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Metra Electronics 44-PW22 Universal Automatic Power Antenna Manual

Metra Electronics 44-PW22 Universal Automatic Power Antenna FEATURE

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Metra Electronics 44-PW22 Universal Automatic Power Antenna

Metra Electronics 44-PW22 Universal Automatic Power Antenna PRODUCT

About Metra Electronics 
Metra Electronics is a 1949-founded American car electronics firm that specializes in 12-volt accessories and audio electronics systems.Metra Electronics 44-PW22 Universal Automatic Power Antenna Manual-fig 1

This antenna is designed for optimum performance for either AM or FM bands. The antenna is raised or lowered by operating the radio on/off switch.

Before installing the antenna, read the entire installation instructions.

May require an extension cable depending on the vehicle or an antenna adapter cable for many 1995-up Ford, 1988-up GM, and some imports.


    • A) Gain access to the underside of the fender area through the trunk, fender splash panel, etc.
    • B) Remove the mounting bracket, drain tube, electrical wire, and antenna coaxial cable. When removing electrical wires and coaxial cable from the antenna, follow to the closest connector and disconnect. DO NOT CUT COAXIAL CABLE.
    • C) Disassemble the mounting base and save the parts, they may be used with the installation of the new antenna.
    • D) Remove the old antenna from below the fender.
    • E) To avoid cutting car wiring, you may want to cut the connector off of the old antenna removed from the car, attach the new antenna wiring to the old connector wires, and directly plug it into the car wiring.


For first-time antenna installations:

    • Use the original factory hole or select a location on the front or back fender of the car for mounting the antenna. In selecting the location, make sure the underside of the fender is free of any obstructions such as weld beads, braces, gussets, and sub-fenders. Also, be sure that sufficient clearance is available under the fender to house the antenna, approximately 11-1/2” / 29cm.
    • Six mounting bases are provided with the antenna. Five fixed angle and one adjustable angle flush mount base. (See Figure 1).
    • Remove the installed flush mounting base from the new antenna. Select the proper base with the correct angle for the fender (as shown in Figure 1) or reuse the original mounting base previously removed from the old antenna. NOTE: The five fixed-angle bases require a 7/8” / 22mm hole. The adjustable angle flush base requires a 1” 25mm hole.
    • A 1/8” / 3mm pilot hole should be drilled, then enlarged with a hole saw or drill bit to the proper size.
    • Remove all burrs, paint, road dirt, or undercoating from around the underside of the hole.
      Install the antenna from the underside of the fender and assemble the base above the fender according to Figure 1. BE SURE THE RETAINER RESTS EVENLY ON THE FENDER’S UNDERSIDE TO ALLEVIATE ANY POSSIBLE DAMAGE TO THE VEHICLE. Align the mast vertically by slightly tightening the antenna mounting nut while adjusting the mast to be vertical.
    • To prevent movement and maintain the desired angle, secure the bottom of the motor assembly with the supplied perforated strap. Holes are provided with the strap to accommodate various mounting positions. It may be necessary to bend the strap to conform to the fit of the antenna and car. Be sure the antenna retainer is grounded to the underside of the
      fender and the black ground wire is grounded properly to the vehicle chassis. If the retainer and ground wire are not properly ground-ed, THE ANTENNA WILL NOT FUNCTION.
    • With the bottom of the antenna motor assembly secured, the mast at the desired angle, and the retainer resting evenly on the underside of the fender, tighten the mounting nut firmly to secure the entire antenna assembly. Do not tighten the nut excessively as this may strip or break the mounting threads, damage the contact spring, and cause improper antenna operation.
    • Attach the drain lube to the bottom of the motor assembly and route it to the outside of the car. Avoid any kinks or bends in the tube that may restrict drainage. (as shown in figure 1.)

For new antenna installations:

    • Route electrical wiring and coaxial cable into the dash area of the vehicle interior as shown in Figure 2. (44-PWEC157 extension cable may be required). A 5/8” / 16mm hole may be required in the interior panel when routing wire from the front fender. If possible, avoid routing the coaxial cable into the engine compartment. The electrical noise found in this area may be transmitted into the antenna wiring.


For first-time antenna installations:

    • Radios with switched antenna wire: Connect the blue wire from the antenna to the switched antenna wire from the radio (normally blue) as shown in Figure 2. Connect the coaxial cable from the antenna to the radio.
    • The red power wire from the antenna can be connected to the fuse block. (as shown in figure 2) battery, or hot side of the ignition switch, or any other +12 volt “constant on” location.


