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Frigidaire DWU-22J Dishwasher Use And Care Instructions Manual

Frigidaire DWU-22J Dishwasher Use And Care FEAture

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Frigidaire DWU-22J Dishwasher Use And Care

Frigidaire DWU-22J Dishwasher Use And Care PRODUCT

About Frigidaire
Frigidaire is a brand of home appliances that are owned by the Electrolux Group. It was founded in the United States in 1918 and is now a global brand, offering a wide range of products including refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, dishwashers, ranges, cooktops, wall ovens, washers and dryers, and more.

Frigidaire is known for its commitment to quality, innovation, and design, and offers products in a range of styles and price points to meet the needs of different consumers. If you’re in the market for a new appliance, Frigidaire is a reputable brand that offers a wide selection of high-quality products that can help make your home more comfortable and convenient.

Full terms of the Warranty covering your Frigidaire Dishwasher are detailed on the back page of this booklet. Please read them.
The model and serial numbers for your dishwasher are found in the door opening, on the lower right flange of the tub. Record and retain these numbers.

  • Model number __________ _
  • Serial number __________ _

This book contains valuable information about

  • Operation
  • Care
  • Service
  • Warranty

Keep it in a safe place



  • Read all instructions prior to operating your dishwasher.
  • Do not use this dishwasher for unintended purposes. It is a durable machine. but it will work better. and longer, if treated with care and used only with detergents or wetting agents recommended for use in a dishwasher.
  • Dishwasher detergents. liquid and solid rinse agents. should be stored out of reach of children. and in a dry place.
  • Do not abuse. sit on. or stand on the door or dish rack of the dishwasher.
  • To reduce the risk of injury. do not allow children to play in or on a dishwasher.
  • Locate sharp items so that they are not likely to damage the door seal. and load sharp knives with the handle up to reduce the risk of cut-type injuries.
  • If either the washing or drying cycle is interrupted, during or at the end of the cycle, the heating element may still be hot enough to cause a burn if it is touched.
  • Do not wash plastic items unless marked “dishwasher safe” or the equivalent. For plastic items not so marked, check the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Do not operate your dishwasher unless all enclosure panels are properly in place.
  • Do not tamper with controls.
  • If your dishwasher is discarded. abandoned or otherwise not in use. remove the door or the door latch mechanism. In some states. it is a misdemeanor for anyone discarding the appliance not to follow this sensible safety procedure which can save the lives of curious children at play.
  • HYDROGEN GAS can be produced in a household-type water heating system that has not been used for a long period of time (generally two weeks or more). Hydrogen gas is explosive. To prevent the poss1b1hty c,f Injury. we recommend that all hot water faucets be opened for several minutes before using your dishwasher. If hydrogen is present you will probably hear an unusual sound such as air escaping through the pipe as the hot water begins to flow. There should be no smoking or open flame near the faucet at this time.
  • Installation and grounding instructions are included with the new dishwasher for the installer’s reference



  1. To Avoid Accidents:
    1. Close and latch dishwasher 1s loaded or unloaded.
    2. Rack light items (glassware) securely so they cannot be displaced by water force.
    3. Keep dishes and utensils clear of moving and the center Wash Tower.
  2. Do not use your dishwasher as a disposer. However. the dishwasher will wash away small food particles adhered to dishes.
  3. Use caution prov1d1ng and replacing household uses. Ordinary household circuits require 15 amp fuses. Using a larger dishwasher may be dangerous If a circuit rec!.J1res higher amperage. check house coming to insure that it can support the additional current.
  4. Child Safety Considerations:
    1. Destroy the dishwasher carton that children might use for play. Cartons covered with rugs. bedspreads or draperies can become airtight chambers.
    2. Be sure to keep young children and infants away from your dishwasher when it is in rotation.
    3. Tc prevents children from opening the dishwasher door. close and lock the door when not loading or unloading.
    4. As children mature enough to operate it. instruct them m the safe. correct use of this dishwasher
  5. Repairs made by streamed persons can result in e1ectrrca1 hazards developing due to improper assembly or adjustment. While making such repairs. persons not having proper background may subject themselves to the risk of injury and electrical shock.


