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TiVo SDOC-00091-002 DVR Remote Control User Manual

TiVo SDOC-00091-002 DVR Remote Control-featured

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TiVo SDOC-00091-002 DVR Remote Control User Manual

TiVo SDOC-00091-002 DVR Remote Control

About TiVo

Xperi developed and released the TiVo digital video recorder (DVR) in 1999. (formerly known as TiVo Corporation and TiVo Inc.). The TiVo on-screen display of scheduled broadcast programming includes features like OnePass scheduling, which record each new episode of a series, and “WishList” searches, which enable users choose and record shows that interest them by title, actor, director, category, or keyword. When the TiVo DVR is connected to a home network, TiVo also provides a variety of extra features, including movie and TV show downloads, sophisticated search, online scheduling, as well as concurrently viewing and listening to local music and personal photos.

FAQs Of TiVo SDOC-00091-002 DVR Remote Control

The functions of the buttons on my TiVo remote control?

The MUTE and RECORD buttons are located between the THUMBS buttons. The MUTE button, located on the left, mutes or unmutes your TV if your remote control has been set up to manage power, volume, and mute for your TV. The right-hand RECORD button has a distinctly flat feel to it.

What does your TiVo remote’s flickering mean?

The remote is transmitting IR commands to the DVR if the activity indicator flashes red. The remote is paired and is communicating with the DVR using RF commands if the activity indicator flashes amber.

What does the TiVo remote’s Back button do?

Back: In the TiVo menus, this option takes you back to the previous page, state, or action. Select: Used to select menu items or programs to record in the TiVo menus or the Live Guide. Turn up and down the volume on your TV or stereo.

What does the TiVo red circle signify?

Depending on your SW version, how the Guide is shown, and your TiVo, you might see a red circle next to the programs in the Guide that are set to record. The red light on the front of the TiVo won’t be on; these red circles are for upcoming recordings.

Why won’t my TiVo remote work?

The remote indicator light at the tip of the TiVo remote should blink either amber or red whenever any button is pressed. Try a fresh set of batteries in your TiVo remote and make sure they are installed properly if the remote’s indicator light is not blinking.

How do I stop the blinking on my remote?

Changing the Batteries The remote may occasionally become separated from the receiver due to a low battery. Replace the outdated batteries with new ones to resolve this. Because they can hold the most charge, use Energizers or Duracells. It might also be a problem if you were using rechargeable batteries.

What does TiVo’s thumbs-up signify?

TiVo Suggestions can identify more individualized shows for you by using Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down. Every program that is recorded by TiVo receives a single Thumbs Up. Give extra shows up to three thumbs up (love it) or three thumbs down (don’t like it) (hate it)

How do I access the TiVo menu?

Simply hitting the zero (0) button on your remote control or the downward-pointing navigation arrow will bring up the menu. The Manage, Settings, and Help pages are located on the Menu Screen. Three potential icons may be shown to the left of the Manage tile.

Can TiVo be used to remotely operate other devices?

The other components of your entertainment system can be controlled by your TiVo® remote as well! Using the TiVo remote, you can operate your TV’s power, volume, and mute as well as your A/V receiver’s (stereo system) volume and mute.

Does TiVo support a universal remote control?

Can I Replace My TiVo Remote With a Universal Remote? Pre-programmed and learning universal remotes are the two different varieties. We are unable to offer any promises about the outcomes you should anticipate while using these universal remotes because TiVo neither manufactures nor supports them.

Can TiVo function without cable?

The TiVo device cannot automatically tune to the right channel to start a scheduled recording without the Cable CARD channel map. As a result, the only way to record a digital channel program without a Cable CARD is to click the Record button while the program is currently airing in Live TV.

What do the buttons ABCD on the TiVo remote do?

The A-B-C-D buttons on TiVo with HD menus are used to filter and sort views. For instructions on using these buttons, look for the onscreen help. You can enter channel numbers using the number buttons. On live TV or a recorded show, clearing removes the channel banner.

How can I tell if my remote is malfunctioning?

Verify whether the IR remote control transmits infrared signals. Press and hold one of the remote control’s buttons. View the LCD display or the viewfinder. When you press buttons on the remote control, if it transmits a signal, you should see a light in the cellphone or viewfinder.

What does the TiVo SDOC-00091-002 DVR Remote Control User Manual provide?

The TiVo SDOC-00091-002 DVR Remote Control User Manual offers comprehensive guidance and instructions for using the remote control with your TiVo DVR.

Where can I find the TiVo SDOC-00091-002 DVR Remote Control User Manual?

You can find the TiVo SDOC-00091-002 DVR Remote Control User Manual on the official TiVo website or by referring to the documentation provided with your TiVo DVR.

What are the key features and functions covered in the TiVo SDOC-00091-002 DVR Remote Control User Manual?

The TiVo SDOC-00091-002 DVR Remote Control User Manual covers various features and functions, such as navigating TiVo menus, controlling TV power and volume, setting up the remote for TV control, and more.

Can the TiVo SDOC-00091-002 DVR Remote Control User Manual help me troubleshoot issues?

Yes, the TiVo SDOC-00091-002 DVR Remote Control User Manual includes troubleshooting tips and solutions for common issues that may arise while using the remote control with your TiVo DVR.

What should I do if I have questions or need further assistance regarding the TiVo SDOC-00091-002 DVR Remote Control?

If you have any questions or require further assistance, you can reach out to TiVo customer support or refer to their online resources for troubleshooting guides and FAQs related to the remote control.

PDF for TiVo SDOC-00091-002 DVR Remote Control

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