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BOSS Audio Systems CE102 2 Channel Car Amplifier User Manual

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BOSS Audio Systems CE102 2-Channel Car AmplifierBOSS Audio Systems CE102 2 Channel Car Amplifier User Manual-pro img

About Boss Audio Systems

Boss Audio Systems is a leading provider of cutting-edge car audio and marine electronics. Renowned for innovation, their product line includes car stereos, amplifiers, speakers, subwoofers, and marine audio systems. With a focus on advanced technology and durability, Boss Audio delivers exceptional sound solutions for both casual consumers and audiophiles worldwide. Trusted for enhancing driving and boating experiences, Boss remains a go-to brand for reliable, performance-driven audio solutions.

Congratulations on the purchase of the world’s finest brand of car audio amplifier. We are committed to producing the best musical reproduction and we thank you for choosing our product. Through years of critical testing procedures and hand craftsmanship, we have created a wide range of products that reproduce music with all the clarity and richness you deserve.

Common Features:

  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • 60B Channel Separation
  • 90d Signal Noise Ratio
  • 22K. Ohm Input Impedance
  • 200mV-6V Input Sensitivity
  • THD <0.05%

Specific Features per model.

  • 2 Channel Amplifier
    • 100W 2-Channel IC Amplifier
    • Selectable Crossover: LPF, FULL, HPF

Control & Connection LocationsBOSS Audio Systems CE102 2 Channel Car Amplifier User Manual-2


Level Adjustment: This control adjusts the amplifier’s input sensitivity. Input sensitivity is variable from 200 Millivolts to 6 Volts. Turn the control clockwise to increase sensitivity. Turning the control counter-clockwise will decrease sensitivity. This control is not a volume control for the amplifier. The amplifier can be driven to full power with a wide range of signal levels. A low-level signal will require increased sensitivity for full power. A high-level signal will require decreased sensitivity.

RCA Inputs: These inputs are for signal cables from a source unit. Always use high-quality RCA cables.

Controls Continued…

BOSS Audio Systems CE102 2 Channel Car Amplifier User Manual-3

GND (Chassis ground): To avoid unwanted ignition noise caused by ground loops, the amplifier must be grounded to a clean, bare metal surface of the vehicle chassis.

+12V (Battery positive): Due to the power requirements of the Amplifier, this connection should be made directly to the positive (+terminal of the battery. For safety measures, install an in-line fuse Holder (not included) as close to the battery-positive (+) terminal as possible with an ampere rating not to exceed the total value of fuses on the Amplifier.

Remote Turn-On Input: Connect to the remote turn-on wire of the head unit. The amplifier is turned “ON” remotely when the vehicle’s head unit is turned “ON”.

Power Indicator LED: This Green LED will illuminate when the amplifier is turned “ON


Power Input& Output Connection Mode:BOSS Audio Systems CE102 2 Channel Car Amplifier User Manual-4

Signal Input Connection Mode:

Please Note: Low Input or High Input, not both at the same time.BOSS Audio Systems CE102 2 Channel Car Amplifier User Manual-1

FAQS About BOSS Audio Systems CE102 2-Channel Car Amplifier

What is the power output of the BOSS CE102 car amplifier?

Users often inquire about the amplifier’s power specifications to understand its performance.

Is the BOSS CE102 bridgeable?

Some users might want to know if the amplifier supports bridged mode for increased power output.

What is the input sensitivity range of the CE102 amplifier?

Understanding the input sensitivity helps users match the amplifier to their audio sources.

Can the BOSS CE102 handle low-impedance loads?

Users may inquire about the amplifier’s compatibility with different speaker impedance levels.

Does the CE102 have a built-in crossover?

Users often seek information about the amplifier’s crossover capabilities for optimizing audio output.

What protection features does the BOSS CE102 amplifier offer?

Users might be interested in knowing about built-in protections like thermal, overload, and short circuit safeguards.

Is the CE102 suitable for use with subwoofers or full-range speakers?

Understanding the amplifier’s application helps users determine its compatibility with their audio setup.

What is the warranty period for the BOSS CE102 amplifier?

Users commonly inquire about the warranty coverage to assess the product’s reliability.

How do I install and set up the BOSS CE102 in my car?

Installation and setup instructions are frequently sought to ensure proper integration with the car audio system.

Can the BOSS CE102 be used in both 12V and 24V systems?

Some users may want to know if the amplifier is compatible with different vehicle electrical systems.

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