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Taramps TL 1500 3 Channels Car Audio 2 Stereo Instruction Manual

Taramps TL 1500 3 Channels Car Audio 2 Stereo FEATURE


Taramps TL 1500 3 Channels Car Audio 2 Stereo

Taramps TL 1500 3 Channels Car Audio 2 Stereo PRODUCT

About Taramps
Taramps is a renowned brand in the audio industry, recognized for its high-performance amplifiers. Specializing in car and professional audio solutions, Taramps products are characterized by robust design, efficient power delivery, and advanced safety features. With a commitment to innovation, Taramps amplifiers cater to diverse audio needs, providing users with a reliable and quality audio experience.

Term of warranty

TARAMPS, located on Abilio Daguano Street 274, Res. Manoel Martins – Alfredo Marcondes, SP – Brazil, ZIP CODE 19180-000, guarantees this product against any defects on terms of project, making, assembling, and/or with solidarity, due to project vices which cause it improper or inadequate to its original use within 12 months from the date of purchase. In case of a defect during the warranty period, TARAMPS’ responsibility is limited to the repairing or substitution of the device of its own making.

This warranty excludes:

  • Damaged products by improper installation, water infiltration, and violation by unauthorized individuals;
  • Tamper or torn warranty seal;
  • Cases in which the product is not used in adequate conditions;
  • Defects caused by accessories, modifications, or features attached to the product;
  • The product with damage from falling, bumps, or nature-related problems (flooding, lightning, etc.);
  • Warranty card is not properly filled or torn;
  • Costs involving uninstallation, reinstallation of equipment as well and shipment to the factory;
  • Damage of any kind, due to problems in the product, as well as losses caused by discontinued use of the product.

Technical assistance


Declaration of Conformity

Hereby, Taramps Electronics Ltda declares that the product   TL 1500 complies with Directive 2014/30/EU, according to the following harmonized standard:

    • -EN 50498:2010 Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
    • – Product family standard for aftermarket electronic equipment in vehicles

The full text of the EU Declaration of Conformity is available on the following Product Page on the Internet. Read this manual before preparing the product. In case of doubt, contact our

At the end of its useful life, this product must not be disposed of in household waste. Look for an electronic equipment collection or recycling center for proper disposal.


The TL-1500 amplifier was developed for 3-channel systems, including:

  • 2x stereo channels (L / R) of 95 W RMS each, with active HPF 90Hz filter for connecting loudspeakers;
  • 1x 200 W RMS SUB channel to connect the subwoofer. This channel is the sum of the channels (L / R) with an active LPF filter at 90Hz.

Safety requirements

To ensure proper use, please read through this manual before using the amplifier. You must know the WARNINGS and CAUTIONS contained here.

  • The installation of this amplifier must be done by a qualified professional.
  • Wear safety glasses, insulated gloves, and correct tools for installing this product.
  • This amplifier is for use with 12V batteries. Always check the voltage before installing.
  • This amplifier must be installed in a firm place with at least 1” space around the heatsink for proper heat spreading.
  • Never install the amplifier in places exposed to dust, humidity, and water. Pay attention to installing it far from the fuel tank, fuel lines, heat sources, and other parts of the vehicle.
  • Be sure to install a protection fuse or a circuit breaker near to the battery. Follow the ampere rating as indicated here in this manual. Use of an improper fuse or circuit breaker could result in overheating, smoke, damage to the product, injury, or burns.
  • Avoid running wires over or through sharp edges. Use rubber or plastic grommets to protect any wires routed through the car’s body.
  • Before making any connection to the amplifier, disconnect the battery negative terminal.
  • When in use, the external surface of may amplifier becomes hot. Avoid touching the heatsink area and keep children far from the amplifier.
  • This amplifier may produce high sound pressure levels. Avoid continuous exposure to levels over 85dB to prevent permanent hearing loss.
  • Output connections for speakers may have voltage levels when the amplifier is operating. Make sure that the amplifier is turned OFF before proceeding with any connection or disconnection in these terminals.
  • If you want to dispose of this amplifier, don’t throw it on domestic waste. It must be collected by a used electronic product disposal service for proper recycling.


As you read this manual, pay attention to the safety symbols.

CAUTION This symbol with “CAUTION” is intended to alert the user to the presence of important instructions. Failure to heed the instructions will result in a risk of injury to the user or product damage.

Note Taramps reserves the right to modify the contents of this document at any time without prior notice and does not have the obligation to apply the changes in units that were previously produced.

Functions & inputs

Taramps TL 1500 3 Channels Car Audio 2 Stereo Instruction Manual-fig 1

  1. – ON: Indicates amplifier is turned on
  2. BASS BOOST: Bass boost 50 Hz, with amplitude from 0 up to 10dB.
  3. – INPUT (RCA): Signal connectors (L/R) to be amplified. Connect them to the RCA output connections from the Head Unit, using good-quality shielded cables to avoid noise interference.
  4. – INPUT (WIRES): Signal connectors (L/R) to be amplified. Connect them to the amplified output connections (WIRES) from the Head Unit.

Attention: Using this connector, the connection of the REMOTE cable is NOT required, because TL-1500 has an audio recognition system that turns the amplifier on automatically.

  • To keep the amplifier ON, a minimum volume is required, around 2 to 5 (varying according to a song or head unit model). Note that if the head unit is turned on with volume = 0, the amplifier won’t turn on.
  • In case of the absence of audio or turning the head unit off, the amplifier will remain on for around 30 seconds.

