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Mueller Professional Grade Steam Iron User Manual

Mueller Professional Grade Steam Iron FEATURE

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Mueller Professional Grade Steam Iron

Mueller Professional Grade Steam Iron PRODUCT

About Mueller
Mueller Direct is a company that specializes in the design and production of high-quality kitchen and home products. They offer a range of innovative and functional items aimed at simplifying everyday tasks and enhancing the overall experience in the kitchen.

While I don’t have access to specific details about Mueller Direct’s current offerings or company history, some common features of their products include durability, user-friendly designs, and practicality. They often focus on creating solutions that streamline food preparation, cooking, and other household activities.

Mueller Direct’s product lineup may include items such as kitchen appliances, cookware, utensils, food storage containers, and more. They strive to provide reliable and efficient products that meet the needs of their customers.

For detailed information about Mueller Direct’s specific products, company background, and any other inquiries, I recommend visiting their official website at https://muellerdirect.com/. The website should provide you with comprehensive information about their offerings, customer service, and any other relevant details.


When using electrical appliances, basic safety precautions should always be followed to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, and/or injury to persons, including the following:

  • Do not use the appliance for anything other than its intended use.
  • To protect against the risk of electric shock, do not submerge the Steam Iron in water or any other liquids.
  • The Steam Iron should always be turned to Minimum (Min) before plugging or unplugging from the outlet. Always grasp the power plug to remove it from the wall outlet. Do not pull on the Power Cord itself.
  • Do not allow the cord to touch hot surfaces. Let the Steam Iron cool completely before putting it away. Loop the cord loosely around the Steam Iron when storing.
  • Always disconnect Steam Iron from the electrical outlet when filling with water, emptying or when not in use.
  • Do not operate Steam Iron with a damaged cord; do not operate if the Steam Iron has been dropped or damaged. To avoid the risk of electric shock do not disassemble the Steam Iron. Instead take it to a qualified service place for examination and repair. Incorrect reassembly can cause a risk of electric shock
    when the Steam Iron is used.
  • This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.
  • Close supervision is necessary for any appliance being used near children.
  • Burns can occur from touching hot metal parts, hot water, or steam. Use caution when you turn our Steam Iron upside down – there may be hot water in the reservoir.
  • To avoid a circuit overload, do not operate another high-wattage appliance on the same circuit.
  • If an extension cord is absolutely necessary, a 10 A cord should be used. Cords rated for less amperage may overheat. Care should be taken to arrange the cord so that it cannot be pulled or tripped over.

More specifically:

  • Do not leave the hot Steam Iron touching fabrics or very flammable surfaces.
  • Do not leave Steam Iron unattended while connected to the power outlet, and/or if Soleplate is hot. Do not leave the Steam Iron unattended when on an ironing board.
  • Never touch the appliance with wet or damp hands.
  • Do not leave the appliance exposed to rain, sun, etc.
  • Do not fill the reservoir with water while the Iron is plugged in the outlet.

Stop using this Iron if you notice leaking, overheating, smoking, or burning odor. Please disconnect the power immediately, and check the valid warranty service.

Do not use chemical additives, scented substances, or decalcifiers. Failure to follow with manufacturer recommendations will void your warranty.


Mueller Professional Grade Steam Iron FIG-1


  • Please read the instructions and the “Important Safety Instructions” carefully.
    Remove the transparent Soleplate protective foil.
  • It is normal for a small amount of smoke to be produced the first time the Steam Iron is used. This will quickly disappear.
  • To avoid damage to clothes from dust or dirt that may collect in the Steam Iron: before the first use or after the Steam Iron has been stored for some time, first iron an old cloth, testing both the “Spray” and the “Burst Of Steam” features.


A special resin filter inside the Water Tank softens the water and prevents scale build-up in the plate. The resin filter is permanent; it does not need replacing.

Mueller irons are designed to use a REGULAR TAP WATER (up to 12 grains of hardness). If your water is harder than this, we recommend mixing tap water with distilled water (1:1 ratio), which reduces the hardness; or just use inexpensive bottled water.
Do not use chemical additives, scented substances, or decalcifiers.


With the Anti-Drip system, you can perfectly iron even the most delicate fabrics. Always iron delicate fabrics at low temperatures. The plate may cool down to the point where no more steam comes out, leaving drops of boiling water that can leave marks or stains on the fabric. In these cases, the Anti-Drip system automatically activates to prevent vaporization, so that you can iron the most delicate fabrics without risk of spoiling or staining them.


