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Taramp DS 250×2 250 Watts RMS 2 Channels 2 Ohms Amplifier Instruction Manual

Taramp DS 250x2 250 Watts RMS 2 Channels 2 Ohms Amplifier-feqatured image

Taramp DS 250×2 250 Watts RMS 2 Channels 2 Ohms AmplifierTaramp DS 250x2 250 Watts RMS 2 Channels 2 Ohms Amplifier-pro img

About Taramps
Taramps is a renowned brand in the audio industry, recognized for its high-performance amplifiers. Specializing in car and professional audio solutions, Taramps products are characterized by robust design, efficient power delivery, and advanced safety features. With a commitment to innovation, Taramps amplifiers cater to diverse audio needs, providing users with a reliable and quality audio experience.

Term of warranty

TARAMPS, located on Abilio Daguano Street 274, Res. Manoel Martins – Alfredo Marcondes, SP – Brazil, ZIP CODE 19180-000, guarantees this product against any defects on terms of project, making, assembling, and/or with solidarity, due to project vices which cause it improper or inadequate to its original use within 12 months from the date of purchase. In case of a defect during the warranty period, TARAMPS’ responsibility is limited to the repairing or substitution of the device of its own making.

This warranty excludes:

  • Damaged products by improper installation, water infiltration, and violation by unauthorized individuals;
  • Tamper or torn warranty seal;
  • Cases in which the product is not used in adequate conditions;
  • Defects caused by accessories, modifications, or features attached to the product;
  • The product with damage from falling, bumps, or nature-related problems (flooding, lightning, etc.);
  • Warranty card is not properly filled or torn;
  • Costs involving uninstallation, reinstallation of equipment as well as shipment to the factory; •Damage of any kind, due to problems in the product, as well as losses caused by discontinued use of the product.

Technical assistance

For international support, check on our website: www.taramps.com.br/en/rede-de-assistances-technical or contact direct factory support:


Congratulations on your purchase of the Taramps product. It was developed in a modern laboratory and with the latest technology. This manual covers all features, operations, and instructions to solve any doubt that may happen during the installation. Please take some time to read the manual carefully to ensure the proper installation and the use of all the benefits that this product can offer.

For questions, please call +55 (18) 3266-4050, e-mail support@taramps.com.br or visit www.taramps.com.br.

Key recommendations

You can find below some key recommendations to get the most out of your amplifier:

  1. Read this instruction manual carefully before carrying out any connection;
    Any connection to the amplifier input or output must be carried out when the amplifier is off;
  2. Check carefully the polarity of power supply wiring (battery’s positive and negative terminals) loudspeakers and the minimum speaker impedance;
  3. It is compulsory to install circuit breakers to protect against overloading. The circuit breaker must be installed as close as possible to the battery and sized up according to the amplifier;
  4. The gauge of power supply wiring is critical to reach the desired amplifier output and to the amplifier’s safety. Use the wire gauge recommended in this manual (page 11). Using wire gauges below the specified value will result in power loss and overheating of cables. The power supply cables must be the shortest possible;
  5. Amplifier must be installed in a firm and ventilated area;
  6. To avoid interferences, the signal cable (RCA) must be away from the original wiring of the vehicle or any other power supply cable;
  7. The amplifier must be installed by a qualified professional.

Taramps reserves the right to modify the contents of this document at any time without prior notice and does not have the obligation to apply the changes in units that were previously produced.

Functions & inputs

Taramp DS 250x2 250 Watts RMS 2 Channels 2 Ohms Amplifier Instruction Manual-1

  1. – LED ON: Indicates that the amplifier is on.
  2. – CROSSOVER: Set the operating mode of the amplifier :Taramp DS 250x2 250 Watts RMS 2 Channels 2 Ohms Amplifier Instruction Manual-2
      Amplifies the whole audio range, responding from 8Hz to 35KHz. This function is normally used when there is an external crossover in the system.
      Amplifies signals with more intensity from the selected frequency ranging from 80Hz to 2.2KHz (-6dB / Octave). This type of function is used for playback of mid-bass, mid-range speakers, horns, or tweeters.
      Amplifies only bass signal, the response is limited to 80Hz (-12dB/8ª), an optimal frequency cutoff for subwoofers.
  3. – HIGH PASS – (HPF): Variable adjustment from 80Hz to 2.2KHz, which determines the beginning of the amplifier operating frequency, when selecting HPF mode.
  4. – GAIN: Adjusts the input sensitivity of the amplifier, allowing a perfect adjustment to the output signal levels of various head unit models on the market. It is possible to adjust from 6V (minimum sensitivity) to 0.2V (maximum sensitivity).
  5. – INPUT: Inputs of signals to be amplified. Connect these signals to the RCA outputs of the Head Unit, using good-quality shielded cables to avoid noise interference.

