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Rokinon Xeen XN24-PL 24mm Professional CINE Lens Instruction Manual

Rokinon Xeen XN24-PL 24mm Professional CINE Lens FEATURE

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Rokinon Xeen XN24-PL 24mm Professional CINE Lens

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About Rokinon

Rokinon is a brand known for manufacturing camera lenses and other optical equipment. It is part of the Samyang Optics Company, a South Korean optical equipment manufacturer. Rokinon lenses are often praised for their affordability and good optical quality, making them popular among photographers and videographers, especially those on a budget.


  • This product can be used on cameras with full-frame (or smaller) image sensors. (verify mount compatibility in these instructions)
  • This product specification, configuration, and appearance are subject to change without prior notice

Safety Notice


  • Do not use or store this product near devices generating heat such as heaters, thermal regulators, stoves, and stereo amplifiers.
  • Do not leave the lens in the direct sunlight. Focused light may cause a fire.
  • Do not look at the sun directly through the lens. It may cause injury or blindness.


  • Keep the lens out of children’s reach.
  • Do not touch the surface of the lens or let it come into contact with sharp objects.
  • Ensure the lens is securely attached to the camera during use. If not, it may fall and cause injury.
  • Don’t expose to water/liquid or excessive humidity
  • Do not subject to extremes of temperature.
  • Do not drop the lens.
  • Do not expose to external shock or excessive weight to the lens attached to the camera. It may cause damage to the lens and camera mounts. Be sure to hold the lens when operating or moving.
  • Do not modify or disassemble the lens. There are no user-serviceable parts and your warranty may be affected.
  • If foreign material is stained on the surface of the lens, please use the lens cleaning kit only.

Product Configuration





FAQS About Rokinon Xeen XN24-PL 24mm Professional CINE Lens

What sets Rokinon and Xeen apart from one another?

Their size is the first glaring distinction. The Rokinon set has different sizes, whereas the Xeen lenses all have the same length and outside shape.

What is the Xeen cine lens’ diameter?

The typical front diameter is 114mm.

Does Sony support Rokinon lenses?

complete compatibility with Sony E-mount APS-C cameras

Rokinon lenses are weatherproof.

Lenses from the SERIES II ROKINON line have weather sealing.

What distinguishes a lens from a cine lens?

Cine lenses frequently weigh more and are larger than the majority of still camera lenses.

Have Rokinon optics been autofocused?

Rokinon will include imaging-optimized components into autofocus lenses.

All Rokinon lenses have manual focus, right?

The majority of the lenses have manual focus.

Are Rokinon lenses image stabilized?

With these lenses, stabilization is not an option.

Does lens speed impact autofocus?

The widest aperture that the lens at the current focal length offers has a significant impact on the speed of the AF system.

Which lens has light focus?

Light from a far-off source will be focused to a single point, the focal point, by a convex lens.

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