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Scosche MPDB MagicMount Pro Dash Phone Mount Manual

Scosche MPDB MagicMount Pro Dash Phone Mount featured

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Scosche MPDB MagicMount Pro Dash Phone MountScosche MPDB MagicMount Pro Dash Phone Mount

About Scosche
Scosche is a consumer electronics and car audio product company that specializes in creating various accessories for mobile devices and vehicles. The company was founded in 1980 by Roger and Scotia Alves and is headquartered in Oxnard, California, USA.

Scosche offers a wide range of products designed to enhance the functionality and convenience of mobile devices and vehicles.


Need help with your Product?

  • Call Customer Service at: (8OO) 363-4490 x1

Please Note: This product is not for use with hard-drive-based MP3 players, including iPod and Zune. Incorrect use of this product may result in damage and will not be covered under the terms of the limited warranty.

LOW-PROFILE MOUNTScosche MPDB MagicMount Pro Dash Phone Mount Manual-fig 1

  1. clean the dash surface with a supplied cleaning wipe.
    Note: Wipe may cause discoloration of certain plastics, vinyl, and painted surfaces. It is recommended to test in an inconspicuous area first. Scosche MPDB MagicMount Pro Dash Phone Mount Manual-fig 2
  2. Peel the adhesive backing from the bottom of the mounting base, and place it in position. Apply firm pressure.Scosche MPDB MagicMount Pro Dash Phone Mount Manual-fig 3
  3. Loosen, then re-tighten the base to adjust for optimum viewing angle.


  • Use a thin plastic card to carefully lift the plate’s adhesive surface from the mounting surface.
  • Slowly lift and remove the plate.
  • Do not use any heat or liquids to remove the plate, due to the risk of damaging your phone.
  • Contact Scosche Customer Service for any additional assistance at 800.363.4490 Ext. 1 or
  • For complete warranty details, please visit us at

CONTENTSScosche MPDB MagicMount Pro Dash Phone Mount Manual-fig 4

  • A MAGICMOUNT™ PRO Magnetic Mount
  • B Interchangeable Trim Rings (2)
  • C MAGICPLATE™ 2-Pack Compatible with PopSockets® Grip
  • D MAGICPLATE™ Large Metal Plate
  • E Protective Film Stickers
  • F Cleaning Wipes (2)

PopSocketslPI is a registered trademark of PopSockets LLC (“PopSockets”). PopSockets<ll is not affiliated with Scosche nor does it endorse the use of PopSockets<11 grips with Scosche products, including MAGICPLATE. Use of MAGICPLATE with PopSockets<]I grip could result in damage to the grip and/or decreased functionality.

MAGICPLATE™ INSTALLATIONScosche MPDB MagicMount Pro Dash Phone Mount Manual-fig 5

  1. OPTION 1
    Remove the backing from the protective film as shown on the removal tabs, and place it on the device (A).
    Note: The protective film must be used when applying MAGICPLATE™ directly to the back of your device. Remove the adhesive backing from the metal plate and attach the plate to the protective film on the device (B).
    Scosche MPDB MagicMount Pro Dash Phone Mount Manual-fig 6
  2. OPTION 2
    Attach the adhesive side of the selected metal plate directly to the back of the case.Scosche MPDB MagicMount Pro Dash Phone Mount Manual-fig 10
  3. OPTION 3
    Attach the adhesive side of the selected metal plate to the interior of the case, between the device and the inside of the case. The plate will adhere to a magnetic mount through the rear panel of the case.

NOTE: If choosing not to attach the metal plate to the device or case, please leave the adhesive backing in place. Position the plate between the device and the interior of the case with the metal surface facing the case.

TRIM RING REPLACEMENTScosche MPDB MagicMount Pro Dash Phone Mount Manual-fig 8

  1. Use your fingernail to gently pry up and remove the old trim ring from the MAGICMOUNT™ PRO as shown.Scosche MPDB MagicMount Pro Dash Phone Mount Manual-fig 9
  2. Place the new trim ring onto the MAGICMOUNT™ PRO as shown, and snap into place.


sold separatelyScosche MPDB MagicMount Pro Dash Phone Mount Manual-fig 7

  1. Extend the PopSocket Grip (A) and remove the cap (B).
  2. Attach the adhesive side of the metal plate directly to the inside of the cap (C), and replace the cap (D).

Note: The metal plate may also be placed on the outside of the cap.

FAQs about Scosche MPDB MagicMount Pro Dash Phone Mount

Does a phone cover fit the Scosche magic mount?

Yes, in the majority of situations. When choosing to place your phone this way, though, make sure you choose a high-quality phone mount and that you’re not using a case that would cause issues.

Are phones harmed by magnet mounts?

The magnetic force used by magnetic phone mounts holds your phone firmly in place, yet it isn’t powerful enough to harm any of its parts. You may be sure that your gadget won’t be broken or lost because the magnetic forces and plates employed are safe and mild.

Is MagicMount a secure phone mount?

The strong neodymium magnets won’t harm your gadget and are completely safe.

What is the purpose of Scosche?

FM transmitters from Scosche for Android smartphones, MP3 players, iPods, iPads, and more. Using a Bluetooth FM audio transmitter, you may stream music directly from your iPhone or other device onto your car’s sound. A few of our Scosche Bluetooth FM transmitters for automobiles can simultaneously charge your device.

How is a Scosche mount used?

Once the MagicPlate is in place, all you have to do is hover your device close to the magnetic surface to lock it firmly in place. This mobile phone dashboard mount solution for cars is stylish and functional. Strong magnets are used in the cradle-free design to hold your gadget in place where you use it most frequently.

What does a phone Scosche mean?

The #1 Brand MagicMountTM magnetic mounts from Scosche, which have won several awards, securely hold smartphones and other devices with 100% safe Neodymium magnets that make installing and removing the mounts with only one hand.

Is Scosche compatible with iPhones?

Overview of the Scosche MagicGrip Freeflow Wireless Charging Vent Mount for Apple. Your iPhone may be wirelessly fast charged while you drive with the Scosche MagicGrip Wireless Charging Vent Mount. The arms of the Qi-charging surface will automatically shut and securely grip your iPhone when you only line it with it.

Are phone batteries depleted by magnets?

I appreciate any assistance provided in resolving the matter. No, it doesn’t drain more quickly because of the magnet.

What negative impacts does the magnetic phone holder have?

POSSIBLE ISSUES Magnets won’t harm your phone’s screen, memory, or battery, but they could endanger its compass. Strong magnets can even marginally magnetize part of the steel in your phone and tamper with your compass reading. Future compass readings might potentially be affected by this magnetism.

Do Scosche phone cases work well?

I got this vehicle phone mount a while back; it’s been on my car for maybe a year and I really enjoy it. My phone has a water-resistant cover, so the front and back parts click together, and the magnet has held up well too. I haven’t had any problems with my phone slipping off. If I had to buy again, I would.


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