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Polk Audio DB522 Plus Series Marine Coaxial Speakers Manual

Polk Audio DB522 Plus Series Marine Coaxial Speakers-featured img

Polk Audio
Polk Audio DB522 Plus Series Marine Coaxial SpeakersPolk Audio DB522 Plus Series Marine Coaxial Speakers-pro img

About Polk Audio 

Polk Audio, a leading name in audio since 1972, is synonymous with exceptional sound experiences. Renowned for precision and innovation, their diverse range of speakers and audio systems caters to audiophiles and music enthusiasts. With a commitment to quality, Polk Audio continues to redefine audio excellence in both home and car entertainment.

Getting Started

Please inspect your loudspeakers carefully. Notify your Polk dealer if you notice any damage or missing items. Keep the carton and packing material; this will do the best job of protecting your loudspeakers if they must be transported.

Safe Limits of Operation

Damage to loudspeakers can occur when an amplifier, regardless of its wattage, is made to play at higher listening levels than it can produce at low distortion levels. This is usually beyond the “noon or 1 o’clock” position on the volume control. Operation at this level can result in very high levels of audible distortion originating in the amplifier, which can add a harsh, gritty sound to your listening material. Contrary to popular belief, a loudspeaker is more likely to be damaged by trying to get too much volume from a low-powered amplifier or receiver than from a high-powered one.

Technical Assistance or Service

If, after following the hookup directions, you experience difficulty, please double-check all wire connections. Should you isolate the problem to the loudspeaker, contact the authorized Polk dealer where you made your purchase, or contact  Polk Customer Service at 800-377-7655 (M-F, 9-5:30 EST, US only) or via email at polkcs@polkaudio.com. Outside the US, call 410-358-3600. More detailed information—including audio how-to articles, FAQs, and online manuals—is available on our website www.polkaudio.com.

Product Disposal – Certain international, national, and/or local laws and/or regulations may apply regarding the disposal of this product. For further detailed information, please contact the retailer where you purchased this product or the Polk Importer/Distributor in your country. A listing of Polk Importer/ Distributors can be found on the

  • Polk website www.polkaudio.com or
  • by contacting Polk at 1 Viper Way, Vista, California 92081 USA—
  • Phone: +1 800-638-7276.

Wiring Diagrams

  • Figure 1  Basic coaxial connectionPolk Audio DB522 Plus Series Marine Coaxial Speakers Manual-1
  • Figure 2 Basic component connection installing DB 5252, DB 6502Polk Audio DB522 Plus Series Marine Coaxial Speakers Manual-2

Installation Guide

  • Figure 3 Installing DB 402, DB 522, DB 652, DB 5252 & DB 6502 round modelsPolk Audio DB522 Plus Series Marine Coaxial Speakers Manual-3
  • Figure 4 Installing DB 402, DB 522, DB 652, DB 5252 & DB 6502 round models with grillePolk Audio DB522 Plus Series Marine Coaxial Speakers Manual-4
  • Figure 5
    spacer/adapter bracket (for DB 652 / DB 6502
    installation only)
    • Installing DB 652, and DB 6502 with grille: some applications may require using the additional spacer/adapter bracket.Polk Audio DB522 Plus Series Marine Coaxial Speakers Manual-5
  • Figure 6
    Installing DB 462 & DB 572 oval modelsPolk Audio DB522 Plus Series Marine Coaxial Speakers Manual-6
  • Figure 7
    Installing DB 692 oval model with grillePolk Audio DB522 Plus Series Marine Coaxial Speakers Manual-7
  • Figure 8 Crossover mounting allows for ventilation clearancePolk Audio DB522 Plus Series Marine Coaxial Speakers Manual-8
  • Figure 9 (DB5252)
    Tweeter attenuation switch a 3-position switch (0db, +3db, +6db) allows you to adjust the tweeter level for the tonal balance that is right for your car and systemPolk Audio DB522 Plus Series Marine Coaxial Speakers Manual-9

DB 5252, DB 6502

Figure 10 Flush mount tweeter mountingPolk Audio DB522 Plus Series Marine Coaxial Speakers Manual-10

  1. Check for proper clearance: The flush mount kit is 1”  (26mm) deep.
  2. Mark the center of the spot and cut a 2” (50.8mm) diameter hole using a hole saw, drill bit, or razor knife.
  3. Assemble the cup, clamp, and machine screw loosely as shown.
  4. Route wires through the round opening in the bottom of the cup.
  5. Press the assembly into the 2” (50.8mm) diameter hole until the clamp edge is below the mounting surface, then tighten the screw. The legs of the clamp can be bent outward by inserting a screwdriver through the holes in the cup while still mounted.
  6. Connect wires from the tweeter terminals of the Crossover to the tweeter itself using the fast-on connectors. Connect the red wire from the (+) terminal of the Crossover tweeter output to the red (+) wire from the tweeter.
  7. Mount the tweeter by snapping it into the mounting cup.

