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EIZO FlexScan EV2750 Monitor LCD C User Manual

EIZO FlexScan EV2750 Monitor LCD Featured


EIZO FlexScan EV2750 Monitor LCD

EIZO FlexScan EV2750 Monitor LCD Product

Notice for this monitor

About Eizo

EIZO is a Japanese company that specializes in the manufacturing of high-quality monitors and display solutions for various professional applications. The company was founded in 1968 and has since established itself as a global leader in visual technology.

EIZO’s primary focus is on producing monitors and displays that offer exceptional color accuracy, image quality, and advanced features. Their products are designed for professionals in fields such as graphic design, photography, video editing, medical imaging, gaming, and industrial applications.

One of EIZO’s key strengths is its commitment to precision and quality control. They employ rigorous quality assurance processes and use advanced technologies to ensure that their monitors deliver consistent and reliable performance. EIZO monitors are known for their accurate color reproduction, high resolution, wide color gamut, and excellent viewing angles.

This product is suited to general purposes like creating documents and viewing multimedia content (Assuming usage of approximately 12 hours per day).
If using this product for the following kinds of applications, where an extremely high degree of reliability and safety is required, then measures should be in place to maintain safety while using this product.

  • Transportation equipment (ships, aircraft, trains, and automobiles)
  • Safety devices (Disaster prevention systems, security control systems, etc.)
  • Life-critical devices (medical devices, such as life-support devices and operating room devices)
  • Nuclear energy control devices (Nuclear energy control systems, security control systems of nuclear facilities, etc.)
  • Major system communication devices (operation control systems of transportation systems, air traffic control systems, etc.)

This product has been adjusted specifically for use in the region to which it was originally shipped. If the product is used outside the region, it may not operate as specified in the specifications.

This product may not be covered by warranty for uses other than those described in this manual.

The specifications noted in this manual are only applicable when the following are used:

  • Power cords provided with the product
  • Signal cables specified by us

Only use optional products manufactured or specified by us with this product. If you place this product on a lacquer-coated desk, the color may adhere to the bottom of the stand due to the composition of the rubber. Check the desk surface before use. It takes about 30 minutes for the performance of electrical parts to stabilize. Please wait 30 minutes or more after the monitor power has been turned on, and then adjust the monitor. Monitors should be set to a lower brightness to reduce changes in luminosity caused by long-term use and maintain a stable display.

When the screen image is changed after displaying the same image for extended periods of time, an afterimage may appear. Use the screen saver or power save function to avoid displaying the same image for extended periods of time. If the monitor displays continuously over a long period of time, dark smudges or burn-in may appear. To maximize the life of the monitor, we recommend the monitor be turned off periodically. Periodic cleaning is recommended to keep the monitor looking new and to prolong its operation lifetime (refer to “Cleaning” (page 4)). The LCD panel is manufactured using high-precision technology. Although, missing pixels or lit pixels may appear on the LCD panel, this is not a malfunction. Percentage of effective dots: 99.9994 % or higher.

The backlight of the LCD panel has a fixed lifetime. Depending on the usage pattern, such as usage for long continuous periods, the lifespan of the backlight may run out sooner, requiring replacement. When the screen becomes dark or begins to flicker, please contact your local EIZO representative. Do not press on the panel or edge of the frame strongly, as this may result in display malfunctions, such as interference patterns, etc. If pressure is continually applied to the panel, it may deteriorate or damage your panel. (If the pressure marks remain on the panel, leave the monitor with a black or white screen. The symptom may disappear.) Do not scratch or press on the panel with any sharp objects, as this may result in damage to the panel. Do not attempt to brush with tissues as this may scratch the panel. When the monitor is cold and brought into a room or the room temperature goes up quickly, dew condensation may occur on the interior and exterior surfaces of the monitor. In that case, do not turn the monitor on. Instead, wait until the dew condensation disappears, otherwise it may cause some damage to the monitor.


  •  27.0″ wide format LCD
  • Native Resolution 2560 × 1440 supported
  • IPS panel with 89˚ horizontal and vertical viewing angles
  • Supports three digital signal input interfaces (DisplayPort × 1, DVI-D (Dual Link/Single Link) × 1, HDMI × 1) – DisplayPort (8-bit support) *1

The DisplayPort input receives both image signals and audio signals via a single DisplayPort cable. *1 When transmitting an audio signal using the DisplayPort cable, the graphics board must support audio output. See “6-5. Specifications” (page 48). – HDMI Supports PC signals via HDMI input. The HDMI input receives both image signals and audio signals via a single HDMI cable.

