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Ricoh Pentax HD Pentax-DA 55-300mm ED WR Lens Manual

Ricoh Pentax HD Pentax-DA 55-300mm ED WR Lens FEATURE


Ricoh Pentax HD Pentax-DA 55-300mm ED WR Lens

Ricoh Pentax HD Pentax-DA 55-300mm ED WR Lens PRODUCT

About Ricoh 

Ricoh Corporation, commonly known as Ricoh, is a multinational imaging and electronics company based in Tokyo, Japan. Founded in 1936, Ricoh has grown into a global technology provider known for its diverse range of products and services. The company’s primary focus areas are office equipment, imaging products, and industrial systems.


  • Versatile telezoom with approx. 5.5X zoom ratio in telephoto range (84.5- 460mm in 35mm format)
  • Extra low-dispersion ED lens elements for brilliant sharpness and saturated colors
  • High-grade HD coating for exceptional image rendition
  • Dependable weather-resistant construction
  • Fast manual focusing in AF mode with Quick Shift focus system
  • Super Protect coating of the front lens element for effective protection against dirt and finger marksPentax HD Pentax-DA 55-300mm ED WR Lens-FIG 2


  • Lens hood PH-RBI 58 – N.38715
  • Lens cap O-LC58 – N.31523
  • Lens mount cap – N.31006
  • Lens soft case S80-160 – N.33925

Pentax HD Pentax-DA 55-300mm ED WR Lens-FIG 3

A versatile telephoto zoom lens for K-mount lens-interchangeable digital SLR cameras, featuring high-grade HD coating and dependable weather-resistant construction HD PENTAX-DA 55-300mmF4-5.8ED WR interchangeable lens, designed for use with K-mount lens-interchangeable digital SLR cameras.

In addition to its approximately 5.5 times zoom ratio covering focal lengths from medium telephoto to super telephoto, the new lens features PENTAX-original HD coating* to deliver sharp, clear images even under such demanding lighting conditions as backlight. Its weather-resistant construction also enhances reliability and durability during challenging outdoor shooting conditions, allowing the photographer to capture high-impact telephoto images without worries.

  • HD stands for High Definition.

Main Features

  • Approximately 5.5-times zoom ratio in the telephoto range
    With its wide zoom coverage of approximately 5.5 times, the lens offers focal-length coverage from 84.5 medium telephotos to 460mm super-telephoto (in the 35mm format), making it ideal for use with a wide variety of subjects and applications including portraits, sports, and landscapes. It incorporates two ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass elements in its optics to effectively compensate for chromatic aberrations over the entire zoom range and deliver well-defined, true-to-life images.
  • High-grade HD coating* for exceptional image rendition
    The lens is treated with HD coating,* a PENTAX-exclusive multi-layer lens coating that assures higher light transmittance and lower reflectance than conventional multi-layer coatings. This means it produces sharp, clear images free of flare and ghost images, even under such adverse lighting conditions as backlight.
  • Dependable weather-resistant construction
    The lens features weather-resistant construction to prevent the intrusion of water and moisture into the lens barrel. When the lens is mounted on a PENTAX weather-resistant digital SLR camera body, the user is assured of greater durability and reliability when shooting in rain or mist, as well as at locations subject to a spray or splash.Pentax HD Pentax-DA 55-300mm ED WR Lens-FIG 4
  • Quick-Shift Focus System
    The lens features the PENTAX-developed Quick-Shift Focus System, which allows the user to instantly switch to manual-focus operation after the subject is captured in focus by the camera’s AF system.

Other features

  • SP (Super Protect) coating to keep the front surface free of dust and stains.
  • Highly dependable metallic lens mount.

Design and Specifications are subject to change without notice.

FAQS About Ricoh Pentax HD Pentax-DA 55-300mm ED WR Lens

All Pentax lenses may they be swapped out?

SDM lenses work with all current generation Pentax Digital SLR bodies.

What does a Pentax lens’ SDM stand for?

uses a built-in supersonic motor to ensure smoother, quieter auto-focusing performance.

What cameras are compatible with Pentax lenses?

The majority of Pentax DSLR cameras are compatible with K-mount lenses, which are the most popular.

Pentax HD: What is it?

Pentax’s innovative HD technology is made to mimic how the human eye perceives an image.

How does Pentax define ISO?

We can set the shutter speed and aperture that we’ve determined are best for our photograph with the help of the ISO setting.

Which nation is Pentax from?


The Pentax lens mount is what.


What about Pentax lenses?

The majority of Pentax cameras can use the majority of Pentax lenses.

Do all cameras’ lenses fit them?

Not every camera is compatible with every lens.

Do Pentax lenses fit Ricoh ones?

A Ricoh P lens will not be able to set the aperture on a Pentax A or P series body, and vice versa.

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