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Ramtons RM-342 Toaster Oven User Manual

Ramtons RM-342 Toaster Oven feature

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Ramtons RM-342 Toaster Oven

Ramtons RM-342 Toaster Oven product

About Ramtons

Developed more than 20 years ago by Hypermart LTD, Ramtons is a leading brand of kitchen and household appliances in Kenya, with distribution over the whole area. Hypermart also offers a wide range of foreign brands, such as Candy washing machines (Italy), MEGA flasks (from the United States), Pure-it (by Hindustan Unilever), and many more.

Read this booklet thoroughly before using it and save it for future reference


When using electrical appliances, basic safety precautions should always be followed including the following:

  1. Read all instructions.
  2. Do not touch hot surfaces. Use handles or knobs.
  3. Before using check that the voltage power corresponds to the one shown on the appliance nameplate.
  4. This appliance has been incorporated with a grounded plug. Please ensure the wall outlet in your house is well-earthed.
  5. To protect against electrical shock do not immerse the cord, or plugs in water, or other liquid.
  6. The appliance can be used by children aged 8 years and above and persons with reduced physical, sensory, or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning the use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved. Children shall not play with the appliance. Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children unless they are older than 8 and supervised.
  7. Keep the appliance and its cord out of reach of children less than 8 years old.
  1. Unplug from the outlet when not in use and before cleaning. Allow to cool before putting on or taking off parts.
  2. Do not operate any appliance with a damaged cord or plug or after the appliance malfunctions or has been damaged in any manner. Return the appliance to the nearest authorized service facility for examination, repair, or adjustment.
  3. Use extreme caution when removing the tray or disposing of hot grease.
  4. Oversized foods or metal utensils must not be inserted in a toaster oven as they may create a fire or risk of electric shock.
  5. A fire may occur if the toaster oven is covered or touching flammable material, including curtains, draperies, walls, and the like, when in operation. Do not store any item on top of the appliance when in operation.
  6. Do not clean with metal scouring pads, for the finish may break off and the electrical parts may become touchable which may result in a risk of electric shock.
  7. Extreme caution should be exercised when using containers whose materials are not metal or glass.
  8. Do not store any materials, other than accessories recommended by manufacturers in this oven when not in use.
  9. Do not store any of the following materials in the oven, i.e., paper, cardboard, plastic, and the like.
  10. Do not cover the crumb tray or any part of the oven with metal foil, for it will cause overheating.
  11. The use of accessories not recommended by the appliance manufacturer may cause injuries.
  12. To disconnect, turn any controls to “OFF”, then remove the plug from the wall outlet.
  13. Do not let the cord hang over the edge of the table or counter or touch a hot surface.
  14. Do not place on or near a hot gas or electric burner, or in a heated oven.
  15. Do not use outdoors.
  16. Do not use the appliance for other than intended use.
  17. The appliance is not intended to be operated using an external timer or a separate remote-control system.
  18. This appliance is intended to be used in households and similar applications such as: – staff kitchen areas in shops, offices, and other working environments;
    • farmhouses;
    • by clients in hotels, motels, and other residential-type environments;
    • – bed and breakfast type environments.
  1. Save these instructions.

DESCRIPTIONRamtons RM-342 Toaster Oven User Manual-fig 1

CONTROL PANELRamtons RM-342 Toaster Oven User Manual-fig 2

Temperature control knob
Turn this knob to get your desired temperature, the min temperature is 70℃ and the max temperature is 250℃.

Function knob
Turn the knob to choose a function,

  • “means that only the top heating elements will work;
  • “means that only the lower heating elements will work;
  • “means that the top and the lower heating elements will work; “means that the top heating elements will work and at the same time the convection function will operate;
  • “means that all the heating elements and the convection function will work. In convection mode, hot air is circulated throughout the inner cavity to brown and crisp the food quickly and evenly;
  • “stands for the top elements will work and at the same time the rotating shaft will rotate;
  • “means that all the heating elements and the rotating shaft will work. In rotating mode, the rotating shaft will rotate to grill the chicken or chop it more evenly.
  • “means that all the heating elements, the rotating shaft, and the convection function will work.