  • Equipped with the “Picture by Picture (PbyP)” function that allows simultaneous display of multiple signals
  • Eliminates the need for changing between signals and leads to increased work efficiency. See “2-2. Switching Input Signals” (page 14).
  • The Color Mode function allows the user to select the display mode optimum for the displayed image.
  • The Paper mode reproduces a printed paper effect on the monitor. In Paper mode, the amount of blue light emitted from the screen is reduced by changing the color tone and controlling the brightness.
  • See “2-3. Switching Display Modes (Color Modes)” (page 15).
  • Power saving functions Suppressing power consumption*2 reduces carbon dioxide emissions. This product is equipped with power-saving functions.
  • power consumption when the main power is off Equipped with a main power switch.
  • When not using the monitor, you can turn off the main power supply so that the power is cut completely. – Auto EcoView • Displays HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital
  • Protection) *3 protected contents.
  • * 3 Supports HDCP Version 1. x
  • Supports the “ScreenManager Pro” software for adjusting the screen using the mouse and keyboard
  • The software can be downloaded from our website (http://www.eizoglobal.com).
  • Supports the “EIZO Monitor Configurator” software for creating monitor configuration files When installing multiple units of this monitor, this software allows users to apply a single configuration file to all monitors at the same time. This increases the efficiency of monitor installation work by eliminating the need for configuring each monitor individually.
  • Please refer to our website (http://www.eizoglobal.com) for more details.

controls and Functions


EIZO FlexScan EV2750 Monitor LCD (1)

1. Ambient light sensor Detects ambient brightness (Auto EcoView function (page 17)).
2. Operation switches Displays menus. Operate the buttons according to the operation guide.
3. Power switch Turns the power on or off.
4. Power Indicator Indicates the monitor’s operation status. White: Single screen display


Orange:  Power saving mode

OFF:  Main power / power off


EIZO FlexScan EV2750 Monitor LCD (2)

5. Handle This handle is used for transportation.
6. Security lock slot Complies with Kensington’s MicroSaver security system.
7. Speakers Outputs audio.
8. USB downstream port Connects to a peripheral USB device.
9. Headphone jack Connects to headphones.
10. Stand*2 Adjusts the height and angle (tilt, swivel, and rotation) of the monitor.
11. Main power switch Turns the main power on or off.
12. Power connector Connects the power cord.
13. Input signal connectors Left: DVI connector Middle: HDMI connector


Right: DisplayPort connector

14. USB upstream port Connects to the USB cable when using software that needs a USB connection, or when using the USB Hub function.
15. Stereo Mini Jack Connects to a stereo mini jack cable.
16. Cable holder*3 Holds the monitor cables.

Supported Resolutions

The monitor supports the following resolutions.






Applicable Signals

Vertical Scan Frequency DisplayPort HDMI DVI
Single screen display PbyP display Single screen display PbyP display Single screen display PbyP display
640 × 480 VGA/CEA-861 59.94 Hz
640 × 480 CEA-861 60 Hz
720 × 400 VGA TEXT 70.09 Hz
720 × 480 (4:3) CEA-861 59.94 Hz/60 Hz
720 × 480 (16:9) CEA-861 59.94 Hz/60 Hz
720 × 576 (4:3) CEA-861 50 Hz
720 × 576 (16:9) CEA-861 50 Hz
800 × 600 VESA 60.32 Hz
1024 × 768 VESA 60 Hz
1280 × 720 VESA CVT 59.86 Hz
1280 × 720 VESA CVT RB 59.98 Hz
1280 × 720 CEA-861 50 Hz
1280 × 720 CEA-861 59.94 Hz/60 Hz
1280 × 800 VESA CVT 59.81 Hz
1280 × 1024 VESA 60.02 Hz
1280 × 1440 VESA CVT RB 59.9 Hz
1600 × 900 VESA RB 60 Hz
1600 × 1200 VESA 60 Hz
1680 × 1050 VESA CVT 59.95 Hz
1680 × 1050 VESA CVT RB 59.88 Hz
1920 × 1080 CEA-861 50 Hz
1920 × 1080 CEA-861 59.94 Hz/60 Hz
1920 × 1200 VESA CVT 59.89 Hz
1920 × 1200 VESA CVT RB 59.95 Hz
2560 × 1440 VESA CVT 29.94 Hz
2560 × 1440* VESA CVT RB 59.95 Hz


