. Replace the CR2032 battery according to the polarity indicated. Rotate the battery cover in the reverse direction to the “CLOSE” indicator to close the battery cover.Eldom-WK220-Digital-Kitchen-Scale-User-Manual-5


  • for home use only
  • keep the scale in a dark and dry place
  • while storing do not press with other objects
  • the precision of the scales measurements depends on the way of its maintenance
  • do not flop it down
  • repairs can be made only by the authorized service center. All modifications or use of parts other than the original is forbidden and may have adverse effects on the operational safety of the appliance
  • the company Eldom Sp. z o.o. shall not be liable for any damage caused by inappropriate use of the appliance


  • the appliance is made of materials that can be recycled,
  • it should be handed over to the applicable collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment

FAQS About Eldom WK220 Digital Kitchen Scale

A digital kitchen scale is useful when?

Without using additional cups or utensils, swiftly and precisely add the components to your mixing bowl.

Better kitchen scales: digital or analog?

You’ll get the maximum level of precision from a digital scale.

Why do some people weigh items on a digital kitchen scale?

sufficient in detail for the majority of bakers.

Which digital scale works best in a kitchen?

Stainless steel food scale, OXO Good Grips

How is weight measured on a digital scale?

The electrical signal that travels through the load cell changes when any weight is applied to a scale, causing the load cell to bend slightly.

What kind of scale is most precise?

Scales for analyzers

What weight is required to use a kitchen scale?

For smaller components like extracts or baking powder, use 1 ounce (28 grams).

Are digital scales completely precise?

Mechanical scales are less precise than digital ones.

Why does the weight on my digital scale constantly fluctuating?

if the calibration of your scale is incorrect

What advantages can a kitchen scale offer?

Your cooking job is much facilitated by it.

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