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Dell D3100 Docking Station USB3.0 User Manual

Dell D3100 Docking Station USB3.0 FEATURE


Dell D3100 Docking Station USB3.0

Dell D3100 Docking Station USB3.0 PRODUCT

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Dell D3100 Docking Station USB3.0 FIG-1

  • a. Dell Docking Station – USB 3.0 (D3100)
  • b. USB 3.0 I/O cable (2 ft)
  • c. Power adapter & power cord
  • d. Installation CD
  • e. HDMI to DVI adapter


Upstream Input

  • 1 x USB 3.0 (Standard B Type)

Downstream Outputs

  • 3 x USB 3.0
  • 2 x USB 2.0
  • 1 x DisplayPort
  • 2 x HDMI
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • Combo Audio (Headphone/Mic)
  • Audio line out
  • 2 High-powered ports for battery charging (BC 1.2).

Resolution/Refresh Rate

Dell D3100 Docking Station USB3.0 FIG-2

*Resolution supports also dependent on display EDID resolution

Product Overview

Dell D3100 Docking Station USB3.0 FIG-3

Recommended System Requirements


  • Processor: Intel Core i7 2+GHz or better
  • Memory: 8 GB
  • Video Card: Intel HD 4000, ATI Radeon HD5/6xxx, NVidia GeForce 4xxM or better.
  • USB: USB 3.0
  • Disk: 7200 RPM or SSD

Operating System 

  • Wins OS (Win 7, 8, 8.1, 10) 32/64 bits

Operating Temperature

  • Max. operating temperature is 40oC

Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Setup

Note: Setup with Bundled CD. 

  1. Double-click on “Setup.exe” when CD is installed. Dell D3100 Docking Station USB3.0 FIG-4
    IMPORTANT: DO NOT connect the Docking Station until you have installed the drivers on your laptop.
  2. Once clicked on “Setup.exe”, it will run installation software end user license agreement on the window. Dell D3100 Docking Station USB3.0 FIG-5
  3. Click “I Accept”. DisplayLink Core software and DisplayLink Graphics will be installed.Dell D3100 Docking Station USB3.0 FIG-6
  4. Connect your docking station and peripherals to your PC. Dell D3100 Docking Station USB3.0 FIG-7

Note: Setup without Bundled CD

  1. Connect the dock to your laptop
    Note: It is recommended to download the latest drivers from the DisplayLink support website at www.displaylink.com/support 
    Dell D3100 Docking Station USB3.0 FIG-8
    For network/IT administrators, please visit this link for a corporate installation software package. (*User registration required)
  2. Windows will start installing the DisplayLink Driver Automatically. Dell D3100 Docking Station USB3.0 FIG-9
  3. Follow the screen instructions until the installation is complete. Dell D3100 Docking Station USB3.0 FIG-10
  4. Connect your docking station and peripherals to your PC. Dell D3100 Docking Station USB3.0 FIG-11

DisplayLink Manager Menu

Dell D3100 Docking Station USB3.0 FIG-12

To set the display into extended mode

  1. Click on the DisplayLink icon Dell D3100 Docking Station USB3.0 FIG-13.
  2. Select Extend.
    The device is now extended in the direction it was the last time the display was in this mode. For more control, use the Extend To submenu and select one of the options. This puts the device into extend mode and places it to the Left/Right/Above/Below the main (primary) monitor.

To set the display into mirror mode

  1. Click on the DisplayLink iconDell D3100 Docking Station USB3.0 FIG-13.
  2. Select Mirror.
    The resolution, color depth, and refresh rate of the primary screen are replicated on the monitor connected to the DisplayLink USB Graphics device.