Your Dishwasher 1s is designed to operate on regular household current (115V. 60Hz.1 Use a c1rcu1t equ1poed w1tn a 15-ampere fuse or c1rcuit breaker Builtin dishwashers must be installed and grounded in accord (lance with loco: codes by a qualified installer to prevent any shock hazard and assure stability during operation.

Know how to disconnect power to the dishwasher at the circuit breaker or fuse box in an emergency or when servicing is required. Ask the installer to identify and label the proper switch or fuse at the electrical d1sconnec: box

Getting to know your dishwasherFrigidaire DWU-22J Dishwasher Use And Care FIG- (1)
Frigidaire DWU-22J Dishwasher Use And Care FIG- (2)

  1. Upper rack
  2. Spray column
  3. Silverware basket
  4. Lower rack
  5. Serial and Model Plate
  6. (Right Front) I Spray arm
  7. Radiantube heating unit
  8. Food Strainer
  9. Overflow protector
  10. Vent
  11. Dual detergent dispensers

Installation notes

Check the hot water. For best dish· washing results, make sure the water is hot enough. Water below 140 “F or above 160 •F can make dishwashing less effective. The water entering the dishwasher should be at least 140″F. If It isn’t, adjust the water heater. SH the specific Instructions. For complete details, refer to the Installation instructions packaged separately. Change the door and lower panels (DWU-22J only). There are two reversible door panels and two matching lower panels, which allow you to change the color of the front of the dishwasher. To change the color of the door:

  1. Remove the three screws from one side of the door trim. Choose. the most accessible side, the one that allows sufficient clearance to slide out the panels. Remove the trim and carefully slide both panels out.
  2. Arrange the panels with the desired color in the front. Position approximately the bottom 2/, of the bottom edge of the panels in the lower trim. Flex the panels as shown, and guide the top edge into the upper trim.Frigidaire DWU-22J Dishwasher Use And Care FIG- (3)
  3. Slide the front panel completely in place, pressing lightly on the leading edge to tuck the panel under the side trim. Carefully slide the rear panel into place. Replace the side trim and secure it with screws.
  4. To change the color of the lower panel, follow the same procedure

Customize the dishwasher (OWU-22J only). The front of the dishwasher can be customized to match the kitchen decor. You can replace one of the standard panels with an accessory door panel. Order Chrome (OP-M), Avocado (OP-A). To use tile, wood, wallpaper, and other materials up to 1/• – thick order Accessory FraminQ Kit DFK-3. Cut the material 23-314•X-16-11/16- for the door, and 23’/4 – x 5-5/8- for the lower panel

Prepare to wash the dishes

Load the dishes. Move the door lock to the left, as far as it will go, and open the door. Close the cups of the detergent dispenser to keep it dry while you are loading dishes. See page 4 for specific loading instructions. Run the food waste disposer. If the dishwasher is plumbed into a disposer, run the disposer to empty it. This will allow the dishwasher water to drain freely.

Tum on the hot water faucet. We suggest you clear the waterline of cool water. To do so, run the water until it is hot; then turn the faucet off. (This may be done while running the disposer.) Start the dishwasher

Check the chart on page 5 for the proper control settings for specific loadsFrigidaire DWU-22J Dishwasher Use And Care FIG- (4)

  1. Fill the appropriate detergent dispenser(s) using the chart on page S. Fill dry dispensers with dishwasher detergent to the fill line. Close the cups.
    Each dispenser holds approximately three tablespoons of detergent. The amount to use depends upon the local water conditions and the amount of soil on the dishes. Check package directions. Decrease the amount of soft water. Increase the amount of hard water, or add a non· precipitating water conditioner, such as Calgon or Spring Rain to the detergent.
  2. Close but do not lock the door.
  3. Select the Heated Dry option. Tum Cycle Selector clockwise to the desired cycle.
  4. Lock the door to start the cycle.

Rinse Conditioner
To reduce water spotting, a solid rinse conditioner such as Jet Dry can be fastened to the upper rack.

