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Emos EV110 Digital Bathroom Scale Instructions Manual

Emos EV110 Digital Bathroom Scale FEATURE


Emos EV110 Digital Bathroom Scale

Emos EV110 Digital Bathroom Scale PRODUCT

About Emos

For almost 30 years, EMOS has provided modest domestic electronics that are essential to our daily lives. Batteries, lighting fixtures and sources for residential and commercial usage, extension cords, flashlights, antennas, and tiny electrical gadgets like multimeters, testers, doorbells, etc. are the main products offered under the EMOS brand.

Since 1993, EMOS has served as the GP Batteries’ exclusive distributor in the Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Slovenian, and Croatian markets, selling the company’s primary and rechargeable batteries, chargers, power banks, flashlights, and headlamps.

Read these instructions carefully before the first use of the product.

Technical Specifications

  • Toughened safety glass: 5 mm
  • LCD display: 75 × 29 mm
  • Maximum load capacity: 180 kg (3–180 kg)
  • Measurement resolution: 0.1 kg
  • Unit of measure: kg/lb/st
  • Automatic switch-off after 20 seconds
  • Power supply: 2× 1.5 V AAA batteries (included)

Display Description

  • „Lo“ – Batteries low. Low batteries should be removed immediately to prevent damage to the scales.
  • „Err“ – Scales overloaded, maximum load capacity is 180 kg. Leave the scales to avoid damaging them.

Button Description Underside


  1. UNIT button
  2. Battery compartment


  1. Place the scales on a flat, hard, and stable surface.
  2. Carefully step onto the scales – the scales turn on automatically.
  3. Stand still on the scales and don‘t move – after a moment, the display will show the measured weight.
  4. You can change the unit of weight between kg/lb/st by repeatedly pressing the UNIT button on the underside of the scales. You can change the setting even before turning on the scales.
  5. After 20 seconds, the scales turn off automatically.

Changing Batteries

  1. Open the battery compartment cover on the underside of the scales.
  2. Remove the depleted batteries.
  3. Insert new 2× 1.5 V AAA batteries. Make sure you observe the correct polarity. Use alkaline batteries only. Do not use rechargeable batteries.
  4. Close the cover.

Cleaning and Maintenance

  1. Clean the scales using a moist cloth and make sure water does not enter the interior of the scales. Keep the glass surface dry. Do not use chemical detergents or detergents with abrasive effects.
  2. Do not submerge the scales in water!
  3. Always keep the scales in a horizontal position.
  4. If the scales cannot be turned on, verify that batteries are inserted and that they are not drained.
  5. If an error is displayed or the scales won‘t turn on, remove the batteries and reinsert them after approx. 5 seconds.

Safety Instructions

  • The scales are intended for domestic use only. Weighing animals is not allowed.
  • Do not tamper with the internal electrical circuits of the product – doing so may damage the product and will automatically void the warranty.
  • The scales should be placed on a flat, hard, and stable surface (not on a carpet, etc.) away from devices producing electromagnetic fields to avoid interference.
  • Do not use the scale on a wet surface or if your feet are wet; risk of slipping.
  • Protect the scales from shocks and vibration and do not drop them on the floor.
  • Only use the scales in accordance with the instructions provided in this manual.
  • In case of a malfunction, the product should only be repaired by a qualified professional.
  • This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) whose physical, sensory, or mental disability or lack of experience and expertise prevents safe use unless they are supervised or instructed in the use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.

Do not dispose of domestic waste. Use special collection points for sorted waste. Contact local authorities for information about collection points. If the electronic devices are disposed of in a landfill, dangerous substances may reach groundwater and subsequently food chain, where it could affect human health.

FAQS About Emos EV110 Digital Bathroom Scale

How long is the lifespan of a digital bathroom scale?

five to ten years

Why do various readings from digital bathroom scales?

A scale’s accuracy might deteriorate over time due to use-related wear and tear.

Are digital bathroom scales trustworthy?

In general, analog scales are more accurate

How are digital bathroom scales affected by temperature?

One factor that can alter a load cell enough to provide false readings is temperature.

What is the scale’s accuracy?

The degree to which the average value of an object’s displayed weight is near to the object’s actual weight is a measure of a scale’s accuracy.

A digital scale’s readings could be inaccurate.

You must recalibrate if you receive an incorrect reading.

Are digital scales consistently precise?

Bathroom scales that are digital rather than mechanical offer better accuracy. But every bathroom scale needs to be set up properly and used consistently for the most accurate result.

Are digital scales calibrated before use?

To achieve the precise measurements you require, calibrating a digital scale is a necessary step.

Why is it referred to as a bathroom scale?

Today I discovered that the scale used to weigh people at home in the United States is known as a “bathroom scale” because it is stored there.

Why won’t my digital scale power on?

Examine the batteries.

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