Fit to TV configuration

  1. To configure Fit to TV, choose the option from the DisplayLink GUI. The following interface appears  Dell D3100 Docking Station USB3.0 FIG-14
  2. You will also see a red border on the DisplayLink screen
    The red border shows the size of the new Windows desktop. Use the “+” and “-” controls on the Fit to TV GUI to change the size of the red border until it fits on the TV screen.
    Note: Finer configuration of the size of the border can be achieved by holding down the CTRL key and clicking the “+” and “-”.
  3. Once the red border is at the edges of the TV screen, click “Apply” to resize the Windows desktop.  Dell D3100 Docking Station USB3.0 FIG-15

FAQs of Dell Docking Station – USB 3.0 (D3100)

Dell D3100 Docking Station USB3.0 FIG-16

Dell D3100 Docking Station USB3.0 FIG-17

Power LED Instruction

  • Normal Working Mode: Bright White LED Light
  • Sleep Mode: White LED Light
  • Power Off: Light Off

Regulatory Information

Dell USB3.0 SuperSpeed Universal Docking System – D3100 complies with the FCC/CE rules and abides by worldwide regulatory compliance, engineering, and environmental affairs.

Contacting Dell

  1. Visit www.dell.com/support
  2. Select your support category
  3. Select the appropriate service or support link based on your need.

Or Visit:

FAQ’s Dell D3100 Docking Station USB3.0 User Manual

How does a docking station for a Dell D3100 operate?

All of your electronic gadgets are connected to your laptop by the Dell USB Dock D3100 utilising a single USB 3.0 connection. You can use all of your gadgets, including the mouse, keyboard, stereo speakers, external hard drive, and large-screen monitors, by connecting to the docking station.

Can a laptop be powered by a Dell D3100 docking station?

Please take note that the system is not powered by this device. For the system and dock to operate normally, an AC adaptor must be attached to both. With just one USB 3.0 cable and the Dell Docking Station USB 3.0, you may connect a variety of other electronic devices to your laptop.

Does the Dell docking station boost efficiency?

On average, Dell Dock users might add up to 17 extra days of productive time to their annual schedule. By allowing connectivity to numerous monitors and peripherals, Dell Docks help customers be more productive. According to our findings, using a Dell dock reduced user completion times for a variety of tasks by 42.5%.

What does a laptop docking station serve?

With complete connectivity to displays, LAN, the internet, printers, and other devices, a USB docking station transforms your laptop into a desktop workhorse. A more organised desk surface with greater workspace is created by routing the monitor wires to the back of the laptop docking station.

Does the Dell docking station require power?

You must use the AC power adapter that is connected to the portable system while utilising a Dell SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Docking Station (D3000), D1000, or D3100 USB 3.0 Docking Station in order to power the system and charge the battery.

What is the purpose of a Dell docking station?

You may connect your laptop to a variety of devices, including a mouse, keyboard, speakers, display, and Ethernet, using a docking station or port replicator. The advantages of a desktop computer can be obtained while maintaining the portability of a laptop by using a docking station that is connected to several devices.

Does the docking station supply the monitor with power?

Docking stations upgrade your laptop to a powerful desktop computer and provide you complete connectivity to your office or smart home. This allows you the ability to hardwire a dependable internet connection, printer, and more while using any screen in the building as your 4K extended display.

Is a power cord required for my docking station?

AC/DC power adapters are frequently provided with docking stations. Your laptop can be connected to the docking station after it is plugged into the wall to receive a powerful charge that is typically equal to or even greater than the power that your laptop’s charger can deliver.

How is an Internet connection made by a docking station?

Simply plug the Ethernet network connection into the Docking Station’s Ethernet connector on the back to use. Two stereo audio ports and a microphone input are available on the Docking Station. While connecting an external speaker to the rear audio port is more common, connecting a headset to the front audio port is more common.

How many displays is a Dell docking station capable of supporting?

Using the DisplayPort, HDMI, or USB-C cable included with the monitor, connect it to the docking station. Up to four monitors* can be connected at once to the docking station (available on specific Dell laptops only).

What does the docking station’s button do?

NOTE The dock button is made to look like the power button on your computer. The dock button on the Dell Docking Station WD19 functions as your computer’s power button and can be used to turn on, put the computer to sleep, or shut it down abruptly.

Pdf – Dell D3100 Docking Station USB3.0 User Manual

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