Heated Ory Switch

  • The Heated Dry Switch allows you to select heated dry or unheated dry cycles. If you wish a heated dry depress rocker switch to Yes.
  • The best results can be expected when using a solid rinse conditioner and heated dry.
  • Slight pauses during the cycle are part of the normal operation of the dishwasher.
  • To add a dish: Unlock and open the door; add the dish. Close the door and wait a few seconds for cool air to heat.
  • Then lock the door; the cycle will continue.
  • We suggest you check the Cycle Selector before you add a dish. To be assured of a detergent wash, for instance, don’t add a dish if the cycle has progressed into the wash cycle.
  • To stop the dishwasher temporarily: Unlock the door. To finish the cycle, lock the door again. Do not allow water to stand in the dishwasher for an extended period of time, or it will cool down and not wash effectively.
  • To change the cycle. Unlock the door. Turn the Cycle Selector clockwise to the beginning of the desired cycle. (Fili detergent dispensers, if required.) Lock the door to start the cycle.
  • If you do not want to complete the cycle and if water is in the tub, unlock the door and set the knob at the beginning of the cycle. Lock the door and allow the water to pump out. Then unlock the door and turn the knob to Off.

Loading your Frigidaire Dishwasher

Prepare the dishes

  • Most normally soiled dishes need not be pre-rinsed.
  • Rinse off such foods as coffee grounds, salad greens, and heavy starches (mashed potatoes, macaroni, etc.)
  • Remove large and hard food scraps, bones, and pits.
  • Rinse egg, citrus pulp, mayonnaise, or salad dressing off utensils that will not be washed until later.
  • Scrape or soak heavily baked-on food soil.

Load the dishes

  • Face the soiled side of dishes toward the spray column.
  • Tilt Items for proper drainage.
  • Don’t nest dishes or silverware.

For best results, follow these loading suggestions:

  • Upper RackFrigidaire DWU-22J Dishwasher Use And Care FIG- (5)
  • Glasses can be placed in several areas. In the center of the rack, place glasses securely over the pins. Do not place glasses on the lower rack.
  • Load the cup rack area with cups or small bowls
  • Load saucers, dessert bowls, mixing bowls, and serving dishes in the up• per rack.
  • Till items upside down and toward the center of the rack.
  • Place small bowls and saucers in the center of the rack with the soiled side facing the center of this row.
  • Always place heavily soiled items in the lower rack.

Small Items BasketFrigidaire DWU-22J Dishwasher Use And Care FIG- (6)

  • Available from your Frigidaire Dealer at an extra charge.
  • Holds small ashtrays, corn-on-the-cob holders, measuring spoons, bot· tie stoppers, etc.
  • Use the divider for organized storage, or remove It for extra room inside the basket.
  • Place the basket in the upper rack

Lower Rack O

  • Face the soiled side of the dishes toward the center of the rack.
  • Place large serving platters to the far right or far left side.
  • Place skillets, serving bowls, or utlli• ty dishes across the back, or to the far right or left.Frigidaire DWU-22J Dishwasher Use And Care FIG- (7)
  • Line dinner plates across the back or front of the rack.
  • Place smaller plates toward the center of the rack.
  • For good water distribution and washing action, don’t place large Items against the spray column guard.
  • Don’t place large items across the right front section, as this prevents water from reaching the detergent dispenser.
  • Don’t place soft plastic items in the lower rack.

Silverware BasketFrigidaire DWU-22J Dishwasher Use And Care FIG- (8)

  • Load with handles up to protect hands and arms against accidental cuts.
  • Loading handles up permits you to remove silverware without touching eating surfaces.
  • Be sure no items drop through the basket.
  • See flatware on page 6.

Selecting a cycle to handle the loadFrigidaire DWU-22J Dishwasher Use And Care FIG- (9)


Your Frigidaire Dishwasher is protected by this warranty

Frigidaire Company warrants that Frigidaire will repair, without charge, any defect or malfunction occurring in this Dishwasher during the first year after the original date of delivery to the consumer.