Output & power supply connectorTaramps TL 1500 3 Channels Car Audio 2 Stereo Instruction Manual-fig 2

  1. – POWER (Power Supply Connector): The (-) terminal of the connector must be connected to the negative terminal of the battery via a minimum 4mm² gauge cable. The remote terminal must be connected to the REMOTE output of the head unit a 0.75mm² cable. The (+) terminal of the connector must be connected to the positive terminal of the battery via a minimum 4mm² gauge cable.
  2. – OUTPUT (SUBWOOFER 4 ): To connect the Subwoofer. Following the indicated polarity, the minimum impedance is 4 OHMS.
  3. – OUTPUT (R / L): To connect the speakers. Following the indicated polarity, the minimum impedance is 2 OHMS.

Attention: The use of wiring with a lower than the recommended gauge causes power loss and overheating of the wiring. Observe the polarity, never invert the power cables, and risk damage to the amplifier.

Protection systems

Protection against short-circuit: Mute the audio signal in case of short-circuit or lower impedance into output.

Thermal protection: If the heatsink reaches high-temperature levels (which is not very probable if the device is correctly installed at an adequate location), the audio signal is muted.


CAUTION: All connections to the power supply, input, and output connectors must be carried out only with the amplifier off.

Recommended wire gauge & fuse

  • Positive / negative power supply cable _________11 AWG
  • Output cables wire gauge_________15 AWG (stereo) / 13 AWG (subwoofer)
    Remote cable ___________18 AWG
  • Protection fuse or circuit breaker______________20A

Calculated considering a maximum length of 4m. Distance greater than this, you will need to increase the cable gauges.

Using wire gauges below the recommendation will result in power loss and overheating of wiring. Check polarity and never reverse power supply cables due to the risk of damage to the amplifier. It is compulsory to install protection fuses or circuit breakers as close as possible to batteries.Taramps TL 1500 3 Channels Car Audio 2 Stereo Instruction Manual-fig 3

Note: In the case of compression drivers and tweeters you must install a passive filter in the positive terminal of the same ones (Consult the transducer’s manufacturer manual).

CUIDADO This equipment is not suitable for use in places where children may be present.

Examples of connections in the power supply input.

Note: Required battery bank capacity: At least 150Ah

Technical features

Taramps TL 1500 3 Channels Car Audio 2 Stereo Instruction Manual-fig 4

  • Rated power with 1KHz sinusoidal signal and THD <= 10% in L & R output, with 2 ohms resistive load, measured with Audio Precision APx525 audio analyzer or equivalent and the product at lower than 50°C case temperature and 13.8V  supply voltage.
  • Rated power with 60Hz sinusoidal signal and THD <= 10% in SUB output, with 4 ohms resistive load, measured with Audio Precision APx525 audio analyzer or equivalent and the product at lower than 50°C case temperature and 13.8V  supply voltage.
  • Frequency response measured at 2 times the minimum impedance.

The values as above are typical and may vary, due to electronic components tolerance or manufacturing process. For further information or if you have questions contact TARAMPS support.

FAQS About Taramps TL 1500 3 Channels Car Audio 2 Stereo

1. What is the Taramps TL 1500 3 Channels Car Audio 2 Stereo?

The Taramps TL 1500 is a 3-channel car audio amplifier designed for those seeking enhanced sound quality in their vehicles. It features 2 stereo channels, making it a versatile choice for audio enthusiasts.

2. What makes the Taramps TL 1500 unique?

The uniqueness of the Taramps TL 1500 lies in its 3-channel configuration, allowing users to connect multiple audio sources and create a customized sound experience. The inclusion of 2 stereo channels adds flexibility to the setup.

3. How powerful is the Taramps TL 1500 amplifier?

The TL 1500 is known for its robust power output. It delivers a potent audio performance, ensuring a clear and dynamic sound in your car audio system.

4. Can I connect multiple devices to the Taramps TL 1500?

Yes, the amplifier is equipped with multiple channels, enabling you to connect various audio devices simultaneously. This flexibility is ideal for creating a comprehensive car audio setup.

5. What are the key features of the Taramps TL 1500?

Key features include its 3-channel design, 2 stereo channels, and high power output. Additionally, it may have features like thermal protection and short-circuit protection for added durability.

6. Is the Taramps TL 1500 easy to install?

The ease of installation can vary, but Taramps products are generally designed with user-friendly installations in mind. However, it’s recommended to follow the provided instructions or seek professional installation.

7. Can the Taramps TL 1500 enhance the bass in my car audio system?

Yes, the Taramps TL 1500, with its high power output, can contribute to enhanced bass performance in your car audio setup, providing a more immersive listening experience.

8. Does the Taramps TL 1500 support high-quality audio formats?

While specific audio format support may depend on the source devices, the Taramps TL 1500 is designed to deliver quality audio reproduction, ensuring a pleasurable listening experience.

9. Is the Taramps TL 1500 suitable for all car models?

The compatibility of the amplifier depends on the electrical system of your car and the specifications of the TL 1500. It’s advisable to check your car’s compatibility and the amplifier’s requirements.

10. Where can I purchase the Taramps TL 1500 3 Channels Car Audio 2 Stereo?

The Taramps TL 1500 is available through various authorized dealers, both online and offline. Ensure that you purchase from reputable sources to guarantee the authenticity of the product.

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