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Triplett 8150 CamView IP Pro 5 CCTV Security Camera Tester Manual

Triplett 8150 CamView IP Pro 5 CCTV Security Camera Tester FEATURE

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Triplett 8150 CamView IP Pro 5 CCTV Security Camera Tester

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About Triplett

Triplett Test Equipment, a company with roots in the United States, has been developing specialized testers for more than a century. Triplett takes pride in creating cutting-edge, dependable, and durable test equipment for every technician—that also won’t break the bank—whether it be providing it to the U.S. Signal Corps during World War II or the railroad industry to ensure the safety of their crews and the public.

Ray L. Triplett established the Triplett Corporation in 1904 in Bluffton, Ohio. The “Hot Wire” meter, an electrical test meter encased in a watch case, was Triplett’s first novel product. The READRITE Model 201 tube tester from the 1920s, the 1200 series Radio Tuning Tester from the 1930s, and meters for the U.S. Signal Corps from World War II were all examples of further innovation. The acclaimed Model 310 hand-held analog volt/ohm meter, which is still produced and in high demand today, was introduced by Triplett in 1955.


  • All-in-one CCTV Tester
  • 5-inch IPS touch screen, 1920×1080 resolutions
  • 8MP CVI/ TVI/ AHD camera test
  • H.265/H.264, 4K video display via mainstream
  • HDMI output, support
  • DC12V 3A, 48V PoE power output
  • Rapid ONVIF, Create the test report modify IP address, etc.
  • Auto HD, auto recognize HD coax camera type and resolution
  • RJ45 TDR cable test, cable quality test
  • UTP cable test, detect open, shorts, miswiring
  • Works 4 hours after a 2~3 hour charge
  • Includes 7.4V Li-ion battery, AC adapter/charger, DC power cable, BNC cable, RS485 cable, audio cable, wrist strap, and carrying case


FAQS About Triplett 8150 CamView IP Pro 5 CCTV Security Camera Tester

What does a CCTV tester cost in Pakistan?

The cost of a CCTV Cable Tester in Pakistan starts at Rs. 3,500 and can reach up to Rs. 10,000–12,000.

What purpose does a CCTV tester serve?

In order to assess whether the video signal level is at the ideal level for showing a decent picture in sync and for determining cable losses, the CCTV Tester can analyze the video signal and display peak, average, and sync pulse levels.

What does a tester for CCTV do?

You can modify these cameras’ IP settings, passwords, and other characteristics by using the CCTV tester tool.

For CCTV, what sensors?

Charge Coupled Device (CCD) sensor

Does CCTV function without a monitor?

A CCTV system will function even if the monitor is damaged or turned off.

Does CCTV function in the absence of power?

CCTV need electricity to function.

What is a common CCTV issue?

Motion is difficult to record or capture, the equipment is broken, and the video is of low quality.

Does CCTV require lighting?

The surveillance cameras will use a monochrome filter to capture images whenever it is dark. As soon as the cameras notice a decrease in light, they will flip over automatically.

Can a CCTV system record voice?

They can, yes.

How long can a CCTV recording last?

In most cases, 31 days

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