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NETVUE Vigil Outdoor Camera Quick Guide

NETVUE Vigil Outdoor Camera FEATURE


NETVUE Vigil Outdoor Camera

NETVUE Vigil Outdoor Camera PRODUCT


NETVUE is a brand that specializes in smart home security and surveillance products. They offer a range of devices and services designed to help homeowners monitor and secure their property. Some of the common products and services associated with NETVUE include:

  1. Security Cameras: NETVUE provides a variety of indoor and outdoor security cameras. These cameras often feature high-definition video quality, motion detection, night vision, two-way audio communication, and the ability to connect to a smartphone app for remote monitoring.
  2. Doorbell Cameras: NETVUE also offers video doorbell cameras that allow homeowners to see and communicate with visitors at their front door through their smartphone or other connected devices. These doorbell cameras often include motion detection and recording capabilities. Smart Home Integration: Many NETVUE products are compatible with popular smart home ecosystems such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. This integration allows users to control and monitor their security devices through voice commands and central smart home hubs.
  3. Cloud Storage: NETVUE typically offers cloud storage services for recorded video footage. This enables users to access and review their security camera recordings remotely, even if the physical camera is stolen or damaged.
  4. Local Storage: Some NETVUE cameras also support local storage options, such as microSD cards, which can be used to store recorded video footage directly on the camera itself.
  5. Mobile Apps: NETVUE provides mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, allowing users to view live camera feeds, receive alerts, and manage their security devices remotely.
  6. Subscription Plans: NETVUE often offers subscription plans for cloud storage and additional features. These plans can vary in terms of storage capacity and the number of devices supported.

Additionally, customer reviews and expert evaluations can provide valuable insights into the performance and reliability of specific NETVUE products.

What’s In The Box


More about Vigil Camera


How to Insert Micro SD Card

Vigil Camera comes with a built-in card slot that supports up to 128GB Micro SD card. Once you insert the storage card, the camera will automatically start to record and store videos on the storage card. Videos can be replayed by dragging the timeline below the live feed screen in the Netvue App.

  1. Loosen the screws. Take off the cover gently since wires are attached to it.
  2. Insert Micro SD card. Make sure you insert it in the correct direction. The back of the card should face up.
  3. Put the cover back and tighten the screws.


Read Before Installing

  1. Keep the Vigil Camera and all accessories out of reach of children and pets.
  2. The power supply voltage that is required to operate the Vigil Camera should be 12VDC (≥1000mA).
  3. The product can only be used in proper temperature and humidity:
    • Operating temperature: -20°C – 50°C (-4°F-122°F)
    • Operating humidity: 0-90%.
  4. Please do not expose the camera lens to direct sunlight.
  5. Please do not install the camera in a place that is likely struck by lightning.

Set Up with Netvue App

Please add the Vigil Camera onto your Netvue account through the Netvue App before mounting it outside.

Connecting Method

There are two ways of adding Vigil Camera onto the Netvue App: Wireless Connection and Wired Connection.

Wireless connection

Wireless connection uses Wi-Fi to connect the camera to the App. It is the easiest way if the installation spot is close to your router and has a strong Wi-Fi signal. Please note that a thick or insulated wall may weaken the signal dramatically. Before you decide to choose this connection method, check the Wi-Fi signal at your installation spot.


Wired connection

If the Wi-Fi signal strength is weak at your installation spot, the Ethernet cable connection might be your solution. An Ethernet cable is required for this connection method. Plug one end of the Ethernet cable into Vigil Cam, and the other end into the LAN port on your router. Then follow the in-app instructions to complete the following setup process.


Add Camera to Netvue App

  1. Power on the Vigil Camera with the provided power adapter. You should hear a chime once it has fully started.NETVUE-Vigil-Outdoor-Camera-Quick-Guide-6
  2. Download the Netvue App from the App Store or Google Play onto your phone.NETVUE-Vigil-Outdoor-Camera-Quick-Guide-7
  3. Register an account if you are a new user of Netvue. If you already have an account, log into your account.NETVUE-Vigil-Outdoor-Camera-Quick-Guide-8
  4. Tap “+” at the top right corner to add a new device.NETVUE-Vigil-Outdoor-Camera-Quick-Guide-9
  5. A product list will show up, choose “Vigil Camera.”NETVUE-Vigil-Outdoor-Camera-Quick-Guide-10
  6. Choose a connecting method.NETVUE-Vigil-Outdoor-Camera-Quick-Guide-11
  7. Follow the in-app instructions to complete the entire setup process.NETVUE-Vigil-Outdoor-Camera-Quick-Guide-12
  8. Test the video streaming.


Vigil Camera Installation

Check the following things before you start to drill holes in your wall:

  1. Vigil Camera has been successfully added to your Netvue App and can stream video.
  2. Have planned the cable route. Measured the length of the power cable and Ethernet cable (if you plan to use an Ethernet connection) you will need.

Step 1: Take off the anti-dust cap. Attach the provided antenna to the Vigil Camera.


Step 2: Find a good installation spot.

  • We recommend installing the Vigil camera just 7-10 feet (2-3 meters) above the ground for a better two-way audio experience.
  • There is a power outlet nearby.
  • Test whether the Vigil camera can stream video smoothly at the spot.
  • Make sure nothing blocks the camera’s sight.


Step 3: Before you start to drill, make sure you know the locations of wall-in pipes and electrical wires. (If you are not comfortable with drilling holes, please consult with a licensed electrician.)

Install Camera on Concrete or Brick:
Use the provided drilling template to mark the position of holes on your wall. Use the provided drill bit to drill three holes, and then install anchors to hold screws.



Install Camera on Wood:
Use the provided drilling template to mark the position of holes on your wall. Directly tighten the included screws to secure the camera.


Step 4 (Wired Connection):

Read this step if you are using a wired connection, otherwise, skip to Step 5. This step requires the skill of making an Ethernet cable. Consult with the electrician if you are not sure how to do it.

A weatherproof tube is needed for the Ethernet cable to avoid leaking water into the Ethernet cable port. Cut off the Ethernet cable at the length you want. Insert the cable into the weatherproof tube, and carefully attach the RJ-45 connector to the cut ends. Test the cable is working before installing.

Things you need:

  • Bare copper Ethernet cable
  • RJ45 connector
  • RJ45 crimping tool


Step 5: Use the hex key to loosen the screws on the hinge. Point the camera in your designated direction, then tighten the screws.


Status Light

Netvue Vigil Camera uses status lights to communicate.




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FAQS About NETVUE Vigil Outdoor Camera

How lengthy is Netvue’s record-keeping policy?

60 days’ worth of video recordings

Wireless vigilance camera from Netvue?

The traditional wireless outside camera option for home security is Netvue Vigil.

Has the Netvue camera audio?

Stereo Audio

What happens to Netvue recordings?

The system album’s default storage location is /sdcard/DCIM/Camera.

How long does the memory in a camera last?

The average lifespan of security camera footage is three months to a year.

How does Netvue function?

When the Netvue camera detects motion or movement, it immediately begins to capture a video and notifies the user via the Netvue App.

On Netvue, can you record?

Keeps track of events for up to 10 days, around the clock.

Can a computer be used to view Netvue?

Any browser can be used to access your Netvue device.

Is WiFi required for Netvue?

Wi-Fi is used by wireless connection to link the camera to the app.

How safe are Netvue cameras?

Because none of our gadgets have a background management port, hackers can never gain access to them.

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