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Kompernass KH 1157 Digital Scale Operating Instructions Manual

Kompernass KH 1157 Digital Scale feature

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Kompernass KH 1157 Digital Scale

Kompernass KH 1157 Digital Scale product

About Kompernass Kompernass is a German company that specializes in the design and distribution of various consumer goods and household appliances. The company is known for offering a wide range of products under different brand names, including Silvercrest, Quigg, and others. These products encompass categories such as kitchen appliances, personal care items, electronic gadgets, and home improvement tools. While Kompernass itself may not be as widely recognized as some of the brands it markets, it has gained a reputation for providing affordable and functional products across Europe. Many of its products are sold through retail chains and stores, often as private-label or store-brand items. Read the operating instructions carefully before using the appliance for the first time and preserve this booklet for later reference. Pass the manual on to whoever might acquire the appliance at a later date.

Intended use

These digital kitchen scales are intended for use in weighing non-caustic, unaggressive, and non-abrasive liquids (especially water and milk) and solid materials in domestic households. The weighing of medications and non-permitted materials is considered to be improper use.

Technical DataKompernass KH 1157 Digital Scale-fig 2

Safety Instructions

Risk of personal injury!

  • This appliance is not intended for use by individuals(including children) with restricted physical, physiological, or intellectual abilities or deficiencies in experience and/or knowledge unless they are supervised by a person responsible for their safety or receive from this person instruction on how the appliance is to be used.
  • Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.

 Attention! Observe the following safety notices exactly. Failure to comply with them could damage the scales and possibly nullify your claims under the warranty provisions.

  • Ensure that the batteries are inserted with the correct polarity and do not apply excessive force when inserting them.
  • Never place more than 5 kg on the scale.
  • Ensure that no fluids can enter the scale.
  • Avoid contact with solvents and with corrosive or abrasive cleaning materials.
  • Only use the scale on level and firm surfaces.
  • Do not place anything on the display.
  • Do NOT press on the sensor areas with excessive force or sharp objects.
  • Do not subject the scale to high temperatures or powerful magnetic fields.
  • Avoid electrostatic charging and discharging. These can cause erroneous displays and/or the sudden deactivation of the scales.

Information regarding the interaction with batteries The device uses batteries.  Regarding interaction with batteries, please observe the following: Risk of explosion!

  • Do not throw batteries into a fire. Do not recharge the batteries.
  • Never open batteries, never solder or weld batteries. The risk of explosions and injuries exists!
  • Regularly check the condition of the batteries. Leaking batteries can cause damage to the device.
  • If you do not intend to use the device for an extended period, remove the batteries.
  • If the batteries have leaked, to avoid the risk of injury through chemical burns put on a pair of protective gloves before removing the batteries. Clean the battery compartment and the battery contacts with a dry cloth.
  • Keep batteries out of the reach of children. Children can put batteries into their mouths and swallow them. If a battery is swallowed, medical assistance must be sought IMMEDIATELY.

Operating ElementsKompernass KH 1157 Digital Scale-fig 1

  1. Suspension frame
  2. Weighing area
  3. Display
  4. Battery compartment
  5. Sensor area ON/OFF
  6. Sensor area ▲ Z/T (ZERO/TARE)
  7. Sensor area ▼ UNIT (Measurement unit switch)
  8. Sensor area T-SET (Timer/Clock adjustment)

Items supplied

  • Kitchen scales
  • 2 x CR 2032 Lithium batteries
  • Operating Instructions


  • ➩ Open the battery compartment 4 at the rear of the operating panel.
  • ➩ Remove the protection strip from the battery compartment 4.
  • ➩ Close the battery compartment cover, until it locks in place.

The scale is now in clock mode and ready for use.

Setting the time

On commissioning and a change of batteries, the time must be set resp. adjusted.

  • ➩ As soon as the batteries have been inserted the hour indicator blinks. Press either the ▲ Z/T 6 or the ▼ UNIT 7 button repeatedly to adjust and set the hour indicator.
  • ➩ Press the T-SET button 8 to switch over to the minute indicator.
  • ➩ Press either the ▲ Z/T 6 or the ▼ UNIT 7 button repeatedly to adjust and set the minute indicator.
  • ➩ Press the T-SET button 8.

If you need to re-adjust the time display (e.g. for Summer/Winter Time) press and hold the T-Set button until the hour indicator blinks. Then proceed as described above.