LCD Panel Type IPS (Anti-Glare)
Backlight LED
Size 68.5 cm (27.0 inch)
Native Resolution 2560 dots × 1440 lines
Display Size (H × V) 596.7 mm × 335.7 mm
Pixel Pitch 0.233 mm
Display Colors 8-bit colors:       16.77 million colors
Viewing Angle (H × V, typical) 178˚ / 178˚
Response Time (typical) Gray-to-gray: 15 ms (overdrive setting: Off)


5 ms (overdrive setting: Enhanced)

Video Signals Input Terminals DisplayPort (HDCP) × 1, HDMI (HDCP) *1 × 1, DVI-D (HDCP, Dual Link / Single Link) × 1
Digital Scanning Frequency (H / V) 31 kHz to 89 kHz / 29 Hz to 31 Hz*2, 59 Hz to 61 Hz (49 Hz to 61 Hz for HDMI) (VGA TEXT: 69 Hz to 71 Hz)
Max. Dot Clock 241.50 MHz
USB Port Upstream port × 1, downstream port × 2
Standard USB Specification Revision 3.0
Communication Speed 5 Gbps (super), 480 Mbps (high), 12 Mbps (full), 1.5 Mbps (low)
Supply Current Downstream:              Max. 900 mA per port
Audio Audio Input Format DisplayPort:      2 ch linear PCM (32 kHz / 44.1 kHz / 48 kHz / 88.2 kHz / 96 kHz)
HDMI:                 2 ch linear PCM (32 kHz / 44.1 kHz / 48 kHz)
Speakers 1 W + 1 W
Headphones 2 mW + 2 mW (32 Ω)
Input Terminals Line:                   Stereo mini jack × 1
DisplayPort × 1, HDMI × 1 (shared with video signal)
Output Terminals Headphones: Stereo mini jack × 1
Power Input 100 – 240 VAC ±10 %, 50 / 60 Hz 0.70 A – 0.35 A
Maximum Power Consumption 67 W or less
Power Save Mode 0.5 W or less      (DisplayPort input, no USB device connected, default settings)
Standby Mode 0.5 W or less      (no USB device connected, default settings)
Physical Specifications Dimensions 611.6 mm × 399 mm to 544 mm × 259 mm (W × H × D) (Tilt: 35˚)


611.6 mm × 390.2 mm to 545.2 mm × 245 mm (W × H × D) (Tilt: 0˚)

Dimensions (Without Stand) 611.6 mm × 359 mm × 48.5 mm (W × H × D)
Net Weight Approx. 7.9 kg
Net Weight (Without Stand) Approx. 5.1 kg
Height Adjustment Range 145 mm (Tilt: 35˚) / 155 mm (Tilt: 0˚)
Tilt Up 35˚, down 5˚
Swivel 344°
Vertical Rotation Left 90˚, right 90˚
Operating Environmental Specifications Temperature 5 ˚C to 35 ˚C (41 ˚F to 95 ˚F)
Humidity 20 % to 80 % R.H. (no condensation)
Air Pressure 540 hPa to 1060 hPa
Transportation/ Storage Environmental Specifications Temperature -20 ˚C to 60 ˚C (-4 ˚F to 140 ˚F)
Humidity 10 % to 90 % R.H. (no condensation)
Air Pressure 200 hPa to 1060 hPa

Main Default Settings

Picture Setup Single
Auto EcoView On
EcoView Optimizer 2 On
Color Mode User1
Picture Expansion DisplayPort input Aspect Ratio
HDMI (PC signal) input Aspect Ratio
HDMI (video signal) input Auto
DVI-D input Aspect Ratio
Input Color Format DisplayPort input Auto
HDMI (PC signal) input RGB
HDMI (video signal) input Auto
Menu Rotation
Menu Position Center
Power Save On
Eco Timer Off
Language English
Power Indicator On
Audio Selection (PbyP) Left Screen
Auto Input Detection On
Compatibility Mode Off
Auto PbyP Resolution On
On-Screen Logo On
Key Lock Off


Signal cable •   DD200DL (DVI-DVI)



Cleaning Kit EIZO “ScreenCleaner”


DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine)

The DICOM standard was developed by the American College of Radiology and the National Electrical Manufacturer’s Association of the USA. The DICOM-compatible device connection enables to transfer of the of medical image and information. The DICOM, Part 14 document defines the digital, grayscale medical image display.


This is the interface standard for image signals standardized in accordance with VESA. It was developed with the aim of replacing the conventional DVI and analog interfaces, and it can transmit high-resolution signals and sound signals, which DVI does not support. The standard size and mini size connectors have been standardized.

