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Westinghouse WVE636 Oven Series Quick Start Guide

Westinghouse WVE636 Oven Series Featured


Westinghouse WVE636 Oven Series

Westinghouse WVE636 Oven Series Product

About Westinghouse

Westinghouse Electric Corporation was an American multinational corporation based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It was founded by George Westinghouse in 1886 and was active in the energy and transportation industries, including the production of electricity, equipment for the railway and subway systems, and products for military use. Some of the company’s most notable innovations include the development of alternating current (AC) electrical systems and the invention of the air brake for trains. Today, the Westinghouse brand is used for various products and services, including nuclear power technology.


Dear Customer,

Thank you for purchasing a Westinghouse oven. You have chosen a product that comes from a history of durable and reliable products loved by many families. We look to help you make the most of your time at home, so you can spend your time doing what you really love, with the ones you love.
Welcome to Westinghouse.

This is a Quick Start Guide. Please refer to the user manual online for detailed information and installation To access  your detailed user manual online, simply scan the QR code on

Westinghouse WVE636 Oven Series (14)

For more detailed information and an installation guide refer to user manuals at westinghouse.com.au/manuals

Before you start, please make sure the:

  • Your oven has been correctly installed by a qualified person.
  • Your oven has power and is switched on.
  • You’ve removed all relevant packaging.

Most of the packaging materials can be recycled. Please dispose of them at your local recycling center or in your own recycling bin.

Get to know your oven control panel:

Westinghouse WVE636 Oven Series (1)

  1. Upper Function selector
  2. Upper-temperature selector
  3. Oven/grill indicator light
  4. When the timer is set
  5. Cook time Icon
  6. End Time icon
  7. Electronic Clock
  8. Time of day icon
  9. Lower Function selector
  10. Lower temperature selector

Installing the oven accessories

Westinghouse WVE636 Oven Series (2)

  1. Install telescopic slides (where supplied) to the side racks. Refer to the installation guide supplied with oven slides.
  2. Insert side racks
  3. To fit a shelf or tray to side racks:
    1. Locate the rear edge of the shelf in between the guide rails of the side rack. Ensure the same rail positions on both sides of the oven are being engaged.
    2. With the front edge raised, slide the shelf into the oven.
    3. Once the detents have passed the front edge of the side rack, the shelf can be pushed completely in.Westinghouse WVE636 Oven Series (3)
  4. Fit shelf/tray (where supplied) to telescopic slides
    • Push the shelf or tray along the top of the slide until it hits the back post.Westinghouse WVE636 Oven Series (4)
    • Drop the front of the shelf or tray onto the slide ensuring it sits behind the front post of the slide.Westinghouse WVE636 Oven Series (5)
    • When fully inserted the shelf/tray should not interfere with the closed oven door.

Set the time You must set the time before you can operate your appliance.

  1. After the appliance has been electrically connected, ‘12:00’ will be displayed and the clock icon will flash
  2. Press + and – symbols to set the time of day
  3.  5 seconds after the last change, the clock icon will disappear, confirming the time has been adjusted.

NOTE: The clock has a 24-hour display.

Westinghouse WVE636 Oven Series (6)

Condition the oven (to burn off any residue) New appliances can have oil or residue left from manufacturing. You will need to heat your oven for 30 minutes before using it for the first time.

  1. Turn the function selector dial to FAN FORCED.
  2.  Using the temperature selector, set the oven at 180°C for approximately 30 minutes. Please ensure that the room is well-ventilated during this process.

Westinghouse WVE636 Oven Series (7)

You’re ready to use your new Westinghouse appliance. A few tips from us:

Remember to preheat each time. For best cooking results pre-heat the oven. Pre-heating allows the oven to reach the required temperature quickly and efficiently as well as cook food at the correct temperature for the entire cook time. Recommended pre-heat time is 30 mins for baking and 3 minutes for grilling.

Choose the right program for the best result:

FAN FORCEDWestinghouse WVE636 Oven Series (8)

 This setting is best used when cooking on multiple shelves at once or reheating complete meals for your family.