  1. To conditions resulting from (A) improper installa• lion, or (B) incorrect electric current.
  2. To conditions resulting from consumer damage, such as: (A) improper maintenance, or (B) misuse, abuse, accident, or alteration.
  3. If the original serial number cannot be readily determined.
  4. To service calls not involving malfunction or defects in materials or workmanship, and naturally, the consumer shall pay for such calls.
  5. Dishwashers installed outside the continental United States and Hawaii.
  6. If used in any commercial application.
  7. To Dishwashers installed in the State of Alaska


Applicable to the State of Alaska In the State of Alaska all of the provisions of the full warranty and the exclusions thereunder listed on this form are unchanged except that Frigidaire does not pay for the cost of the technician’s travel to your home nor for the cost of transporting the product to his shop.

You are responsible for these charges. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and. may also have other rights which vary from state to state. This is the only written warranty applicable to Frigidaire Dishwashers and Frigidaire neither assumes nor authorizes anyone to assume for it any other obligation or liability in connection with such Dishwashers.


Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages so this limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. FOR SERVICE UNDER THIS WARRANTY contact any authorized Frigidaire servicing dealer, or if there is a question as to where to obtain warranty service, write our Customer Relations Department at this address

FRIGIDAIRE COMPANY P.O. Box WC4900 3555 S. Kettering Blvd. DAYTON,-OHIO 45449
Frigidaire, the right to change 1pecihcattons or discontinue models. without notice

FAQs About Frigidaire DWU-22J Dishwasher Use And Care

How should a Frigidaire DWU-22J dishwasher be maintained?

How to Care for a Dishwasher
Tidy filters If your dishwasher has a filter, take it out and clean any debris or food off of it.
Seals and Door should be cleaned. Dishwashers include seals around the rim of the door to stop leaks from occurring while the appliance is in use.
Make the Spray Arm clean.
Schedule it each month.
Continue running.

How many times a day can we run the Frigidaire DWU-22J dishwasher?

So, the final word is this: Even doing the dishes the conventional way every day would save more water than running the dishwasher once a day, every day of the week, which would definitely be better for the dishwasher’s lifespan. You decide which issue is most important.

Does the Frigidaire DWU-22J dishwasher kill bacteria?

A dishwasher may claim to have completed a sanitizing cycle if the final extended hot-water rinse temperature reaches 150 degrees F, according to NSF/ANSI Standard 184. In other words, the device eliminates 99.999 percent of microorganisms.

What may harm a dishwasher like the Frigidaire DWU-22J?

Dishwasher Breakdown: Common Causes and Preventative Measures
Dishes and plates that are filthy.
Using cheap dishwashing detergent. Overloading the machine. Washing items that shouldn’t be put in the dishwasher. Power surges.

Does every Frigidaire dishwasher sanitize dishes?

All dishwasher models sufficiently clean your dishes, however, certain models come with a sanitizing cycle for an extra boost of cleanliness and assurance.

How long does a cycle last on a Frigidaire DWU-22J dishwasher?

15 to 40 minutes Depending on the cycle you select, the typical dishwashing cycle time ranges from 1.5 to 4 hours. Depending on sensor readings, how filthy your dishes are, or how long it takes to heat the water between cycle phases, the typical dishwasher running duration may differ.

What phases does a Frigidaire dishwasher go through?

Explained: 8 dishwashing cycles
Regular Cycle.
Most common dishes can be washed and dried using a Normal Cycle without having to deal with excessive soil.
Quick Wash Cycle
Sensor Cycle,
Heavy Cycle
Prewash Cycle
Delicate Cycle
High Temp Cycle,
Sanitize Cycle are some of the available cycles.

When should a Frigidaire dishwasher be used?

Wash your dishes after business hours. These are often during the day and at night. Instead, deciding to run your dishwasher overnight or in the early hours of the morning could help you save a lot of money on energy. The delayed-start button found on many more recent dishwashers makes this simple.

How much time can a Frigidaire DWU-22J dishwasher be left idle?

Long periods of inactivity cause the water to evaporate, the seals to dry out and leak, and the likelihood of motor issues to increase. Before a dishwasher is left idle for longer than two or three weeks, add a half cup of liquid bleach to stop this (this prevents bacterial buildup)

For more manuals by Frigidaire, visit ManualsDock

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