Power supply connectorTaramp DS 250x2 250 Watts RMS 2 Channels 2 Ohms Amplifier Instruction Manual-3

  1. POWER (Power Supply Connector): The connector terminal (+) must be connected to the battery’s positive pole with a 4mm² (minimum) wire gauge. The connector terminal (-) must be properly connected to the battery’s negative pole with the same wire gauge. The remote terminal must be connected to the Head Unit REMOTE output with a 0.75mm² wire.
  2. OUTPUT: To connect the speakers. Follow the polarity and the minimum impedance recommended. For STEREO connections, the minimum impedance is 2 ohms at each channel; for BRIGDED connections is 4 ohms. To combine speakers, the resulting impedance must be taken into consideration.

 See the examples below:Taramp DS 250x2 250 Watts RMS 2 Channels 2 Ohms Amplifier Instruction Manual-4

Protection system

Short-circuit Protection: Shut down the amplifier when detects a short- circuit or impedance lower than the supported output.


CAUTION: All connections to the power supply, input, and output connectors must be carried out only with the amplifier off.

Recommended wire gauge & fuse

  • Positive / negative power supply cable _________________________________11 AWG
  • Output cables with gauge__________________________________________  15 AWG
  • Remote cable _____________________________________________________18 AWG
  • Protection fuse or circuit breaker_________________________________________20A

Caution: Using wire gauges below the recommendation will result in power loss and overheating of wiring.

    • Check polarity and never reverse power supply cables due to the risk of damage to the amplifier.
    • Calculated considering a maximum length of 4m. Distance greater than this, you will need to increase the cable gauges.

Installing protection fuses or circuit breakers as close as possible to batteries is compulsory.Taramp DS 250x2 250 Watts RMS 2 Channels 2 Ohms Amplifier Instruction Manual-5

Note: In the case of horns and tweeters you must install a passive filter in the positive terminal of the same ones (Consult the transducer’s manufacturer manual).

Technical featuresTaramp DS 250x2 250 Watts RMS 2 Channels 2 Ohms Amplifier Instruction Manual-6
Taramp DS 250x2 250 Watts RMS 2 Channels 2 Ohms Amplifier Instruction Manual-7

  • *Rated power with 60Hz to 1KHz sinusoidal signal and THD <= 1%, with resistive loads, measured with Audio Precision APx525 audio analyzer or equivalent and the product at lower than 50°C case temperature and 12.6V  supply voltage.
  • Frequency response measured at 2 times the minimum impedance, in 2 channels mode.

The values as above are typical and may vary, due to electronic components tolerance or manufacturing process. For further information or questions, visit our website or contact TARAMPS support.

FAQS About Taramp DS 250×2 250 Watts RMS 2 Channels 2 Ohms Amplifier

What is the power output of the Taramp DS 250×2 amplifier?

Users often want to know the amplifier’s power specifications to assess its performance.

Is the Taramp DS 250×2 stable at 2 ohms?

Users may inquire about the amplifier’s stability and compatibility with 2-ohm loads.

Can the DS 250×2 be bridged for mono operation?

Some users might be interested in using the amplifier in bridged mode for increased power output.

What input voltage does the Taramp DS 250×2 support?

Understanding the input voltage range is essential for proper integration with various audio sources.

Does the DS 250×2 have a built-in cooling system?

Users might want to know about the amplifier’s cooling features to prevent overheating during use.

What type of crossovers does the Taramp DS 250×2 have?

Information about built-in crossovers helps users optimize the amplifier for specific speaker configurations.

Is the DS 250×2 suitable for powering subwoofers or full-range speakers?

Users often want to confirm if the amplifier is suitable for their specific audio system requirements.

What are the dimensions of the Taramp DS 250×2 amplifier?

Users may inquire about the physical dimensions to ensure proper fitment in their installation space.

What protections does the DS 250×2 offer against overloads and short circuits?

Understanding the built-in protection features helps users assess the durability and safety of the amplifier.

What is the warranty period for the Taramp DS 250×2 amplifier?

Users commonly seek information about the warranty coverage to gauge the product’s reliability.

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