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Catler KS 4010 Kitchen Scale Instructions For Use Manual

Catler KS 4010 Kitchen Scale FEATURE

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Catler KS 4010 Kitchen Scale

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About Catler

CATLER is the fusion of cutting-edge technology and conventional food preparation techniques. Technology allows us to rapidly and easily produce flawless culinary outcomes without compromising our standards for taste, color, scent, or even the quality of the final product.

These appliances stand out for their stylish, minimalistic design and choice of premium materials. The modern kitchen, where new trends and technologies are always emerging, where appliances work practically independently after being configured, interact via intelligent displays, and have incredibly straightforward operations, is the ideal setting for CATLER. Safety, efficient and healthy meal preparation, and simple maintenance are given first priority while developing any product. Even in the most demanding households, CATLER appliances are likely to be used frequently and for a long time due to the high quality materials, meticulous attention to detail, elegant designs, and application of cutting-edge technologies. Greetings from the world of CATLER appliances—appliances without compromise!

We at Catler are very safety conscious. We design and manufacture consumer products with the safety of you, our valued customer foremost in mind. In addition, we ask that you exercise a degree of care when using any electrical appliance and adhere to the following precautions.


  • This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory, or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning the use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.
  • Children should be supervised to ensure that they will not play with the appliance.
  • Read all instructions before putting the kitchen scale into operation and save them for future reference.
  • Remove any promotional labels/stickers before using the kitchen scale.
  • In no cases do repair or do modifications to the kitchen scale yourself. All repairs and maintenance should be carried out exclusively by an authorized Catler service center.
  • Use and store the kitchen scale away from flammable or volatile liquids.
  • Do not place the kitchen scale on or near a hot gas or electric burner or where it could touch a heated oven. Do not expose the kitchen scale to excessive temperatures, direct sunlight, or excessive humidity, and do not use it in a dusty place.
  • Before first use check that you have correctly inserted 3 x AAA alkaline batteries (LR6).
  • Replace flat batteries with new ones. Do not combine new and used batteries.
  • If you do not use the kitchen scale for a longer time, always remove the batteries. Otherwise, they may leak inside the kitchen scale and cause damage.
  • Dispose of flat batteries in accordance with local regulations. Do not throw batteries into standard household waste, but take them to a location designated for battery disposal.
  • Keep the kitchen scale clean. More information is found in the chapter “Care and maintenance”.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaning products or steel wool so that you do not scratch the surface.
  • The kitchen scale has been designed only for household use.
  • Do not use the kitchen scale for other purposes than those intended.
  • Do not expose the kitchen scale to drip-ping or splashing water or other liquid. In no case immerse the kitchen scale in water or any other liquid.
  • Do not use rechargeable batteries on the kitchen scale.
  • Any maintenance other than standard cleaning should be carried out exclusively by an authorized service center.

DESCRIPTION OF KITCHEN SCALECatler-KS-4010-Kitchen-Scale-Instructions-For-Use-Manual-1


Before the first use

  • Remove and safely discard any packaging material or promotional labels before using the kitchen scale for the first time.
  • Wipe your kitchen scale over with a soft, damp cloth and dry thoroughly.

Inserting batteries

  • Remove the battery compartment cover placed on the bottom of the scale.
  • Insert 3 x AAA alkaline batteries according to polarity graphics in the battery compartment.
  • Replace the battery compartment cover and close it.
  • Place the kitchen scale on a flat and dry surface.


Turning on / off

  • Press the Catler-KS-4010-Kitchen-Scale-Instructions-For-Use-Manual-2button, the display shows “0” and the scale turns into the last set unit. Now the kitchen scale is ready to use.
  • Press and hold theCatler-KS-4010-Kitchen-Scale-Instructions-For-Use-Manual-2 button for about 5 seconds and the scale turns off.

Setting measurement unit

  • Press the Catler-KS-4010-Kitchen-Scale-Instructions-For-Use-Manual-3button repeatedly in weighing mode when showing “0.0” or “0” and choose the measurement unit.
  • Units will change in the following order:
    g → oz → ml → fl .oz → g.

Automatic switch-off function

Weighing mode: If you do not operate the scale for about 10 seconds, the display back-light dims and the scale will be turned off automatically in about another 1 minute.

Timer mode: If you do not operate the scale in the timer or the scale does not start to count down in about 10 seconds, the display back-light dims and the scale will be turned off automatically in another 20 seconds.

