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Synology DVA3221 4 Bay DVA Deep Learning Video Analytics Manual

Synology DVA3221 4 Bay DVA Deep Learning Video Analytics FEATURE

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Synology DVA3221 4 Bay DVA Deep Learning Video Analytics

Synology DVA3221 4 Bay DVA Deep Learning Video Analytics PRODUCT

About Synology

Synology is a company that specializes in network-attached storage (NAS) solutions and software. They are known for producing a wide range of NAS devices that cater to both home and business users. Here are some key points about Synology:

  1. NAS Devices: Synology’s primary product line consists of NAS devices. These devices are essentially specialized servers that are designed to store and manage data. They come in various models, ranging from single-bay units for home users to high-capacity multi-bay models for businesses.
  2. DiskStation Manager (DSM): Synology NAS devices run on an operating system called DiskStation Manager (DSM). DSM is a user-friendly and feature-rich interface that allows users to manage their NAS, set up various applications, and configure network services.
  3. Data Storage and Backup: Synology NAS devices are commonly used for data storage and backup purposes. They offer a reliable and flexible way to centralize data, whether it’s personal files, multimedia content, or critical business data. They also support various RAID configurations for data redundancy and protection.
  4. Applications: Synology NAS devices support a wide range of applications, both first-party and third-party. These applications include file sharing, media streaming, surveillance camera management, cloud backup, and more. Users can extend the functionality of their NAS by installing additional packages from the Synology Package Center.
  5. Security: Synology places a strong emphasis on security. They regularly release software updates to patch vulnerabilities and enhance security features. Their NAS devices also offer encryption options to protect data at rest, as well as various security features like two-factor authentication.
  6. Cloud Integration: Synology NAS devices offer cloud integration features, allowing users to sync and backup data to popular cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive. This can be useful for creating hybrid cloud solutions.
  7. Mobile Apps: Synology provides mobile apps for iOS and Android devices that allow users to access and manage their NAS remotely. These apps make it convenient to access files, stream media, and monitor surveillance cameras on the go.
  8. Business Solutions: Synology also offers NAS solutions tailored to business needs, including features like virtualization support, iSCSI storage, active directory integration, and more. These features make Synology NAS devices suitable for small and medium-sized businesses.
  9. Community and Support: Synology has an active user community and provides technical support through various channels, including forums, knowledge base articles, and customer support services.

Overall, Synology is well-regarded in the NAS market for its user-friendly interface, robust feature set, and reliable hardware. Whether you need a NAS for personal use or a business environment, Synology likely has a product that can meet your needs.

Scalable surveillance platform for proactive threat management and business analytics

Synology NVR DVA3221 is an on-premises 4-bay desktop NVR solution that integrates Synology’s deep learning-based algorithms to provide a fast, smart, and accurate video surveillance solution. Built-in support for push notifications keeps users informed of possible intrusions, while the automated video surveillance system helps safeguard properties by detecting people, vehicles, and anonymous objects in designated areas.


  • Easy and Flexible Integration

Roll out or upgrade surveillance deployments in no time with support for over 8,300 IP cameras, H.264/H.265, and 4K resolution

  • Deep Video Analytics

Leverage congestion alerts, facial recognition, people & vehicle detection, people counting, vehicle counting, visitor trends, intrusion detection, and license plate recognition

  • Centralized Management System

Operate and manage recording servers centrally as part of larger deployments, replicate footage, and perform remote updates

  • Dual Recording Support

Boost system redundancy and access footage during downtime with dual recording from cameras to a second server or C2 Surveillance3

Safeguarding Your Assets

Surveillance Station delivers intelligent monitoring and video management tools to protect your property and assets.

Complete Surveillance Solution With Built-in AI Capabilities

Supported by a complete suite of configuration, monitoring, and management tools and bolstered by powerful AI-enabled surveillance analytics, the DVA3221 provides everything you need to create an efficient surveillance system for your site.

  • Cover all angles: Record and manage up to 32 IP camera feeds4
  • Leverage deep learning: Run 12 simultaneous real-time video analysis processes
  • Licenses included: Add up to 8 IP cameras without purchasing additional licenses4
  • Expandable solution: Increase storage capacity with up to 10 extra drive bays using two Synology DX517 Expansion Units

Scale Up With Ease

Through its comprehensive and flexible tools, Surveillance Station streamlines the process of adding and configuring large numbers of cameras.

