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Amazon Echo Sub Quick Start Guide

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Amazon Echo Sub 

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Getting to know your Echo Sub

Amazon Echo Sub FIG-1

Plug in your Echo Sub

Please set up your compatible Echo speakers before plugging in your Echo Sub. Plug the power cord into your Echo Sub and then into a power outlet. The LED will light up letting you know that your Echo Sub is ready for setup in the Alexa App.

Amazon Echo Sub FIG-2

You must use the power cord included in your original Echo Sub package for optimal performance.

Download the Alexa App

Download the latest version of the Alexa App from the app store. The app helps you get more out of your Echo Sub. It is where you pair your Echo Sub to compatible Echo device(s). If the setup process does not automatically start, tap the Devices icon in the lower right of the Alexa App.

Amazon Echo Sub FIG-3

To learn more about your Echo Sub, go to Help& Feedback in the Alexa App.

Configure your Echo Sub

  • Connect your Echo Sub to 1 or 2 identical compatible Echo device(s).
  • Pair your Echo Sub with your Echo device(s) by going to Alexa Devices> Echo Sub > Speaker Pairing.

Amazon Echo Sub FIG-4

Getting started with your Echo Sub

Where to put your Echo Sub

Echo Sub should be placed on the floor in the same room as the Echo device(s) it is paired with.

Give us your feedback

Alexa will improve over time, with new features and ways to get things done. We want to hear about your experiences. Use the Alexa App to send us feedback or visit www.amazon.com/devicesupport.

FAQs Amazon Echo Sub

What is Amazon Echo Sub?

Amazon Echo Sub is a wireless subwoofer designed to enhance the bass output of Amazon Echo or Echo Plus smart speakers.

How does the Amazon Echo Sub work?

The Echo Sub wirelessly pairs with compatible Echo devices and uses its 6-inch woofer and dual 2-inch drivers to produce deep, rich bass sound.

What are the dimensions of the Echo Sub?

The Echo Sub is 8 inches in diameter and 10 inches tall.

What are the connectivity options for the Echo Sub?

The Amazon Echo Sub connects to compatible Echo devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Can the Echo Sub be used with non-Amazon smart speakers?

No, the Echo Sub is designed to work exclusively with Amazon Echo or Echo Plus devices.

How many Echo devices can the Echo Sub connect with?

The Echo Sub can connect to one or two compatible Echo devices.

Does the Echo Sub require a separate power source?

Yes, the Echo Sub requires its power source, which is included with the device.

What is the price of the Echo Sub?

The Echo Sub is priced at around USD 130.

Is the Echo Sub waterproof?

No, the Echo Sub is not waterproof and should not be used in environments where it may be exposed to water.

What is the warranty for the Echo Sub?

The Echo Sub comes with a one-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

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