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Velleman VTBAL23 Digital Kitchen Scale User Manual

Velleman VTBAL23 Digital Kitchen Scale FEATURE

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Velleman VTBAL23 Digital Kitchen Scale

Velleman VTBAL23 Digital Kitchen Scale PRODUCT

About Velleman

Velleman is a well-known manufacturer and distributor of electronic kits, components, and tools for hobbyists, educators, and electronics enthusiasts. The company is based in Belgium and has been in operation since 1983. Velleman’s product range includes a wide variety of electronic and DIY kits, as well as individual electronic components such as resistors, capacitors, LEDs, transistors, and integrated circuits.

Velleman’s product line is designed to cater to a broad spectrum of interests, including robotics, audio and video electronics, 3D printing, Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects, and more. They offer a range of educational and hobbyist products, making it easier for people to learn about electronics and build their own projects.


To all residents of the European Union


Important environmental information about this product

This symbol on the device or the package indicates that disposal of the device after its lifecycle could harm the environment. Do not dispose of the unit (or batteries) as unsorted municipal waste; it should be taken to a specialized company for recycling.

This device should be returned to your distributor or to a local recycling service. Respect the local environmental rules.

If in doubt, contact your local waste disposal authorities.

Thank you for buying the VTBAL23! Please read the manual thoroughly before bringing this device into service. If the device was damaged in transit, don’t install or use it and contact your dealer.

Safety InstructionsVelleman-VTBAL23-Digital-Kitchen-Scale-User-Manual-2

General Guidelines

Refer to the Velleman® Service and Quality Warranty on the last pages of this manual.Velleman-VTBAL23-Digital-Kitchen-Scale-User-Manual-3

  • Familiarise yourself with the functions of the device before actually using it.
  • All modifications of the device are forbidden for safety reasons. Damage caused by user modifications to the device is not covered by the warranty.
  • Only use the device for its intended purpose. Using the device in an unauthorized way will void the warranty.
  • Damage caused by disregard of certain guidelines in this manual is not covered by the warranty and the dealer will not accept responsibility for any ensuing defects or problems.


  • selectable weighing units: gram, ounce
  • low battery and overload alarm
  • not calibrated: non-commercial use only



  • Open the battery compartment at the back of your scales and insert a battery (type CR2032C). Mind the polarity. Close the compartment
    WARNING: handle batteries with care and observe warnings on battery casing. Dispose of batteries in accordance with local regulations. Keep batteries away from children.


  • Place the scale on a flat, steady vibration-free surface.
  • Use the ON/OFF button to switch on the scales.
  • Select the desired weighing unit (gram or ounce) by pressing on the UNIT button. The selected unit is shown on the display (right).
  • Always place the weight in the center of the balance and wait until the measurement is stabilized before reading the value.
  • When the tare needs to be subtracted, place the tare weight on the scale and wait until the measurement is stabilized. Press the TARE button to reset the scale to zero. The display indicates TARE (bottom left).
  • Note that the scale has an auto-power-off function. The scale will switch off after 25 seconds when no activity is detected.

Display notes

  • Velleman-VTBAL23-Digital-Kitchen-Scale-User-Manual-4“: low battery indication. Replace the battery.
  • “EEEE”: weight overload. Max. load = 3 kg (+1060z.)


  • Do not use abrasive solutions or solvents e.g. benzene. Only use clean water.
  • Do not submerge the scale in water or any other liquid.

Technical Specification

  • capacity: 3000g (+106 oz.)
  • resolution: 1g (0.1 oz.)
  • power supply: 1 x 3.0V CR2032C lithium battery (incl.)
  • dimensions 200 x 200 x 15mm

Use this device with original accessories only. Velleman nv cannot be held responsible in the event of damage or injury resulting from

FAQS About Velleman VTBAL23 Digital Kitchen Scale

How is weight measured on a digital scale?

The electrical signal that travels through the load cell changes when any weight is applied to a scale, causing the load cell to bend slightly.

What kind of scale is most precise?

Scales for analyzers

What weight is required to use a kitchen scale?

For smaller components like extracts or baking powder, use 1 ounce (28 grams).

Are digital scales completely precise?

Mechanical scales are less precise than digital ones.

Why does the weight on my digital scale constantly fluctuating?

if the calibration of your scale is incorrect

What advantages can a kitchen scale offer?

Your cooking job is much facilitated by it.

Are digital scales preferable to mechanical ones?

Scales that are digital are more precise than those that are analog.

What two types of kitchen scales are there?

mechanical and digital dial.

How is a digital kitchen scale cleaned?

If feasible, use a moist tissue to wipe the drip tray and weighing pan every day.

Can a digital scale be repaired?

Just swap out the batteries.

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