Assisted Camera Provisioning for Fast Deployment

Leverage simple camera onboarding wizards and camera configuration importing functionalities to step up the protection of large deployments quickly and easily.

  • Find and add cameras: Automatically locate cameras within specified IP ranges for a streamlined process
  • Import by batch: Migrate and batch-import camera configurations in just one go using spreadsheets
  • Copy settings: Quickly replicate settings between cameras to easily expand your existing installation

Everything You Need in Monitor Center

Quickly view your business from all angles, see where and when issues were detected, or spin back time to get to the bottom of things without ever leaving your main overview.

  • Combined view: Monitor feeds in real-time and seamlessly scrub through the timeline to investigate events, all in the same interface
  • Flexible layout: Drag and drop, resize, and even swap video feeds freely to create a monitoring dashboard that fits your needs
  • I/O widgets: Move essential controls to your dashboard to easily initiate actions, such as activating sirens and speakers or locking and unlocking doors
  • Automated alerts: Keep a real-time list of detected events across your deployment conveniently on hand and click to synchronize all camera playbacks to each time point

Your Cameras at a Glance

With Maps, you can know at a glance where cameras are placed, events are triggered, and more with an intuitive multi-floor and multi-site map view.

Better Situational Awareness With Maps

Dynamic maps not only help you determine camera and event locations but also provide instant access to video feeds for more efficient site monitoring.

  • Multi-location alerts: Preview triggered events directly on the map with automatic zoom features to bring the most important views into focus
  • Multi-floor layouts: Group floor plans together for a clearer understanding of where cameras are located and where events happen
  • Online map integration: Directly overlay your cameras and building layouts onto Google Maps or OpenStreetMap for better situational awareness even across multiple or larger sites

Smarter Site Security

Synology DVA and Surveillance Station elevate video surveillance into a real-time security solution, providing instant feedback and notifications.

Actionable Insights and Automated Actions

Advanced deep learning-based algorithms built into the DVA3221 convert unstructured video data into business intelligence and security insights, to bolster and automate security.

  • Facial recognition: Instantly identify people from a custom database with an accuracy of 97.04%5
  • People and vehicle detection: Notify staff when people or vehicles loiter in a predefined area, such as a no-parking zone or near a storefront
  • People and vehicle counting: Count the number of people or vehicles entering and leaving an area using bidirectional counters for safety or analysis purposes
  • Intrusion detection: Detect when people or vehicles cross a perimeter line and issue alerts to warn of potential intrusions
  • License plate recognition: Monitor vehicles entering and leaving your premises, with the option to preconfigure different automated actions for allowed or blocked vehicles6
  • Congestion alerts: Avoid overcrowding in designated areas by detecting when the number of people transiting or staying within a self-defined perimeter crosses a set threshold

Surveillance on the Go

With DS cam, you can watch surveillance video feeds, take snapshots, zoom in and adjust camera position with PTZ controls, browse through recorded events, use two-way audio to communicate, and receive alerts while on the go.

Powerful Video Management Platform

Powered by Synology Surveillance Station running on Synology DSM, the DVA3221 offers powerful and convenient video recording, management, and analysis capabilities while making the deployment of new or existing cameras fast and efficient.

  • Complete data ownership with zero subscription fees: All DVA3221 recordings are privately stored on the unit itself, free of charge
  • Works with more than 8,300 cameras: Avoid vendor lock-in. Choose from a wider range of camera options to suit your requirements with ONVIF support1 and rapidly add or migrate devices in batch
  • Remote monitoring and control: Access your surveillance system from anywhere with browser-based access, desktop clients, and mobile apps
  • Automation & notification: Set up custom actions when predefined events occur, such as taking snapshots when motion is detected or opening a door when the system recognizes faces from the database. Get notified with e-mail, SMS, or push notifications so that you can respond promptly
  • Secure streams and storage: Use HTTPS and SRTP-capable cameras to protect video streams against eavesdropping7, and encrypt video recordings with a special password to limit access to archives

Redundancy Options

Keep access to crucial surveillance footage following the destruction or disconnection of your device with video backup, recording failover, and dual recording to a secondary server or C2 Surveillance.

Central Surveillance Management

Monitor, manage, and protect multiple Synology Deep Learning NVR and NAS systems from a single interface as part of a larger surveillance network over multiple sites with a Surveillance Station Centralized Management Server (CMS).