DB 5252, DB 6502

Polk Audio DB522 Plus Series Marine Coaxial Speakers Manual-11

Surface mount tweeter mounting

  1. Using the base of the surface mount cup as a template, mark the screw hole and drill them using a 1/8” (3mm) drill bit. Drill a second hole  (for the speaker wire) using a 3/16” (5mm) drill bit.
  2. Screw the surface mount cup to the panel.
  3. Push the tweeter wires through the open area at the bottom of the cup and the 3/16” (5mm) hole in the panel.
  4. Connect wires from the tweeter terminals of the Crossover to the tweeter wires using fast on Be sure to connect the red wire strand from the tweeter to the (+) terminal of the crossover tweeter output.
  5. Mount the tweeter by snapping it into the mounting cup.

DB Plus series coaxial and component systems specificationsPolk Audio DB522 Plus Series Marine Coaxial Speakers Manual-12
Polk Audio DB522 Plus Series Marine Coaxial Speakers Manual-13

Limited Warranty

Polk Audio, Inc. warrants the original purchaser only that this Polk DB Product (the Product) will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of (1) one year from the date of original retail purchase from a Polk Authorized Dealer. However, this warranty will automatically terminate before the expiration of the (1) one-year period if the original retail purchaser sells or otherwise transfers the Product to any other party. The original retail purchaser shall hereinafter be referred to as “you.” To allow Polk to offer the best possible warranty service, please fill out the Product Registration Card(s) and send them to the Factory at the address provided in the Registration Card within (10) ten days of the date of purchase.

Defective Products must be shipped, together with a proof of purchase, prepaid insured to the Authorized Polk Dealer from whom you purchased the Product, or to 1 Viper Way, Vista, California 92081. Products must be shipped in the original shipping container or its equivalent; in any case, the risk of loss or damage in transit is to be borne by you.

If, upon examination at the Factory or Polk Authorized Dealer it is determined that the unit was defective in materials or workmanship at any time during the Warranty period, Polk or the Polk Dealer will, at its option, repair or replace this  Product at no additional charge, except as set forth below. All replaced parts and Products become the property of Polk. Products replaced or repaired under this Warranty will be returned to you, within a reasonable time, freight prepaid.

This Warranty does not include service or parts to repair damage caused by accident, disaster, misuse, abuse,  negligence, inadequate packing or shipping procedures, commercial use, voltage inputs over the rated maximum of the unit, the cosmetic appearance of the cabinetry not directly attributable to defects in materials or workmanship, or service, repair, or modifications of the Product which has not been authorized or approved by Polk.

This Warranty is instead of all other expressed Warranties. If this Product is defective in materials and workmanship as warranted above, your sole remedy shall be repair or replacement as provided above. In no event will Polk Audio, Inc. be liable to you for any incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use or inability to use the Product, even if Polk Audio, Inc. or a Polk Dealer has been advised of the possibility of such damages, or any other claim by any other party. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of consequential damages, so the above limitation and exclusion may not apply to you. This Warranty gives you specific legal rights which may vary from state to state.

This warranty applies only to Products purchased in the United States of America, its possessions, and U.S. and NATO armed forces exchanges and audio clubs. The Warranty terms and conditions applicable to Products purchased in other countries are available from the Polk Authorized Distributors in such countries.

FAQS About Polk Audio DB522 Plus Series Marine Coaxial Speakers

What is the Polk Audio DB522 Plus Series?

The Polk Audio DB522 Plus Series refers to a specific model of marine coaxial speakers known for their audio quality and durability in marine environments.

What is the size of these speakers?

The speakers are 5.25 inches in size, designed for marine applications.

What is the power handling capacity?

The Polk Audio DB522 Plus Series speakers have a peak power handling of 300 watts per pair and an RMS (continuous) power handling of 100 watts per pair.

Are these speakers suitable for marine use?

Yes, the DB522 Plus Series is designed specifically for marine environments, ensuring resistance to water, salt, and UV rays.

Do they come with grilles?

Yes, these speakers typically come with grilles for added protection against the elements.

What is the speaker’s impedance?

The speakers have an impedance of 4 ohms, a standard for many car and marine audio systems.

What is the frequency response range?

The speakers offer a frequency response range of 55 Hz to 22 kHz, providing a wide spectrum of sound.

Can they be used in other applications besides marine use?

While designed for marine use, these speakers can also be suitable for various car audio applications.

Are they easy to install?

Yes, these speakers are designed for straightforward installation, making them suitable for DIY enthusiasts.

Do they come with a warranty?

It’s advisable to check with the retailer or Polk Audio for specific warranty details, but many Polk Audio products typically come with a warranty.

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