  • Place the kitchen scales on a level and slip-free surface.

This appliance is equipped with non-slip rubber feet. As furniture surfaces may be made of a variety of materials and are treated with many different types of cleaning agents, it cannot be completely ruled out that some substances contain ingredients that may corrode the rubber rests and soften them. If possible place an anti-slip material under the feet of the appliance.


Setting the units of measurement You can choose between the metric and the Anglo-American (Imperial) system. From 0 g – 999 g the unit is indicated in g/oz and from 999 g in kg/lb and g/oz.  Additionally, you can weigh liquids. In the metric system:

  • Milliliter (ml) water
  • Milliliter (ml) milk.

In the Anglo-American system:

  • Fluid ounces (floozy) water
  • Fluid ounces (fl´oz) milk.
  • ➩ Press the ON/OFF 5 button. The scale is now in the weighing mode. The programmed adjustment appears under or to the right of the weight indication in display 3.
  • ➩ To switch between the metric and Anglo-American systems, press the UNIT 7 button until the measurement unit details change.
  • ➩ To switch within a measurement system,
    • g/kg – ml water – ml milk or
    • oz/lb: oz – fl´oz water – fl´oz milk briefly press the UNIT 7 button until the desired measurement unit appears in display 3.


  • ➩ Press the ON/OFF 5 button to switch the scales on (weighing mode).
  • ➩ Fold the glass plate down.
  • ➩ Program in the desired measurement unit (see chapter “Setting the units of measurement”).

The scales indicate a weight of “0”. “O” is shown in the display and on the left.

  • ➩ Place the bowl 3, or another suitable receptacle, onto the scales and then press the button Z/T 6. The scales once again show “0”, it does not take into account the weight of the receptacle. In the display appears “TARE”.
  • ➩ Place the item(s) to be weighed in the receptacle.

Adding & Weighing (Tare Function)

You can repeatedly set the scale back to “0” to weigh additional partial quantities.

  • ➩ Press the sensor area Z/T 6 once. On the left of the display 3 appears „TARE“. The scales indicate a weight of “0” again.
  • ➩ Place the additional item(s) to be weighed in the receptacle.

The weight of the newly inserted item(s) is shown in display 3.Kompernass KH 1157 Digital Scale-fig 3

Removing Weighed Items

  • ➩ Press the sensor area Z/T 6 once. “TARE” is indicated on the left of the display 3 The scales indicate a weight of “0” again.
  • ➩ Remove the desired amount of material.

The weight of the removed ingredients appearing in display 3 is a negative value.Kompernass KH 1159 Kitchen Scale-FIG 3

Setting the Timer
The timer can be used in both a clock and a weighing mode. Der Timer enables you to set the clock for a specific period, at the end of which a signal tone sounds. The preset time runs as in a countdown.

  • ➩ Press the sensor area T-SET 8 once. In display 3 the bell symbol appears above left.

Kompernass KH 1157 Digital Scale-fig 4

  • ➩ Using the sensor areas ▲ Z/T 6 or ▼ UNIT 7 programme in the desired ten-minute setting.
  • ➩ Press the sensor area T-SET 8 once. Using the sensor areas ▲ Z/T 6 or ▼ UNIT 7 programme in the desired single-minute setting.
  • ➩ Press the sensor area T-SET 8 once. Using the sensor areas ▲ Z/T 6 or ▼ UNIT 7 programme in the desired ten-second setting.
  • ➩ Press the sensor area T-SET 8 once. Using the sensor areas ▲ Z/T 6 or ▼ UNIT 7 programme in the desired single-second setting.
  • ➩ Press the sensor area T-SET 8 to start the countdown.

You can reset the timer.

  • ➩ Press the sensor area T-SET 8 to reset the timer.

As soon as the programmed time has expired, an acoustic signal sounds. This signal can be switched off by pressing on any sensor area.

Temperature Display

When the scale is switched on, display 3 shows the temperature in °C at the top right.

Switching the weighing function off

If you do not weigh anything for ca. 2 minutes the scale automatically switches to clock mode.

  • ➩ To switch over to the clock mode manually, press the sensor area ON/OFF 5.


