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Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition 2018 Edition Quick Start Guide

Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition 2018 Edition Featured

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Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition 2018 Edition

Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition 2018 Edition Product

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Getting to know Echo Dot Kids Edition

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Plug in Echo Dot Kids Edition

Plug the power adapter into Echo Dot Kids Edition and then into a power outlet. You must use the items included in the original Echo Dot Kids Edition package for optimal performance. A blue light ring will begin to spin around the top. In about a minute, the light ring will change to orange and Alexa will greet you.

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Download the Alexa App

Download the free Amazon Alexa app to your phone or tablet. Start the download process in your mobile browser at: http://alexa.amazon.com

If the setup process does not automatically start, go to Settings> Set up a new device. During setup, you will connect Echo Dot Kids Edition to the Internet, so you will need your Wi-Fi password.

Getting started with Echo Dot Kids Edition

  • Talking to Echo Dot Kids Edition To get the attention of your Echo Dot Kids Edition, simply say Alexa. See the Ask Alexa card to help you get started.
  • Amazon FreeTime Unlimited Your Echo Dot Kids Edition comes with 1 year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited. Your child can explore with Alexa within a kid-friendly environment of skills, Audible books, and music.
  • Amazon Parent Dashboard To help your child get more out of their Echo Dot Kids Edition, go to parents.amazon.com. Here you can see an overview of your kid’s activity, manage time limits, and share appropriate skills, Audible books, and more.
  • Give us your feedback Alexa will improve over time, with new features being added regularly just for kids. We want to hear about your experiences. Use the Parent Dashboard at www.parents.amazon.com to send us feedback or visit www.amazon.com/devicesupport.

FAQs Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition 2018 Edition

What is great about the Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition 2018 Edition?

Questions for the 2018 version of the Amazon Echo Dot for Kids While the hardware is essentially identical, the Echo Dot Kids comes in your choice of two kid-friendly designs on its fabric covering, as well as an extended warranty period. The best part is that you receive a full year of access to Amazon Kids+, a membership service that offers a tonne of age-appropriate content.

What sets the Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition 2018 Edition apart?

In terms of hardware, the Echo Dot Kids is exactly the same as the conventional Echo Dot: the same footprint and similar audio quality, but it comes in charming animal-themed designs. The most recent generation incorporates an Amazon year and comes in the form of an owl or a dragon.

Can Echo Dot Kids be operated without parental controls?

Hi Lisa, you can use the Echo Dot just like any other Echo device after setting it up by disabling the Kids Mode in the Alexa App.

Can Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition 2018 Edition play music?

Under the Parent Dashboard, you can connect your child’s profile with a supported music streaming service. Link your music streaming service to Alexa before allowing your youngster to use their Echo device to access music streaming services. Use the Parent Dashboard to use your child’s profile to connect with the service.

Who is Echo Dot Kids intended for?

Alexa is accessible to all ages. Amazon has two kid-friendly Echo devices with its Alexa speech assistant built-in: the Echo Dot Kids(Opens in a new window) smart speaker and the Echo Show 5 Kids(Opens in a new window) smart display, both of which are expressly targeted for children ages three and up.

What period are Echo Dot Kids from?

5th Generation Parental controls and a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids are also included with the Echo Dot Kids. The Amazon Echo Dot Kids is available in several pretty awesome designs, including Owl, Dragon, which is a 5th Generation model, as well as Panda & Tiger, which is a 4th Generation model.

Can Echo Dot Kids make calls?

Voice commands allow your child to call and message approved contacts with their Amazon Kids-enabled Echo devices. Among the voice commands is “Call [friend].”

How safe are Echo Dot Kids?

To ensure the appropriate use, children should be closely watched. Also, parents should regularly check to ensure that the Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition is undamaged and suitable for usage by kids. The Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition is not intended for children under age 3.

Can Alexa tell children’s stories?

Open Amazon Storytime, Alexa. Amazon now offers professionally voiced stories for kids ages 5 to 12. Very helpful if you just need the kids to sit still and chill for a few minutes.

Are there cameras on the Echo kids?

The first Alexa smart display designed just for kids is Amazon’s Echo Show 5 for Kids. It comes with a 2-year no-questions-asked guarantee, an HD camera, strong parental controls, and a 1-year Amazon Kids+ membership.

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