Timer, turn it to get the desired toasting time, and the longest toasting time that can be set is 60 min.


Unpack the appliance and place it on a horizontal surface. Remove all insert cards and plastic bags. Then wipe the inner walls and housing carefully using a damp cloth. Clean all the detachable parts in hot, sudsy water before using.


  1. Initial start-up operation may result in a bit of smell and smoke (about 15 min.). It is normal. It is due to the protective substance on heating elements which protect them from salt effects during shipping.
  2. The least distance between the food and the top heating elements should be 30mm, for the perfect result.
  3. There are 4 rack guides (slots) at different heights in the inner cavity. You can choose the proper rack slot to get the best toasting performance depending on the working status of the heating element and the size of the food. If only the top heating elements are energized it is suggested to place the rack on the first slot to obtain heat directly provided that the least 30mm distance has been maintained.
  4. When setting the timer for less than 5 minutes, always rotate the timer to over 5 minutes and then rotate it back to your chosen time. This will ensure a safe and accurate setting.
  5. Keep on monitoring the food during operation to ensure that it is not overcooked.
  6. This appliance has a convection function, it can make your food brown and crisp more quickly, if you want this effect, turn the function knob to choose your desired function. Caution: when removing the food from the oven always use oven mitts to reduce the possibility of getting scalded.



  1. Rotate the temperature knob clockwise to choose your desired temperature, turn the function knob to the “position, and let the top and lower heating elements work together. Insert the grilling rack into the proper rack slot and place the bread on the grilling rack, you can toast 6 slices at most at one time. It is recommended to insert the grilling rack to the lowest slot.

Note: The grilling rack can be inserted into the rack slot only in one direction, if it can not be inserted, reverse it and insert again (see the right picture).Ramtons RM-342 Toaster Oven User Manual-fig 3

  1. Choose your toast color by adjusting the timer. Generally, toasting time is about 3-6minutes. When the toast cycle is finished the bell will ring and the electrical power is automatically switched off. Remember that the longer the time you select, the darker the bread will be.

Note: The more the slices are toasted the lighter the color will be, so adjust the timer accordingly.

  1. You can stop the cycle at any time, turn the timer to the “off” position and the bell will ring.

Note: bread may burn so do not choose for too long a time, and close supervision is necessary.

It is recommended to preheat the oven before putting in food. When the temperature of the cavity has reached the preset temperature the heating elements will stop preheating.

  1. Set the operating temperature and time depending on the thickness of your food and your favor.
  2. Set the desired operating status of heating elements by turning the function knob.
  3. Place food on the baking pan after preheating. Then insert the baking pan into the proper rack slot.

Note: during the operation, the heating elements will cycle on & off to maintain a constant temperature.

  1. When finished, the timer will back to the “off” position, a bell ring will be heard, and then the appliance and indicator will turn off automatically.
  2. Take out the baking pan with an oven mitt.

Caution: be careful! The baking pan may be very hot, fetch it with an oven mitt, and do not touch hot parts!

This appliance can be used for grilling.

  1. It is recommended to preheat the oven and set a desired temperature and when the temperature is got, the appliance will stop working automatically.
  2. Set working temperature, working status of heating elements, and working time.
  3. You can put food in the baking pan for grilling. Or you can put the food on the grilling rack for grilling, in this method, you should insert the baking pan and the grilling rack into the same rack slot, and let the baking pan under the grilling rack to get dregs (see the right picture).
  4. After the grilling has been finished, and bell will ring, and the appliance will switch off automatically.Ramtons RM-342 Toaster Oven User Manual-fig 4
  5. Take out the food with an oven mitt.
    Caution: be careful! The grilling rack may be very hot, fetch it with an oven mitt, and do not touch hot parts!

Grilling whole chicken or chop
This toaster oven can grill whole chicken or chop.