FAN & GRILL Westinghouse WVE636 Oven Series (9)

When cooking large cuts of meat, this setting gives you results that are similar to ‘rotisserie-cooked meat. When using ‘Fan Grill’ it is not necessary to turn food over during the cooking cycle. Set the temperature to 180°C and cook with the oven door closed.

GRILL Westinghouse WVE636 Oven Series (10)

When it comes to cooking tender cuts of meat, steak, chops, sausages, fish, cheese toasties, and other quick-cooking foods the grill setting will get you the best results. Preheating your grill for 3 minutes will help in sealing in the natural juices for a better flavor. Grill with the oven door closed.

AIRFRY Westinghouse WVE636 Oven Series (11)

AirFry for that perfect, healthy crunch. When a food craving hits, make healthier and delicious food right in your oven. Deliver all the flavor and none of the guilt. AirFry allows you to make healthier tasty meals for the entire family – right in your oven. The only range with AirFry. (WVE636 only)

Refer to your full user manual for more details on oven functions.

Set your temperature

  • To set the temperature, turn the temperature selector in a clockwise direction to the desired setting.
  • An indicator light in the display will turn on and the oven will begin to heat.
  • Once the food is cooked, turn the temperature selector back in an anti-clockwise direction.

Note: The desired cooking function must be selected before the oven will turn on.

Easily register your product with your smartphone for quick access to all services and downloads

Westinghouse WVE636 Oven Series(12)

  • Step 1 Locate the label on the inside of your product doorWestinghouse WVE636 Oven Series (13)
  • Step 2 Photograph the camera icon, including the 4 dots
  • Step 3 Text the image to 0488 446 622 (AUS only) or upload it at westinghouse.com.au/photoregister

Need more help? To access your detailed user manual online, simply scan the QR code on your smartphone.

Contact us if you need more help Electrolux Home Products Australia

FAQs Westinghouse WVE636 Oven Series Quick Start Guide

What does the oven lock feature do?

To prevent unauthorized use of the oven, the lock feature locks the oven door and turns off the control pads (buttons).

What is Westinghouse Easy Bake and Steam?

Your bread, cake, pastry, scones, and puddings—or anything else you’re baking—will have a fluffier centre, better rise, and crispier crust thanks to the EasyBake + Steam function. Utilize our ovens’ Steam Reheat feature to breathe fresh life into leftovers.

The oven is turned off by the cancel button?

to cancel, click the button. The stop button also turns off the timer. Because last night I was very sure I pushed cancel when done but it was still cooking, I guess I merely turned my timer off, it is always a good idea to check the oven again in 5 or 10 minutes! Enjoy using the oven.

How can I prevent my oven from cleaning itself?

On models with mechanical timer controls, set the “stop” knob to the current time of day to halt the self-clean cycle. The knob ought to release. Turn the oven temperature knob away from “Clean” and the oven set knob to “Off.”

How many different types of oven?

When all the possible combinations are taken into account, there are roughly 20 distinct types of oven. This covers a range of power sources (electric, gas), oven sizes (single or double ovens), and cooking techniques (convection ovens, fan ovens, steam ovens).

What is the quickest method for cleaning an oven’s interior?

Consider using a lemon-water solution to spritz your oven. Lemons’ acid can cut through grease and make cleanup simpler. Clean your oven thoroughly with clear water after using a scrub brush to remove any remaining dirt.

Which oven temperature rises the quickest?

You’ll find that your oven can reach higher temperatures almost immediately when the oven is later set to the required temperature if you turn the broiler on high for 3 to 5 minutes.

Which oven setting is used for roasting?

In order to brown the surface and build taste, roasting requires the bake setting at 400°F (204°C) or higher, which is often used for foods with a solid structure like vegetables and meats.

How should I set the oven for pizza?

In general, the quality of the pizza will increase with oven temperature. Pizza should be baked at a temperature of between 450 and 500 degrees Fahrenheit (250 to 260 degrees C). Pizza ovens operate at 800 to 900 degrees Fahrenheit. Your home oven can’t get that hot, but the higher you can go, the better.

Should I bake a cake instead of using convection?

However, preparing some baked goods using standard oven settings is recommended. Cakes, quick breads, custard, and other delicate delicacies and pastries should not be baked using convection.

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