DVI DMPM (DVI Digital Monitor Power Management)

DVI DMPM is a digital interface power-saving function. The “Monitor ON (operating mode)” and “Active Off (power saving mode)” are indispensable for DVI DMPM as the monitor’s power mode. This is used to adjust each color parameter for red, green and blue. An LCD monitor displays the color by the light passing through the panel color filter. Red, green, and blue are the three primary colors. All the colors on the screen are displayed by combining these three colors. The color tone can be changed by adjusting the light intensity (volume) passing through each color’s filter.


Generally, the monitor brightness varies nonlinearly with the input signal level, which is called “Gamma Characteristic”. When the gamma value is low, the middle tone area is displayed brighter, and darker when high. Changes to the gamma value will not affect contrast. A gamma value appropriate for the display content should be selected.

FCC Declaration of Conformity

Is in conformity with Part 15 of the FCC Rules.

Operation of this product is subject to the following two conditions:

  1. This device may not cause harmful interference, and
    This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications.

However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures.

  • Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna.
  • Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver.
  • Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected.
  • Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help.

FAQs EIZO FlexScan EV2750 Monitor LCD

What is the EIZO FlexScan EV2750 Monitor LCD?

The EIZO FlexScan EV2750 is a high-quality LCD monitor designed for professional and creative users. It offers a 27-inch display with a 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution and a 16:9 aspect ratio. The monitor is known for its excellent color accuracy, wide viewing angles, and ergonomic design.

What is the color accuracy of the EIZO FlexScan EV2750 Monitor LCD?

The EIZO FlexScan EV2750 is known for its exceptional color accuracy. It supports a wide color gamut and is often factory-calibrated to ensure precise color reproduction. This makes it suitable for tasks that require color-critical work, such as photo editing, graphic design, and video production.

Does the EIZO FlexScan EV2750 have built-in speakers?

No, the EIZO FlexScan EV2750 does not have built-in speakers. However, it does have a 3.5mm audio output jack, allowing you to connect external speakers or headphones for audio output.

Can the EIZO FlexScan EV2750 be used in a multi-monitor setup?

Yes, the EIZO FlexScan EV2750 is well-suited for multi-monitor setups. Its slim bezels make it easy to create a seamless multi-monitor display without distracting borders between screens. The flexible stand also enables you to adjust the monitor’s position for optimal viewing in a multi-monitor configuration.

Is the EIZO FlexScan EV2750 suitable for gaming?

While the EIZO FlexScan EV2750 offers excellent color accuracy and image quality, it is not specifically designed as a gaming monitor. It has a standard 60Hz refresh rate, which may not be ideal for fast-paced gaming that requires high refresh rates. However, if you prioritize color accuracy and visual clarity over gaming-specific features, it can still provide a satisfying gaming experience.

What is the warranty for the EIZO FlexScan EV2750 Monitor LCD?

The warranty for the EIZO FlexScan EV2750 varies depending on the region and the specific model. It is recommended to check with the retailer or EIZO’s official website for detailed warranty information relevant to your location. Typically, EIZO monitors come with a standard three-year warranty, but it’s always best to verify the details before making a purchase.

Does the EIZO FlexScan EV2750 have any built-in blue light reduction technology?

Yes, the EIZO FlexScan EV2750 incorporates a blue light reduction feature called “Paper Mode.” This mode reduces the amount of blue light emitted by the monitor, which can help reduce eye strain and promote better sleep quality, particularly when using the monitor for extended periods, especially in the evenings or at night.

What is the power consumption of the EIZO FlexScan EV2750?

The power consumption of the EIZO FlexScan EV2750 varies depending on the brightness level and other settings. However, it is designed to be energy-efficient. EIZO monitors typically feature energy-saving technologies such as LED backlighting and automatic brightness adjustment to reduce power consumption. It is recommended to consult the product specifications or the user manual for specific power consumption details.

Does the EIZO FlexScan EV2750 support ergonomic adjustments?

Yes, the EIZO FlexScan EV2750 offers ergonomic adjustments to help you achieve a comfortable viewing position. It comes with a stand that allows you to adjust the height, tilt, and swivel of the monitor. Additionally, you can rotate the screen into portrait mode if desired. These ergonomic adjustments enable you to customize the monitor’s position to reduce strain on your neck, back, and eyes during prolonged use.

Does the EIZO FlexScan EV2750 support VESA mounting?

Yes, the EIZO FlexScan EV2750 is compatible with VESA mounting standards. It has a VESA 100x100mm pattern on the back of the monitor, allowing you to mount it on a compatible VESA mount or arm. This feature is beneficial if you prefer to free up desk space or if you want to create a multi-monitor setup using VESA mounts.

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