The Auto Shut-Off indicator will automatically show a flickering green light if the Steam Iron is tipped over or placed horizontally for more then 30 sec or vertically for 8 min. In this case, the Steam Iron will produce a warning sound and will automatically switch off.

Mueller Professional Grade Steam Iron FIG-2

As soon as you move the Steam Iron, the Auto Shut-Off will turn off and the Steam Iron will start working again.


Sort the laundry to be ironed according to the international symbols on the garment label, or if this is missing, according to the type of fabric.

Mueller Professional Grade Steam Iron FIG-3

To save time, start ironing garments requiring a low temperature. This reduces the waiting times (the Steam Iron takes less time to heat up than to cool down) and eliminates the risk of scorching the fabric.


Filling With Water

Mueller Professional Grade Steam Iron FIG-4

  • Check that the plug is disconnected from the socket.
  • Move the Steam Selector toMueller Professional Grade Steam Iron FIG-5.
  • Open the Water Inlet Cover.
  • Hold the Steam Iron at an angle (~60°) and flip open the Water Inlet Cover. Fill the Water Tank with water (containing no additives) to the “MAX” water level mark using the provided Filling Cup, and close the cover.


  • If you need to add water during ironing, UNPLUG the Power Cord from the outlet and repeat the above steps.
  • Ensure the Steam Iron is fully reheated after filling.

Selecting the Temperature

Mueller Professional Grade Steam Iron FIG-6

  • Place the Steam Iron on an even and stable surface on its heel rest.
  • Insert the Power Cord into an electric power socket.
  • Adjust the Temperature Dial according to the international symbol on the garment label (see chart at left). The Temperature Indicator Light indicates that the Steam Iron is heating up. Wait until the Temperature Indicator Light goes off before ironing.

During ironing, the Temperature Indicator Light comes on at intervals, indicating that the selected temperature is maintained. If you lower the thermostat temperature after ironing at a high temperature, do not start ironing until the Temperature Indicator Light turns on again.

Selecting the Steam

Mueller Professional Grade Steam Iron FIG-7

  • The amount of steam is regulated by the Steam Selector.
  • Move the Steam Selector to a position between minimum and maximum depending on the quantity of steam required, and the temperature selected.

Choose “Burst of Steam” Instead of Continuous Steam When Ironing Vertically

Mueller Professional Grade Steam Iron FIG-8

Press the “Burst of Steam” button once to generate a powerful burst of steam that can penetrate the fabrics and smooth the most difficult and tough creases. Wait for a few seconds before pressing again.

Use the “Burst Of Steam” button to iron curtains, hang garments, etc.

The “Burst Of Steam” function can only be used at high temperatures. Stop the steaming when the plate temperature control light comes on then start ironing again only after the light has gone off.

To avoid scald injury, do not touch the heating Soleplate or hot steam when using the Iron.


To iron without steam, follow the instructions in “Steam Ironing” (See Page 6) leaving the “Burst of Steam” button on positionMueller Professional Grade Steam Iron FIG-5


Spray Function

Mueller Professional Grade Steam Iron FIG-9

Make sure that there is water in the Water Tank. Press the “Spray” button down slowly for a jet or press quickly and firmly for a mist.

Do not use the “Spray” function on silk and Ensure the synthetics. Steam Iron is fully reheated after filling.


  • Before cleaning the Steam Iron, make sure that the appliance plug is not connected to the electric outlet.
  • Any deposits or starch residue left on the plate can be removed a damp cloth or an unabrasive liquid detergent.
  • Avoid scratching the plate with steel wool or metal objects.
  • Clean the plastic parts with a damp cloth then wiped over with a dry cloth.

Self-Cleaning Button

The “Self-Cleaning” feature cleans inside the Soleplate, removing scale and impurities. We recommend using it every 10–15 days.

Mueller Professional Grade Steam Iron FIG-10

  • Fill the Water Tank to the maximum level and set the Steam Control switch to OFF.
  • Set the Temperature Dial to the maximum and wait for the Temperature Indicator Light to turn off.
  • Pull the plug out of the socket and hold the Steam Iron horizontally over the sink.
  • Hold the “Self-Cleaning” button until all the boiling water, steam, impurities and scale come out of the Soleplate.

Water might be hot so keep it away from any skin-exposed areas.