  • Centralized monitoring: View and analyze streams from cameras connected to any of your recording servers in your central management host’s Monitor Center
  • Remote updates: Check for and remotely install updates on all your systems directly from CMS for both offline and online servers
  • Recording failover: Configure N+M failover to automatically switch over recording tasks to alternative servers in case of emergency for maximum service availability
  • Data protection: Back up footage between servers with Archive Vault or use Dual Recording to record footage on two servers simultaneously

Hardware Overview


  1. Drive tray and status indicator
  2. Status indicator
  3. Alert indicator
  4. LAN indicator
  5. Drive tray lock
  6. Power button and indicator
  7. USB 3.2 Gen 1 port
  8. System fan
  9. Power port
  10. Kensington Security Slot
  11. Console port
  12. Reset button
  13. eSATA port
  14. 1GbE RJ-45 port

Technical Specifications



General DSM specification


Surveillance Station


Environment and Packaging


*Model specifications are subject to change without notice. Please refer to www.synology.com for the latest information.

  1. Surveillance Station supports ONVIF Profile S and Profile G, as well as H.265 in Profile T. Check our compatibility list for all supported cameras. DVA3221 supports 4K resolution cameras; 4K video output is not supported.
  2. Facial Recognition, License Plate Recognition, and certain Intrusion Detection settings consume system resources equivalent to 2 DVA tasks. A maximum of 6 of these tasks can be run at once. When recording in 4K quality, the maximum number of DVA tasks is limited to 8. Learn more
  3. Dual recording to C2 Surveillance requires the purchase of an annual subscription. A free trial is available for each Synology Account.
  4. The DVA3221 comes with 8 camera licenses. Support for more cameras requires additional licenses.
  5. Testing by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) under their Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT), WILD dataset. The DVA3221 supports up to 12 Deep Video Analytics tasks. However, the actual number may vary depending on which tasks are activated, as well as on the resolution of the cameras being utilized. Learn more
  6. License plate recognition supports license plates that contain numeric and alphanumeric characters. Higher recognition accuracy is available for French, German, Swiss, United States, and Taiwan license plates. Please check this article for an up-to-date list of supported license plates.
  7. Encryption of video streams requires compatible SRTP or HTTPS-capable IP cameras. Check our compatibility list for models.
  8. Deep Video Analytics and Face Recognition are not supported on servers running as failover servers.
  9. Display output is not supported.
  10. DVA3221 comes with 8 GB DDR4 non-ECC SO-DIMM (2 x 4 GB) pre-installed. The non-ECC memory modules must be removed before the optional ECC memory modules can be installed.
  11. exFAT Access can be installed for free from the Package Center in DSM 7.0. In DSM 6.2 or earlier versions, exFAT Access needs to be purchased in the Package Center.
  12. System snapshots include snapshots taken by SAN Manager, Snapshot Replication, and Virtual Machine Manager. The availability of these packages varies by model.
  13. DVA3221 models support up to 12 Deep Video Analytics tasks. However, the actual number may vary depending on which tasks are activated, as well as on the resolution of the cameras being utilized. Learn more
  14. The warranty period starts from the purchase date as stated on your receipt of purchase. Learn more about our limited product warranty policy.

FAQS About Synology DVA3221 4 Bay DVA Deep Learning Video Analytics

What number of cameras can Synology accommodate?

1, 4, or 8 license packs for surveillance devices

Is a license required to use Synology Surveillance?

Each conventional camera and panoramic camera only needs one license.

How large can a disk get?

Its maximum internal storage capacity is 10TB.

What is the Synology’s maximum file size?

1 PB, 108, 108, 200, or 16 TB.

Support for wireless cameras on Synology?

Synology Wireless Surveillance Station Camera

Can Synology NAS be used without an Internet connection?

An Ethernet cable could be used to connect your PC straight to the NAS.

Can anybody, anywhere access Synology NAS?

It’s actually fairly simple to access a Synology NAS from outside of your home network.

Can you use the internet to access Synology?

You may quickly connect to your Synology NAS through the Internet using QuickConnect.

One hard drive can Synology use?

There must be at least one unused drive in your Synology NAS.

How do I get to my Synology data?

Select Shared Folder from the Main Menu’s Control Panel section. The mount path can be found at the bottom of the new window that displays after selecting the shared folder you want to access and clicking NFS Privileges.

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