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Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor User Manual

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Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor

Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor

what’s ınsıde the box

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Charging the device

  • The MLM contains an internal lithium-ion battery.
  • The battery can be charged by connecting the included USB cable between the USB type C port on the device (located on the right side of the device) and your computer’s USB port.
  • The battery should be charged for 6 hours before using the device for the first time.
  • The device LED will show AMBER indicating the device is being charged
  • The LED indication will switch off indicating the unit has been fully charged.
  • The LED indication will blink red indicating the battery charge is getting low and the internal battery should be recharged
  • Under normal operating conditions, a new battery should last 4 hours on a full charge.

Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor 3


  1. On your mobile device, turn on the Bluetooth feature. Make sure that the MLM unit is powered on.
  2. Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor 4When the LED on MLM turns red, start the MLM application on your mobile device. You can go to rapsodo.com/downloads to download the application.
  3. Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor 5Once the MLM unit detects the connection from the application, the LED will turn green.

Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor 6


  1. Once the MLM unit is connected and displays the green LED, place the golf ball or tee approximately. 8 ft away from the unit.
  2. Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor 7Make sure the MLM unit is placed on the same level as the hitting surface.
  3. Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor 8When the ball is hit, the LED blinks blue and you can view your data in the application.

Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor 9

calıbratıon / Auto-Calibratıon

The MLM is ready to use out of the box and does not require calibration. New mobile devices may require manual calibration before first use. Please see www.rapsodo.com/faq for more details.


When charging, the Power LED does not come on
Press the Power button and hold for 5 seconds. Make sure the USB cable has power. Try other ports on your computer to verify your charging cable is working.

The power LED is red and the unit turns off after 15 seconds
The battery is low. Connect the USB cable and charge the unit. The Power LED will turn OFF when the unit is charged.

LED is not turning green
Make sure to start the application AFTER turning on the MLM. MLM LEDs show connected only when the application is open.

Results seem inaccurate
Be sure to position the MLM unit 8 feet behind the ball and ensure the unit sits level with the hitting surface. Please contact support@rapsodo.com if your results still seem inaccurate.


Total distance traveled from impact to landing. MLM estimates this based on your initial launch conditions, a level surface is assumed.

Club Head Speed
Speed of your club moments before impact.

Ball Speed
Exit speed of the ball immediately after impact.

Smash Factor
Ball Speed is divided by club speed. The higher your smash factor, the more efficiently you transfer energy from club to ball.

Launch Angle
The angle of your ball is relative to the ground. Combined with ball speed, they will be the main components to determine shot distance.

Launch Direction
Measure how far from the ideal line your shot lands. The center of your camera is assumed to be zero degrees.

General Information

Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM) is designed and produced by Rapsodo Pte. Ltd.

Do not use MLM golf hardware in Wet Conditions
Your MLM device is not water-resistant. Do NOT use the device under rain, water exposure, or wet environments, as the product may get damaged.

App Updates
Rapsodo will periodically update and improve the features of the mobile app. It is recommended that users regularly download the latest version to make for the highest performance.

Return Policy and Warranty
Rapsodo provides a (1) one-year limited warranty for manufacturing defects. Under conditions of the warranty agreement, purchasers will be entitled to repair or replacement for defective Rapsodo products. This warranty begins from the date of initial purchase. Rapsodo may also choose to refund the purchase price of the product to the purchaser, at its sole discretion. Warranty detailed information and return policy can be found online at www.rapsodo.com/terms-of-use-mlm

Regulatory notice: Waste electrical and electronic equipment
The symbol on the product or its packaging signifies that this product has to be disposed of separately from ordinary household wastes at its end of life. Please kindly be aware that this is your responsibility to dispose of electronic equipment at recycling centers to help conserve natural resources.

Each country in the European Union should have its own collection centers for electrical and electronic equipment recycling. For information about your recycling drop-off point, please contact your local electrical and electronic equipment waste management authority. Do not dispose of the Rapsodo device with household waste. Batteries are not to be disposed of in municipal waste streams and require separate collection. Disposal of the packaging and your Rapsodo should be done according to local regulations.

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FAQS About Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor

What is the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor?

The Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor is a portable device used to track and analyze golf ball flight data, including ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, and distance.

How does the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor work?

The device uses advanced technology, including radar and sensors, to accurately capture data on each golf shot. It connects to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and provides real-time feedback and analysis through a dedicated app.

What kind of data does the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor provide?

The Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor provides data on ball speed, launch angle, shot direction, spin rate, and carry distance, allowing golfers to analyze their shots and make adjustments to improve their performance.

Is the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor easy to use?

Yes, the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor is designed to be user-friendly and easy to set up. It comes with a simple interface and intuitive app, making it accessible for golfers of all skill levels.

Can the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor be used indoors and outdoors?

Yes, the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor can be used both indoors and outdoors, allowing golfers to practice and analyze their shots in various environments.

What devices are compatible with the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor?

The Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor is compatible with iOS and Android devices, including smartphones and tablets. It requires a compatible device with Bluetooth connectivity to access the app and view shot data.

Does the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor require any additional equipment?

No, the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor is a standalone device that does not require any additional equipment to operate. Simply set it up, connect it to your smartphone or tablet, and start capturing data.

Is the data provided by the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor accurate?

Yes, the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor is known for its accuracy in capturing golf ball flight data. However, like any technology, environmental factors and user error can affect the accuracy of the data.

Can the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor help improve my golf game?

Yes, the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor is a valuable tool for golfers looking to improve their game. By providing detailed data and analysis, it helps golfers identify areas for improvement and track their progress over time.

What is the warranty coverage for the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor?

The warranty coverage for the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor may vary depending on the retailer and specific model. It’s essential to check the warranty information provided by Rapsodo or the retailer where you purchase the product.

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