  • ➩ If display 3 indicates “Err”, the scale is overburdened. Remove material from the scale.
  • Never place more than 5 kg on the scale.
  • ➩ If display 3 briefly indicates “Err” and the weighing mode cannot be switched on, the scale is overburdened. Remove material from the scale and then switch the scale back on again. Place less than 5 kg on the scale.
  • ➩ If display 3 indicates “Lo”, the batteries are depleted. Replace the batteries.
    • The notification “Lo” appears only in weighing mode.
  • ➩ Should „- – – -“ appear in the display e, wait a few seconds.
  • ➩ If your scale does not function as expected, replace the batteries. Should the malfunction not be eliminated with these steps please make contact with our Service Centre (see “Warranty and Service“).

Changing the batteries

 Warning! Pay attention to the correct polarity when exchanging batteries. An incorrect battery exchange could lead to the risk of an explosion. Only exchange batteries for identical or equivalent types. Should the batteries leak, put on protective gloves and then clean the battery compartment with a dry cloth.  Poison Hazard! Batteries can be swallowed by children and cause impairment of health. Keep batteries out of the reach of children.

  • ➩ To change the batteries, open the battery compartment cover on the underside of the scales.
  • ➩ Press the metal loop on the battery retainer outwards so that the batteries are released.
  • ➩ Remove the old batteries and replace them with new ones. Take note of the correct polarity: The side of the battery marked with a “+” must show to the top.

Storage When the kitchen scale is not in use it can be hung up using the integrated suspension q, for example on a kitchen ledge.


 Attention! Ensure that no fluids can enter the scale. Permeating liquids can damage the scale.

  • Wipe the scale with a soft cloth moistened with mild soap suds.
  • Do not use abrasive or solvent cleaners.
  • Clean the display 3 only with a lightly moistened cloth and then wipe it dry with a lint-free towel. Wash bowl 9 in mild soapy water and then rinse it well with clear water.
  • Dry all of the components well before re-using them.


Kompernass KH 1157 Digital Scale-fig 6

Dispose of the appliance through an approved disposal center or at your community waste facility. Observe the currently applicable regulations. In case of doubt, please contact your waste disposal center. Battery disposal! Batteries may not be disposed of with normal domestic waste. Therefore always remove the batteries/cells from the appliances before disposing of them. All consumers are statutorily obliged to dispose of batteries at the collection point in their community/district or with the original supplier. The purpose of this obligation is to ensure that batteries can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. Only dispose of batteries when they are fully discharged.

  • Dispose of all packaging materials in an environmentally responsible manner.



Warranty & Service

The warranty for this appliance is for 3 years from the date of purchase. The appliance has been manufactured with care and meticulously examined before delivery. Please retain your receipt as proof of purchase. In the case of a warranty claim, please make contact by telephone with our service department. Only in this way can a post-free despatch for your goods be assured. The warranty covers replacements for material or manufacturing faults only, not for normal wearing parts or damage to fragile parts. The appliance is intended for domestic use only, not for commercial purposes. Suppose this product has been subjected to improper or inappropriate handling, abuse, or modifications not carried out by one of our authorized sales and service outlets. In that case, the warranty will be considered void. Your statutory rights are not restricted in any way by this warranty. DES Ltd Units 14-15 Bilston Industrial Estate Oxford Street Bilston WV14 7EG

Kompernass Service Ireland

  • Tel: 1850 930 412 (0,082 EUR/Min.)

Standard call rates apply. Mobile operators may vary.

FAQS About Kompernass KH 1157 Digital Scale

How is a Silvercrest digital scale turned on?

To turn on the scales, press the SET button (number 3).

Can a digital kitchen scale be kept on its side?

A digital kitchen scale shouldn’t be kept on its side.

Are digital kitchen scales precise?

The majority of digital food scales weigh in whole grams (or eighths of an ounce), and most recipes are fine with that degree of accuracy.

Why is the accuracy of my digital kitchen scale lacking?

Examine the batteries.

How long does it take a digital scale to charge?

The battery needs 5-7 hours to charge completely.

Do digital scales malfunction?

When they are overburdened with weight, digital scales can occasionally malfunction.

What is the lifespan of a digital scale?

five to ten years

A digital scale can it be cleaned?

Detergents and suitable solvents, like 70% ethanol or isopropanol, can also be used for cleaning.

Are digital scales consistently precise?

Similar errors can occur on a digital bathroom scale as on an analog one.

How much weight can you put on a kitchen scale?

11 lbs.

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