  1. After preprocessing, pierce the chicken from head to end with a rotating shaft, locate the drumsticks with a spit, and locate the head and wings with the other spit. Then fix the two spits on the rotating shaft.
  2. Before grilling it is recommended to preheat the appliance. Choose the proper temperature and grilling time. (Generally, the preheat temperature is about 200℃, and the preheat time is about 10 min.)
  3. After preheating, position the rotating shaft with the chicken into the toaster oven.
  4. Choose your favorite function from “and “. Set the working temperature and timer. And the rotating shaft will rotate and it will begin to grill.
  5. When it is finished grilling, the bell will ring, take out the rotating shaft using a taking rack (see the right picture), and then you can take the chicken out from the rotating shaft and spit.Ramtons RM-342 Toaster Oven User Manual-fig 5

Caution: be careful! The rotating shaft, spits, and chicken may be hot, wear oven mitts to protect yourself from burning.


  1. When defrosting, remove all paper/ plastic wrappings or aluminum foil. Do not preheat the appliance, and do not choose the convection function.
  2. Open the glass door and put the food on the baking pan, close the door.
  3. Connect the plug to a power outlet.
  4. Set the temperature knob to “70” position.
  5. Set the timer knob to your desired setting.
  6. When the defrosting cycle is finished the bell will ring and the electrical power is automatically turned off.

NOTE: To avoid contaminating, the food to be defrosted should be refrigerated or fully cooked. Do not set the temperature control knob at high temperatures to avoid incomplete defrosting.


  1. Condensation will appear on the oven door for some foods and then disappear. It’s normal.
  2. Cook food immediately after defrosting.
  3. Frozen foods and thick meat should be cooked for a longer time.
  4. When defrosting, place the food on the baking pan.
  5. Do not open the oven door too frequently to prevent heat loss.
  6. When toasting, frozen bread and slices should be in a darker setting than 1 regular slice.
  7. When baking, smoke may appear. Removing excess fat before baking can reduce this.


  1. Before cleaning the toaster oven unplug it and allow it to cool down completely.
  2. Wash all the attachments with mild, soaped water.
  3. Using a mild cloth to clean the inner of the oven, clean it regularly.
  4. Clean the door by using a hot cloth with detergent or soap.
  5. Do not immerse the unit in the water for cleaning.
  6. Clean the Crumb Tray. The crumb tray is at the cavity bottom. Pull out the crumb tray directly. Wipe the interior of the crumb tray with a damp cloth. After cleaning, push the crumb tray into position.
    • Do not use the dishwasher to clean any accessories.
    • Do not use any abrasive cleaning products.
  1. Clean accessories with a soft cloth in hot water with mild detergent or soap.
  2. Do not wipe the heating elements.
  3. Do not use any metal pad to clean the surfaces of the oven.



TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDERamtons RM-342 Toaster Oven User Manual-fig 6


You can help protect the environment! Please remember to respect the local regulations: hand in the non-working electrical types of equipment to an appropriate waste disposal center.

Faqs About Ramtons RM-342 Toaster Oven

What are the dimensions of the Ramtons RM-342 Toaster Oven?

Check the product specifications or user manual for information on the dimensions of the toaster oven.

What is the capacity of the Ramtons RM-342 Toaster Oven?

Find out the internal capacity of the toaster oven, often measured in liters or cubic feet.

What cooking functions does the Ramtons RM-342 Toaster Oven have?

Explore the available cooking functions, such as baking, toasting, broiling, and more.

Is the toaster oven easy to clean?

Check the user manual for cleaning instructions and information about removable parts that are dishwasher safe.

Does the Ramtons RM-342 Toaster Oven come with a warranty?

Verify the warranty period and terms provided by the manufacturer.

What is the temperature range of the Ramtons RM-342 Toaster Oven?

Understand the minimum and maximum temperature settings for various cooking functions.

Can the toaster oven accommodate standard baking pans or trays?

Check the interior dimensions to ensure compatibility with the bakeware you plan to use.

Does the toaster oven have a timer feature?

Find out if the toaster oven has a built-in timer and how to use it effectively.

How do I use the different cooking functions on the Ramtons RM-342 Toaster Oven?

Refer to the user manual for step-by-step instructions on using each cooking function.

Is the Ramtons RM-342 Toaster Oven energy-efficient?

Look for information on energy efficiency in the product specifications or documentation.

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