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Tiksounds Q25 Wireless Stereo Sports Earbuds Manual

Tiksounds Q25 Wireless Stereo Sports Earbuds FEATURE

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Tiksounds Q25 Wireless Stereo Sports Earbuds

Tiksounds Q25 Wireless Stereo Sports Earbuds product

About Tiksounds 

Tiksounds is a new name in consumer electronics with a focus on high-end Bluetooth audio equipment. We work hard to provide our consumers all around the world with high-end audio products that have excellent sound quality, additional comfort, and maximum functionality.

Packing list

Tiksounds Q25 Wireless Stereo Sports Earbuds fig-1

Product Description

Tiksounds Q25 Wireless Stereo Sports Earbuds fig-2

  1. M Indicator light
  2. Touch button area
  3. Microphone
  4. Charge the protection point
  5. Charging contact

Charging case description

Tiksounds Q25 Wireless Stereo Sports Earbuds fig-3

Wearing schematic

Tiksounds Q25 Wireless Stereo Sports Earbuds fig-4


  1. Open the charging bin and take out the two earphones;
  2. Tear open the insulation protective film of the charging contacts of the left and right earphones;
  3. After charging in the bin for ten minutes, take out the left and right earphones at the same time. After the two earphones leave the charging bin, they will automatically start up. The left and right earphones are automatically paired. After successful pairing, they enter the pairing mode and is prompted “Power on”.
  4. Turn on BT of mobile phone or other device and click to search status;
  5. Select “Q25” from the search list of mobile phones or other devices and connect. After the connection is successful, the voice is prompted “Connected”. You can now use call and audio on mobile phones or other devices.
  6. Cancel the connection voice prompt “Disconnected”.
  7. Press the touch keypad of the left earphone or the right earphone for 4 seconds, and the voice prompts “Power off’.


  1. After the earphone and the device are disconnected beyond the identification distance (20m), they will return to the distance range for automatic return connection;
  2. If the earphone is not connected with any device within 6 minutes, it will automatically shut down.
  3. In the connected state, the earphone can be turned off and then turned on to automatically connect the last connected device.
  4. When the earphone is in use, put in the charging bin and close the cover to automatically shut down and enter the charging mode.

Binaural/monaural switching

  1. After the earphones are connected with the device, the signal receives a double transmission mode, and the two earphones are not divided into main and auxiliary parts;
  2. During the pairing and use of the two earphones, either earphone can be turned off without cutting off the use status of the other earphone;
  3. After any earphone is turned on, it will automatically connect the previously connected device.

Pairing Method

  1. Open the upper cover of the charging bin, the earphones enter automatic pairing, and the blue lights of the two earphones flash slowly after successful pairing;
  2. In case of an earphone crash and mismatch, put the earphone into the charging bin and close the cover, and the earphone will be automatically reset.

Key Actions

Tiksounds Q25 Wireless Stereo Sports Earbuds fig-5

Turn on the charging bin lighting mode

  1. Put the earphone into the charging bin and start charging after closing the cover. At the same time, the battery power of the charging bin will be detected. When the earphone is not fully charged, the charging status light turns on red, and when the earphone is fully charged, the light goes out.
  2. When the charging bin is charged with the charging line, the charging status and electric quantity will be displayed.

The lighting mode of the charging bin is as follows

Tiksounds Q25 Wireless Stereo Sports Earbuds fig-6

Indicator status

Tiksounds Q25 Wireless Stereo Sports Earbuds fig-7


  1. In order to ensure a smooth connection, it is recommended that the distance between the mobile phone and earphone should be within 20 meters (barrier-free);
  2. If the mobile phone cannot search for the wireless device, remove all paired data stored in the mobile phone and search for the device again;
  3. If there is stuck when talking or listening to songs, or if there is a crash or the earphone is connected to the mobile phone but there is no sound when playing music, put the earphone into the charging bin and closed the cover.
  4. Only one earphone has sound. Reorganize the two earphones. (Delete the pairing in the phone first, then put the two earphones in the charging bin and close the cover. Take it out when the red light is on, and wait for 15 seconds before the blue light flashes state)
  5. If the charging is wrong or cannot be charged, check whether the charging line is connected correctly or whether the earphone is installed, and put it back into the charging position.
  6. This product uses a built-in non-detachable battery. Please do not try to take the battery out of the earphone to avoid damaging the earphone.
  7. When you do not use earphones and charging compartments for a long time, please place them in a dry and ventilated place and charge them once a month.

Safety Notes

  1. Do not use earphones in thunderstorm weather, which may lead to abnormal operation of earphones and increase the risk of electric shock.
  2. It is suggested that the volume of ear use should be increased slowly from small to large, and the appropriate volume should be selected to avoid damage to ear hearing.
  3. Please place earphones and packaging boxes in places that are not easily accessible to children to avoid accidents.
  4. Earphones are not suitable for operation in high temperatures or humid environments;
  5. Do not use any corrosive or abrasive detergent to clean earphones.
  6. In order to reduce the pollution to the earth, please recycle it by a professional organization when it is discarded.
  7. The battery is flammable and explosive. Please do not disassemble it without authorization or put it into the fire, which will lead to explosion risk.
  8. Please do not disassemble the earphone by yourself.

FAQS About Tiksounds Q25 Wireless Stereo Sports Earbuds

Are the Tiksounds Q25 earbuds truly wireless?

Most likely, yes. “Truly wireless” means that each earbud works independently without any physical wires connecting them. They are generally connected to the audio source via Bluetooth.

What is the battery life of the Tiksounds Q25 earbuds?

Battery life can vary among different earbuds. Some can last for several hours on a single charge, with additional charging provided by the charging case. For the specific battery life of the Tiksounds Q25 earbuds, refer to the product’s official documentation or website.

Are the Tiksounds Q25 earbuds water-resistant or waterproof?

Wireless sports earbuds often come with varying degrees of water resistance to withstand sweat and light splashes. However, the level of resistance varies between products, and some may even be fully waterproof. Refer to the product specifications for the exact water resistance rating of the Tiksounds Q25 earbuds.

Do the Tiksounds Q25 earbuds have noise-cancellation features?

Some wireless earbuds offer noise-cancellation or noise-isolation technology to block out external sounds. However, not all models have this feature. Check the product details to see if the Tiksounds Q25 earbuds come with any noise-cancellation capabilities.

How do I pair the Tiksounds Q25 earbuds with my device?

The pairing process typically involves enabling Bluetooth on your device, then putting the earbuds into pairing mode and selecting them from the list of available devices on your device’s Bluetooth menu. Refer to the user manual or product documentation for the specific pairing instructions for the Tiksounds Q25.

Are the Tiksounds Q25 earbuds compatible with my smartphone?

Wireless earbuds are designed to work with most modern smartphones that support Bluetooth connectivity. However, it’s always best to check the product specifications or compatibility list to ensure they are compatible with your specific smartphone or device.

How do I control music playback and calls on the Tiksounds Q25 earbuds?

Different earbuds may have touch controls, physical buttons, or a combination of both to manage music playback, volume adjustment, and call management. Check the product manual for detailed information on how to control the Tiksounds Q25 earbuds.

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