“TARE” function

The tare function is used to weigh food in a bowl when you need to know only the weight of the ingredients. Follow these instructions:

  1. Place a suitable container in which you wish to weigh the ingredients on the scale. Shortly press theCatler-KS-4010-Kitchen-Scale-Instructions-For-Use-Manual-2 button and the display will be set to zero.
  2. Put the ingredients into the container. The weight will be shown on the display. If you want to weigh another ingredient in the same container, after each weighing, press theCatler-KS-4010-Kitchen-Scale-Instructions-For-Use-Manual-2 button shortly. The display will be always set to zero and will be ready to weigh another ingredient.
  • If the container weight is less than 600 g, press the Catler-KS-4010-Kitchen-Scale-Instructions-For-Use-Manual-2button. The display shows “0”. The maximum weight will be still 5000 g.
  • If the container weight is more than 600 g, e.g. 605 g, press Catler-KS-4010-Kitchen-Scale-Instructions-For-Use-Manual-2once shortly. The display shows “0” and at the same time it displays “TARE”.
  • The maximum weighting capacity will be reduced by 605 g, which means the maximum weighting capacity will be equal to 4395 g (5000 g – 605 g)

Timer function

You can use the Timer function when cooking which requires precise cooking time, such as pasta or rice.

  1. Press the Catler-KS-4010-Kitchen-Scale-Instructions-For-Use-Manual-4button to switch to a timer mode. There you can set the time to count down.
  2. Press the Catler-KS-4010-Kitchen-Scale-Instructions-For-Use-Manual-3button to adjust minutes and the Catler-KS-4010-Kitchen-Scale-Instructions-For-Use-Manual-5button to adjust seconds.
  3. To confirm the adjusted time press the Catler-KS-4010-Kitchen-Scale-Instructions-For-Use-Manual-4button and the scale begins to count down. If you wish to pause the countdown, press the Catler-KS-4010-Kitchen-Scale-Instructions-For-Use-Manual-4button once. The countdown stops. If you wish to continue, press againCatler-KS-4010-Kitchen-Scale-Instructions-For-Use-Manual-4 button.
  4. When the countdown finishes, the scale will beep for about 1 minute. To stop beeping press any key on the display.
  5. To reset the timer, press and hold the button for about 3 seconds and the display shows“00:00”.

Switching modes

  1. In timer mode, press Catler-KS-4010-Kitchen-Scale-Instructions-For-Use-Manual-2to switch to weighing mode.
  2. In weighing mode, press Catler-KS-4010-Kitchen-Scale-Instructions-For-Use-Manual-2to switch to timer mode.

Tips on using

  1. Place the bowl which you will use for weighing in the center of the scale to obtain a more accurate weight.
  2. Do not place the scale on the carpet.
  3. Always place the scale on a flat and dry surface. To ensure accuracy, do not place anything on the scale if it is not in use.
  4. To ensure long battery life, always turn off the scale after weighing all ingredients.


Cleaning the kitchen scale

  • Wipe the outside finish with a damp soft cloth and dry thoroughly.
  • Do not use steel wool, scouring pads, or abrasive kitchen cleaners as they will scratch the scale.


  • Store the kitchen scale in a dry and cool location, like a kitchen cupboard. This will help prevent the salt from higher temperatures and humidity. This will be protected from any dust and other impurities.
  • If you do not use the kitchen scale for a longer time, always remove all batteries.

FAQS About Catler KS 4010 Kitchen Scale

What is the purpose of a kitchen scale?

The serving amounts of components and food items can be accurately measured.

Exactly how precise are kitchen scales?

The majority of digital food scales weigh in whole grams (or eighths of an ounce), and most recipes are fine with that degree of accuracy.

How much weight can a kitchen scale measure?

A kitchen scale calculates weight or mass as a whole.

Can you measure calories with a kitchen scale?

It’s true that frequently weighing out your food on a scale will provide a more accurate picture of your calorie intake.

How are kitchen scales tested?

Weigh a coin or two after setting the scale to zero.

Kitchen scales are able to measure liquids.

Simply place a bowl on the scales, zero them, and then pour the liquid into the bowl to weigh it.

A kitchen scale reads in grams or kilograms.

There are two types of units: kilograms and grams.

What kind of scale is most precise?

Scales for analyzers

What two types of kitchen scales are there?

mechanical and digital dial.

Are kitchen scales calibrated before use?

You must frequently calibrate your scales.

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