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Philips Beard Trimmer Series 1000 User Manual

Philips Beard Trimmer Series 1000  Featured


Philips Beard Trimmer Series 1000 

Philips Beard Trimmer Series 1000 Product

About Philips
Philips is a multinational technology company based in the Netherlands. It is primarily engaged in developing, producing, and selling a wide range of consumer and professional electronics, healthcare products, lighting solutions, and household appliances. Some of its well-known product lines include Philips Sonicare toothbrushes, Philips Hue smart lighting, and Philips TV and audio products.

Durable consistent performance

Self-sharpening stainless steel blades This trimmer is designed to be charged with any micro-USB cable, it fully charges in 8 hours and runs for up to 30 minutes. The stainless steel blades are self-sharpening, giving you a hassle-free trim as on day 1.

Trimming performance

  • Get a perfect but protective trim
  • Choose beard lengths of 1-7mm or the zero trim look
  • Skin-friendly blades for smooth skin

Easy to use

  • Up to 30 minutes of cordless use after 8 hours of charging
  • USB charging for convenient use
  • Know when it’s time to charge
  • The travel lock prevents the trimmer from accidentally starting
  • Detachable head for easy cleaning
  • Easy to grip

Built to last Warranty for purchase protection


Self-sharpening blades

Philips Beard Trimmer Series 1000  (1)

The self-sharpening steel blades on the Philips 1000 beard trimmer stay as sharp and effective as on day 1 to deliver a perfect yet protective trim, time after time.

Get any of the 4 looks

Use the 1-7mm comb to trim your long beard, the 1mm comb to create a 3-day stubble look, or use your trimmer without a comb to have a zero trim.

USB charging

Philips Beard Trimmer Series 1000  (2)

This beard trimmer comes with a USB cable for more flexible charging via your computer or any USB adaptor. The adaptor is not included (recommended adaptor Philips HQ80/HQ87).

Easy to clean

Philips Beard Trimmer Series 1000  (3)

Detach the head and use the brush included to sweep away loose hairs for easy dry cleaning. No oiling is required.

Skin-friendly blades

Philips Beard Trimmer Series 1000  (4)

Designed to prevent scratches and irritation, the blades have rounded tips for smoother skin contact.

Battery indicator

Philips Beard Trimmer Series 1000  (5)

The green light on the adaptor lets you know when your device is charging.

Ergonomic design

Philips Beard Trimmer Series 1000  (6)

A fast trimmer that’s comfortable to hold and use. So you can handle those hard-to-reach areas more easily.

30 min cordless use

Philips Beard Trimmer Series 1000  (7)

Charge your trimmer for 8 hours with your USB cable to get 30 minutes of cordless use.

Travel lock

Philips Beard Trimmer Series 1000  (8)

The travel lock on the on/off button prevents the appliance from being switched on by accident.

Built to last

Philips Beard Trimmer Series 1000  (9)

All of our grooming products are built to last. They come with a 2-year warranty, never need to be oiled, and are compatible with any voltage worldwide.


Cutting system

  • Cutting element: Stainless steel blades
  • Precision (size of steps): By 1mm
  • Cutter width: 32 mm
  • Non-scratching teeth: For more comfort

Ease of use

  • Display: Charging indicator
  • Operation: Cordless use
  • Cleaning: Dry cleaning with a brush
  • Travel lock


  • Handle: Ergonomic Easy Grip


  • Battery Type: NiMH
  • Run time: 30 minutes
  • Charging: USB charging, 8 hours full charge
  • Automatic voltage: 100-240 V
  • Adaptor: Not included


2-year warranty No oil needed


  • Comb: 1 stubble comb (1mm), 3-7mm beard adjustable comb
  • Maintenance: Cleaning brush

© 2021 Koninklijke Philips N.V. All Rights reserved. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Trademarks are the property of Koninklijke Philips N.V. or their respective owners. www.philips.com

FAQs for Philips Beard Trimmer Series 1000 User Manual

Can we charge the Philips trimmer?

Certain Philips Groomers can only be used dry. This means that neither you nor water can be used to clean them. While they are plugged into an electrical outlet, these devices can be used.

Can I use my trimmer every day?

It varies. You might want to use the trimmer every day if your hair grows back incredibly quickly. You might only need to use it a few times per week if your hair does not regrow quickly.

How can you tell if a Philips 1000 series device is fully charged?

The light ring fully illuminates and stops moving when the appliance is fully charged.

Is the Philips 1000 Series waterproof?

The S1000’s IPX7 water-resistant design makes it simple to clean underneath the tab and use with foam in the shower. Shaver’s IPX7 certification allows for a 30-minute submersion in a meter of water.

Can I overnight charge my Philips trimmer?

When finished charging, unplug the device and avoid leaving it alone. When the charging indicator on the body of your groomer displays a low battery, set your Philips male grooming equipment. Charge your device if the groomer operates more slowly than usual if it does not have a battery indication.

What if I change my trimmer too much?

The charger will turn off when the battery is fully charged because lithium batteries do not like to be overcharged and can catch fire or explode if overloaded.

How long does it take a Philips Series 1000 battery to charge?

After an 8-hour charge, you can shave cordlessly for up to 40 minutes. Or, when the battery runs out, shave while the power wire is plugged in. With 27 precision-engineered, self-sharpening blades, you can shave with a consistently clean edge every time. Use the built-in trimmer to complete your appearance.

Are trimmers safe to use in intimate areas?

The ideal tools for removing pubic hair are bikini shavers and trimmers because they are made specifically to trim the hair in delicate areas without causing any rashes or irritations. Even though shaving eliminates hair from the surface, if done incorrectly, it can result in razor burns and pimples.

Does using a trimmer beat shaving?

The trimmer is your best bet if you need to shape and style your beard and mustache. Choose an electric shaver if you want a quick, close shave.

How is a beard trimmer cleaned?

With soap, clean beard trimmers Brush your trimmer’s teeth gently while using warm water and hand or body soap that has been added to the bristles. This will effectively disinfect the trimmer, allowing you to say goodbye to bacteria.

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