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How To Use Your Microsoft Surface Pen

Microsoft Surface Pen FEATURE

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How To Use Your Microsoft Surface Pen

Microsoft Surface Pen

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The largest software manufacturer in the world is Microsoft. Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded the business in 1975, and it is best known for its software offerings, which include the Microsoft Windows operating system, the Microsoft Office package, and the Internet Explorer web browser.

Surface Pen diagrams

The newest Surface Pen with no clip

How To Use Your Microsoft Surface Pen FIG-1

  1. Top button
  2. LED light
  3. Right-click button
  4. Tip

Surface Pen with a single button on the flat edge

How To Use Your Microsoft Surface Pen FIG-2

  1. Top button
  2. LED light
  3. Cap
  4. Clip
  5. Magnet
  6. Right-click button
  7. Tip

Surface Pen with two side buttons 

How To Use Your Microsoft Surface Pen FIG-3

  1. Top button
  2. Right-click button
  3. Eraser button
  4. Tip

Pair Surface Pen with your Surface

Surface Pen uses Bluetooth to pair with your Surface. To make sure it’s discoverable, press and hold the top button on the pen for about 7 seconds. You’ll see a light on the flat side of the pen when it’s ready.


If your pen shows as Not connected in your Bluetooth list, see Troubleshoot Microsoft Surface Pen for more info.

Try out buttons and features

Once your pen is paired, here are some things to try.

  • Magnet
    Use the magnet on the flat side of the pen to attach your Surface Pen to the side of your Surface when you’re done using it.
    The top button does different things depending on how, and how many times, you press the button. See Press the top button for more info.
  • Top button 
    To erase, flip the pen over and use the top as an eraser.
    The end of the raised area on the flat side of the pen works as a right-click button in most apps.
  • Right-click button 
    To right-click, hold the button down as you tap the screen with the pen. (In some apps, the right-click button might work differently.)

Press the top button

  • Press to open Windows Ink Workspace
    When you press the top button once, Windows Ink Workspace will open. It’s the perfect place to get started with your pen: jot down a reminder in Sticky Notes, draw a picture in Sketchpad, or doodle on a webpage, picture, or app using Screen Sketch.
  • Press and hold to open Sticky Notes
    When you press and hold the top button, Sticky Notes will open. Jot down reminders, doodle away, or note your next big idea.
  • Double-click to open Screen Sketch
    When you double-click, the screen sketch will open. Draw on whatever you’re doing on your PC at that moment, or resume a previous screen sketch. All sketchpad tools are here, from Stencils to line width to sharing and exporting. To change what the top button does when you press it, see Change pen settings.


  • If the buttons on your Surface Pen don’t work, see Troubleshoot Microsoft Surface Pen.
  • While your Surface is locked, you can only use the top button. The right-click button won’t work until after you sign in.

Write and draw

Use your Surface Pen in any app that supports inking, like the Windows Ink Workspace, Office apps, or Microsoft Edge. When you bring your Surface Pen close to the touchscreen, a point appears on the screen, and the screen will ignore other input (like your hand or a mouse). Then write or draw on your screen like you would with a regular pen and paper.
Even if inking doesn’t work in your app, you can use your Surface Pen to enter text by using the handwriting panel in the touch keyboard.

  1. Select Keyboard in the lower-right corner of your Surface screen.
  2. On the touch keyboard, select Keyboard > Handwriting
  3. Write something in the handwriting panel. Your Surface will convert your words to text automatically.

Use Surface Pen with apps

Surface Pen works seamlessly with apps designed for creative tasks like Adobe Photoshop Elements, Sketchable, Drawboard PDF, and Staffpad.

Try it with Surface Dial

For the full creative experience, use Surface Pen and Surface Dial together. With Surface Pen in one hand and Surface Dial in the other, you’ll have easy access to shortcuts, controls, drawing tools, and more while you sketch.

Customize your Surface Pen

Adjust pressure sensitivity

Use the Surface app to set the pressure sensitivity to suit your writing style. The Surface app is free from the Microsoft Store. For more info, see Install and Use the Surface app.

Change pen tips to get the experience you want

For the newest Surface Pen with no clip and the Surface Pen with a single long button on a flat edge, you can get a pen tip kit at a Microsoft Store or online. Pen tip kits are different for each pen; make sure you get a kit that matches your Surface Pen model. For the Surface Pen with two side buttons, you can order tips from Device Service and Repair. To order pen tips, your Surface needs to be registered, and you have to sign in with your Microsoft account.

FAQs How To Use Your Microsoft Surface Pen

What is the Microsoft Surface Pen?

The Microsoft Surface Pen is a stylus designed for use with Microsoft Surface devices, including the Surface Pro, Surface Book, and Surface Studio. It is used for writing, drawing, and taking notes on the device’s touchscreen.

How does the Microsoft Surface Pen work?

The Surface Pen works using electromagnetic resonance technology, which allows it to communicate with the device and track its movement and position. It also has pressure sensitivity and tilt functionality for more natural and precise writing and drawing.

What devices are compatible with the Microsoft Surface Pen?

The Surface Pen is compatible with all Surface devices that support pen input, including the Surface Pro, Surface Book, Surface Studio, and Surface Laptop.

How long does the battery last on the Microsoft Surface Pen?

The battery on the Surface Pen can last up to 12 months with typical use. It is powered by a replaceable AAAA battery.

How do I pair the Microsoft Surface Pen with my Surface device?

To pair the Surface Pen with your Surface device, hold down the top button on the pen until the LED light on the barrel starts to flash. Then, go to the Bluetooth settings on your device and select the Surface Pen from the list of available devices.

Can I customize the buttons on the Microsoft Surface Pen?

Yes, you can customize the button on the Surface Pen using the Surface app. You can set the top button to open specific apps, perform certain functions, or launch shortcuts.

Is the Microsoft Surface Pen compatible with other devices?

The Surface Pen is designed specifically for use with Surface devices and may not work with other devices. However, some third-party apps may support the Surface Pen on non-Surface devices.

How much does the Microsoft Surface Pen cost?

The price of the Surface Pen varies depending on the model and retailer but typically ranges from around $100 to $150.

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