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Bilanciai B-TEK Scales T503W User Manual

Bilanciai B-TEK Scales T503W FEATURE


Bilanciai B-TEK Scales T503W

Bilanciai B-TEK Scales T503W PRODUCT

About B-TEK

B-TEK is a company that specializes in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of weighing systems and equipment. They provide a wide range of industrial weighing solutions for various industries and applications. Some of their key product offerings and areas of expertise include:

  1. Weighing Scales: B-TEK manufactures a variety of weighing scales, including bench scales, floor scales, platform scales, and more. These scales are used for accurate weight measurement in industrial, commercial, and laboratory settings.
  2. Truck Scales: B-TEK produces truck scales and weighbridges for accurately measuring the weight of trucks and other heavy vehicles. These scales are commonly used in logistics, agriculture, waste management, and other industries.
  3. Custom Weighing Solutions: B-TEK offers custom weighing solutions to meet the unique needs of their customers. They can design and build specialized weighing systems for specific applications.
  4. Weighing Software: They provide software solutions for data management, process automation, and weight recording to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of weighing operations.
  5. Load Cells and Components: B-TEK manufactures load cells and other weighing components, which are essential for the accurate functioning of weighing equipment.
  6. Service and Support: B-TEK offers maintenance, repair, and calibration services to ensure the ongoing accuracy and reliability of their weighing systems.
  7. Various Industries: B-TEK serves a diverse range of industries, including agriculture, logistics, manufacturing, food processing, waste management, and more.


This instrument is an IP69 K-rated precision digital indicator using the latest Sigma-Delta A/D technology to ensure fast and accurate weight readings.



  • C-tick approved and CE approved.

Trade versions

  • NSC approval (4000 divisions at 0.8μV/division).
  • NMI approval (4000 divisions at 0.8μV/division).
  • NTEP approval (10000 divisions at 0.8μV/division).


  • Zero and Tare functionality as well as battery-backed clock/calendar, and special function key (for counting, live weight averaging, peak-hold, etc.).


For more information on this instrument refer to the Reference Manual visit www.B-TEK.com, Quick Start Manual, or Communications Manual.


Operating Environment

  • Operating Temperature: –10 to 50°C
  • Humidity: 100%
  • Operating Voltage: Shown on Rear Label
  • IP69K

Electrical Safety

  • For your protection, all mains electrical hardware must be rated to the environmental conditions of use.
  • Pluggable equipment must be installed near an easily accessible power socket outlet.
  • To avoid the possibility of electric shock or damage to the instrument, always switch off or isolate the instrument
    from the power supply before maintenance is carried out.


The unit has been designed for high-pressure, high-temperature (80°C) wash-down environments. However long periods of focused pressure at a close range will damage the casing. The casing is chemical resistant.

Basic Operation

User Interface Display and Controls


Stability Considerations

Once a <ZERO>, <TARE>, or <PRINT> key is pressed the unit waits for a stable valid reading before performing the associated operation. If the weight readings remain unstable or invalid due to some diagnostic error for longer than 10 seconds, the operation is canceled and the STABLE ERROR message is displayed.



Basic Weighing

Normal Weighing

  • Ensure the instrument is On and the Zero annunciator is lit.
  • Place your item on the weighing platform.
  • Read the weight display.

Using Tare

  • The indicator displays zero with the Zero annunciator lit.
  • Place the container on the weighing platform.
  • Press the <TARE> key.Bilanciai-B-TEK-Scales-T503W-User-Manual-4
  • The indicator will show the displayed zero weight and the Net annunciator will be lit.
  • Fill the container to the required weight.
  • Press the <GROSS/NET> key to toggle between the Net weight and the Gross (total) weight.


Error Messages

Setup and Calibration Errors


Diagnostic Errors

  • Check: Service personnel can check this item on-site.
  • Return for Service: The instrument must be returned to the manufacturer for factory service.


The E-type error messages are additive. For example, if the instrument is running off batteries and the temperature drops, the battery voltage may be too low. The resulting error message will be E0011 (0001 + 0010).

The numbers are added in hexadecimal as follows:

1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 – A – B – C – D – E – F (For example, 2 + 4 = 6, or 4 + 8 = C

Visit Us

1510 Metric Ave SW Canton, OH 44706, USA
Tel: 330.471.8900
Fax: 330.471.8909

FAQS About Bilanciai B-TEK Scales T503W

Scales may lose their precision.

A scale’s accuracy might deteriorate over time due to use-related wear and tear.

Do scales have perfect accuracy?

Discrepancies on a bathroom body scale might reach 30%

Its name means “scales,” why?

“Scales” is the collective noun for weighing scales.

Where can you find scales?

Although certain species may have them on the upper leaf surfaces, soft scales are typically found on the undersides of leaves and stems.

What categories do scales fit into?

the terms nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio.

Are scales brittle or hard?

either a soft scale or an armored scale.

Why don’t the scales budge?

If you have recently started exercising and are eating a high-protein diet, you can grow muscle while losing fat.

What is the actual application of scales?

Typically found in architectural drawings for building construction.

Scales able to measure BMI?

Your fat to muscle ratio cannot be fully understood from these measurements.

Scales that measure weight loss?

You cannot tell how much fat you have dropped or muscle you have acquired by looking at the scale.

What results in an inaccurate scale?

Sensitive load cells may misinterpret nearby equipment vibrations and deliver inaccurate weight readings as a result.

Scales affected by low battery?

When taking measurements on digital scales, low battery power and bad battery connections are the main causes of scale malfunction and erroneous readings.

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