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Fotodiox Macro Extension Compatible with Sony Instruction Manual

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Fotodiox Macro Extension Compatible with Sony

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About Fotodiox

Fotodiox is a company that specializes in photography and videography equipment and accessories. They are known for producing a wide range of products, including camera lenses, lens adapters, lighting equipment, and various other photography and videography accessories. Fotodiox products are designed to be compatible with a variety of camera brands and models, making them a popular choice among photographers and videographers who use different camera systems.

Mounting the Tube

  1. Mount the lens by matching the two red dots, and make sure it locks.
  2. Attach any or all rings. Each ring brings you closer to the subject as you increase the distance.
  3. Attach the camera mount ring and mount it onto the camera the same way a lens does.
  4. Done, start your macro shot session. Be sure to use the widest aperture on your lens for better-quality images.


Dismounting the Tube

  • Remove from the camera, the same way regular lenses are removed.
  • Remove the lens by sliding the pin in the direction of the camera body.Fotodiox-Macro-Extension-Compatible-with-Sony-Instruction-Manual-2
  • Rotate the lens until completely detached from the Tube.

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FAQS About Fotodiox Macro Extension Compatible with Sony

What is the Sony macro lens’s minimum focus distance?


What lens works best with extension tubes?

24 and 100mm.

What impact do macro lenses receive from extension tubes?

A 50-mm lens with a 25-mm extension tube will gain 0.5X in magnification.

With a telephoto lens, are extension tubes compatible?

If you’ve ever used an extension tube with a telephoto, you are aware of how far away you still are.

What is the ideal focal length for macro?


What focal lengths do macro lenses have?

50, 100, and 180 millimeters

What distinguishes a macro lens from an extension tube?

Extension tubes prevent the macro lens from focusing from a minimum focus distance up to infinity.

How does the macro extension tube function?

just by repositioning the optics farther from the camera can magnify a lens.

Does the image quality of extension tubes change?

Extension tubes have no optical components and have no impact on image quality.

Does using extension tubes lessen light?

Diminished light

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