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Craftsman 247.288841 Lawn Tractor Operator’s Manual

Craftsman 247.288841 Lawn Tractor-featured


Craftsman 247.288841 Lawn Tractor

Craftsman 247.288841 Lawn Tractor

About Craftsman
The first Craftsman logo, unveiled in 1938, comprised a solid black oval with red outline that was horizontally orientated. Wide, smooth, white banner with red wording that was boldly highlighted and crossed the badge horizontally.

FAQs Craftsman 247.288841 Lawn Tractor

Why won’t my Craftsman lawn mower turn on?

The carburetor float bowl may contain old or poor fuel. Some of the fuel’s components may evaporate over time, leaving behind a thicker, stickier material. This gummy fuel might clog the carburetor and make it impossible to start the engine. Try cleaning the carburetor using a carburetor cleaner if it’s clogged.

Why won’t the blades on my Craftsman riding lawn mower engage?

The lawnmower blades won’t engage if the PTO clutch isn’t receiving power if the clutch solenoid is broken, or if the clutch is worn out. If the PTO clutch is broken, you must replace it because it cannot be repaired. Power for the PTO clutch is supplied by the PTO switch.

Exactly why won’t my Craftsman riding lawn mower move?

Check for leaks or low fluid levels in the hydrostatic system. If the clutch does not engage when the engine is turned on, check the battery because a healthy, fully charged battery with a voltage of 12.4 + volts is required. Other potential causes include a faulty clutch wire, plug, or switch, an out-of-adjustment control linkage, and damage to the internal pump.

A Craftsman riding lawn mower has how many safety switches?

Details. On a riding lawn mower, where are the safety interlock switches located? Our lawn and garden tractors come equipped with four safety interlock switches.

What is the primary cause of a lawn mower not starting?

It’s a common issue, but if you can identify the issue, there’s frequently a simple solution. Low fuel, faulty spark plugs, a clogged carburetor, a broken clutch, or damaged gears are some of the most typical causes of lawnmowers failing to start.

Why don’t the blades engage?

Belt: The most common reason why your blades don’t engage is that your belt is either stretched out or slack, which makes it slide around or fall off entirely. Belt may have broken as well. They may pack up under your deck and push off your belt if you are attempting to process too much grass or foliage.

Why does the blade-engaged switch on my Craftsman riding lawn tractor go off?

The mower being in reverse, broken safety switches, bad gasoline, or clogged fuel lines are the most typical reasons for a mower to stop when the blades are engaged. Additionally, the mower may stop working if you try to engage the blades in the long or damp grass. Fuel can be a problem, but it might not be your problem.

What results in the loss of power in a hydrostatic transmission of lawn tractor?

Any mechanical part that fails, a hose that is damaged, or a filter that is clogged will affect the tractor’s hydrostatic transmission. But the oil itself will be the most typical problem. Your operator’s manual will have a section on oil viscosity under the transmission section.

How can you tell if a lawn tractor solenoid is damaged?

The ignition key should first be turned to the “On” position. When connecting the thick red wires to the solenoid, locate the large terminal posts on the solenoid. Both of the big terminals should be simultaneously touched with the metal shaft of a screwdriver. The solenoid has to be replaced if the engine turns over and starts.

How can I tell if my safety switch of lawn tractor is malfunctioning?

Before attempting to start, put the gear in Park. Step on the brake and attempt starting in Neutral if the engine won’t start. The neutral safety switch has failed if the engine starts.

What occurs if a safety switch malfunctions in a craftsman lawn tractor?

On occasion, tripping might also be brought on by a bad safety switch. However, worn-out or damaged safety switches typically stop sounding (which is what they are supposed to do in the first place). Make that they are functioning properly, and replace them if they become stuck or trip.

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