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Yamato DKS-3002 Digital Scale Operating Instructions

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Yamato DKS-3002 Digital Scale

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Remove the cover on the underside of the scale and push the connector firmly onto the battery terminals.  Refit the cover. (Use a 9 V Alkaline battery for suitable power output.)Yamato DKS-3002 Digital Scale-fig 1

Place the scale on a flat, stable surface.  Press the ON/Zero key once (quite firmly) in the center.  The display will show “8888”  then “0:0” (or “0”.)Yamato DKS-3002 Digital Scale-fig 2


  • If the scale is not being used for a long period, remove the battery. Remove dead batteries immediately.
  • Clean the scale with a damp cloth, do not immerse the scale in water or use chemical/abrasive cleaning agents.
  • All plastic parts should be cleaned immediately after contact with fats, spices, vinegar, or strongly flavored/colored foods. Avoid contact with acids such as citrus fruit juices.
  • Avoid placing your scale directly next to a microwave oven if both will be used at the same time. (Some microwave ovens emit interference which, at close range, can cause the display of the scale to fluctuate.)


  • Power Supply: One 9V Alkaline battery
  • Accuracy: To within +/- one increment or 1% of the applied load


  1. Is the scale level?
    Make sure that all the feet are resting firmly on the supporting surface.
  1. Is the scale turned on?
    If the scale does not work at all, depress the ON/Zero key, Repeat once or twice.  The scale will automatically turn off if not used for two minutes (thirty seconds with a zero reading) to preserve battery life.
  1. “Err” indication?
    When the weight of the scale platform exceeds 105% of the capacity of the scale, “Err” will appear on the digital display, Reduce load.Yamato DKS-3002 Digital Scale-fig 3
  1. Is the movement of the scale restricted in any way?
    Make sure that no foreign objects are wedged between the platform and the scale body. Verify that the platform is not rubbing against surrounding objects.

  2. “Lo” indication?
    Remove the battery cover and install a new 9 Volt Alkaline battery. If any of these actions fail to correct the problem, the scale needs to be serviced by a qualified technician.Yamato DKS-3002 Digital Scale-fig 4


Press the LB/G key to convert between metric and imperial units. This can be done at any time during weighing.Yamato DKS-3002 Digital Scale-fig 5

    This scale may be used with any bowl or container that weighs less than 1 kg or 2 lb 3 oz. Place the bowl on the platform then press the ON/Zero key. The display will show “tArE” for 2 seconds, then it will reset to “0:0” (or “0”), ready to weigh.Yamato DKS-3002 Digital Scale-fig 6
    “—-” indicates a minus reading, i.e. less than zero.  For example, if the scale is set to zero with a bowl on the platform then the bowl is removed, the display will show “—-“.  To reset to zero, either replace the same bowl or press the ON/Zero key.Yamato DKS-3002 Digital Scale-fig 7
    Press the OFF button once to switch off.  Switching your scale off immediately after use will increase battery life.  An automatic switch-off will operate after 30 seconds if the display has been showing zero continuously for that time, or after 2 minutes if a weight reading has been displayed continuously for that time.Yamato DKS-3002 Digital Scale-fig8

FAQS About Yamato DKS-3002 Digital Scale

How long is the life of a digital scale?

five to ten years

Do digital scales degrade in precision?

If a digital scale is subjected to excessive heat or cold, it could provide misleading readings.

Are digital scales accurate every time?

They don’t always have accuracy

Which scale is the most accurate?

Scales for analyzers

Can you change a digital scale?

You can start the calibration procedure by pressing the calibration button on some digital scales.

Can digital scales be affected by temperature?

One factor that can alter a load cell enough to provide false readings is temperature.

Are digital scales superior to regular ones?

Mechanical scales are less trustworthy than digital ones.

Digital scales measure in what ways?

The majority of digital scales employ strain gauge technology.

How can I improve the accuracy of my digital scale?

Set your scale down on a solid, level surface.

Need batteries while using digital scales?

Some digital scales use rechargeable batteries as their power source.

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