  • Make sure the Steam Iron is disconnected from the outlet.
  • Let the Steam Iron cool down completely.
  • Empty the Water Tank by turning the Steam Iron upside down over the sink, and gently shaking it.
  • Roll up the Power Cord using the “Retract” button.
  • Store the Steam Iron, in a vertical position, in a cool and dry place.


We recommend using the lowest temperatures with fabrics that have fine finishes (sequins, embroidery, flush, etc.). If the fabric is mixed (e.g., 40% cotton 60% synthetics), set the Temperature Dial to the temperature of the fiber requiring the lower temperature. If you don’t know the composition of the fabric, test the temperature on a hidden corner of the garment. Start with a low temperature and increase it gradually until it reaches the ideal temperature.

Never iron areas with traces of perspiration or other marks: the heat of the plate will make the stain “stick” to the fabric, making them irremovable. To avoid leaving a burn mark on silk, woolen or synthetic garments, iron them inside out. Velvet garments can be handled by ironing in one direction (following the fiber). Do not press down on the Steam Iron. It is easier to iron fabrics if they are not completely dry. For example, silk should always be ironed damp.


Mueller Professional Grade Steam Iron FIG-11

Mueller Professional Grade Steam Iron FIG-12


Mueller Professional Grade Steam Iron FIG-13


This product is warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for one year from the date of the original purchase with the receipt. The manufacturer’s obligation shall be limited to repairing
or replacing any part of the product that is defective. Such warranty shall not apply to damages resulting from accidents, abuse, or misuse.

If there is any problem with Mueller Professional Steam Iron, please contact Customer Service.


FAQ’s – Mueller Professional Grade Steam Iron User Manual

Q: What is the Mueller Professional Grade Steam Iron?

A: The Mueller Professional Grade Steam Iron is a high-quality steam iron manufactured by Mueller Austria. It is designed to provide efficient and effective ironing performance for both professional and home use.

Q: What are the key features of the Mueller Professional Grade Steam Iron?

A: The Mueller Professional Grade Steam Iron boasts several notable features, including a stainless steel soleplate for smooth gliding, a large water tank with a capacity of up to 8 ounces, a powerful steam burst function, adjustable steam control, temperature control, self-cleaning system, anti-drip technology, and a 360-degree swivel cord for enhanced maneuverability.

Q: How does the steam function work in the Mueller Professional Grade Steam Iron?

A: The steam function in the Mueller Professional Grade Steam Iron utilizes the water in the tank to produce steam. When the iron is heated, the water in the tank converts into steam, which is then expelled through the soleplate’s steam vents. The adjustable steam control allows you to regulate the steam output according to your needs.

Q: Is the Mueller Professional Grade Steam Iron suitable for all types of fabrics?

A: Yes, the Mueller Professional Grade Steam Iron is designed to handle a wide range of fabrics. With its temperature control feature, you can adjust the iron’s heat settings to suit different types of fabrics, including delicate fabrics like silk and more robust fabrics like cotton and linen.

Q: Does the Mueller Professional Grade Steam Iron have an auto-shutoff feature?

A: Yes, the Mueller Professional Grade Steam Iron is equipped with an auto-shutoff feature for enhanced safety. If the iron is left idle for a certain period, it will automatically shut off to prevent accidents and conserve energy.

Q: How do you clean the Mueller Professional Grade Steam Iron?

A: The Mueller Professional Grade Steam Iron features a self-cleaning system. To clean the iron, you can fill the water tank partially with water and set the steam control to the self-cleaning mode. The iron will generate steam to remove any mineral deposits or impurities from the soleplate.

Q: Can the Mueller Professional Grade Steam Iron be used vertically for steaming clothes on hangers?

A: Yes, the Mueller Professional Grade Steam Iron can be used vertically for steaming clothes on hangers. The powerful steam burst function enables effective wrinkle removal when the iron is held in an upright position.

Q: Does the Mueller Professional Grade Steam Iron come with a warranty?

A: Yes, Mueller Austria provides a warranty for the Mueller Professional Grade Steam Iron. The duration and specific terms of the warranty may vary, so it is recommended to check the warranty information provided by the manufacturer or retailer at the time of purchase.

Q: Where can I purchase the Mueller Professional Grade Steam Iron?

A: The Mueller Professional Grade Steam Iron can be purchased from various online retailers, including the official Mueller Austria website, as well as popular e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Walmart, and others. It may also be available in select brick-and-mortar stores.

Pdf – Mueller Professional Grade Steam Iron User Manual

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