Contact the dealer for most replacement model numbers.

  • Remove the antenna mounting nut (Figure A)
  • To remove the mast, turn the radio switch on to raise the antenna. Remove the mast, serrated plastic cable, and contact spring. Save and clean contact spring for re-use. Note which side of the antenna serrated cable is facing (Figure B).
  • Insert the serrated cable of the new mast into the housing. Stop when resistance is felt, approximately 12” 30mm. The serrated side of the cable must duplicate the original direction.Metra Electronics 44-PW22 Universal Automatic Power Antenna Manual-fig 2
  • Turn the radio switch off to the lower antenna until the serrated cable catches. It may be necessary to cycle the antenna several times (by turning the radio switch on and off) until the cable catches the gear mechanism and retracts (Figure C).
  • Reinstall the mast into housing and place a contact spring onto the mast with a flanged end (Figure D).
  • Reinstall the antenna mounting nut and tighten it.
  • The mast may only retract or extend halfway. Cycle several times (by turning the radio switch on and off) until the mast fully extends and retracts.


  1. Maintenance: For best operation and reception, periodically clean the mast (while fully extended) with a damp cloth, approximately once a month. Do not oil or grease the antenna or motor assembly.
  2. The power antenna is designed to withstand extremely cold temperatures, but under severe icing conditions, the antenna could fail to extend or retract. Should this occur, turn the radio on and off three or four times to help free the antenna mast. The antenna motor will not be damaged if the mast does not extend. A special clutch protects the motor from
    possible damage.
  3. Remember to retract the antenna when entering a car wash, garage, or low-clearance area.
  4. There are no serviceable parts in the motor assembly and it should not be taken apart. The warranty will be invalid if the damage is caused by unauthorized accessories, disassembly, or wiring methods other than those recommended.
  5. Periodically inspect drain tube for blockage or kinks.
  6. Use a 5 amp fuse in case of replacement to avoid damage to the motor.Metra Electronics 44-PW22 Universal Automatic Power Antenna Manual-fig 3


  • Antenna works warrants to the original retail purchaser of this product. Should this product prove to be defective in material or workmanship within 1 year from the date of original purchase, it will be repaired for replacement (at Antenna Works option) without charge for parts or labor.
  • This warranty does not apply to any product or part thereof, which has been changed through alteration, misuse, neglect, accidents, mishandling, unreasonable use, improper installation, or accident in shipment. This warranty does not extend to the elimination of car static or motor noise. Costs incurred for removal or replacement within the terms of this warranty, the defective product, with proof of purchase, first should be returned to the original place of purchase. If that is not possible, the defective product must be delivered, and transportation prepaid to Antenna Works at the address shown below. A letter explaining the details of the problem must be enclosed. The antenna must be returned to Antenna work completely. Any missing parts will be replaced and billed at current pricing. Repairs or replacement will be made and the product will be returned as soon as possible.
  • Before returning the item for repair or service, verify that the product itself is defective, as errors in wiring or in adherence to following installation directions may be the problem.
  • Product materials and specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • No person or representative of Metra /Antennaworks is authorized to assure Antennaworks of any liability otherwise expressed in connection with the sale of this product.
  • Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts or the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damage so the above limitations or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

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FAQS About Metra Electronics 44-PW22 Universal Automatic Power Antenna

What is a power antenna?

A power antenna is a motorized device that raises and lowers the antenna on a vehicle, typically controlled by a switch inside the car.

Is the Metra Electronics 44-PW22 a universal fit?

Most likely, the 44-PW22 is designed to be a universal fit for various vehicles, but it’s crucial to check the product specifications to ensure compatibility with your specific make and model.

How does the automatic power antenna work?

Power antennas are controlled by a motor that raises or lowers the antenna mast when the radio is turned on or off.

What’s the installation process like?

Installation procedures can vary, but typically, it involves mounting the antenna, connecting it to the power source, and ensuring proper grounding.

Can it be installed by a non-professional?

Many power antennas are designed for DIY installation, but it depends on your comfort level with car installations. Reading the product manual and following instructions is crucial.

Does it come with all necessary installation components?

Check the product package and specifications to see if all necessary components, such as mounting hardware and wiring, are included.

How durable is the Metra Electronics 44-PW22?

The durability of the antenna will depend on its build quality and materials. Check product reviews and specifications for information on durability.

Can it be used with aftermarket stereos?

Power antennas are generally compatible with aftermarket stereos, but it’s advisable to check compatibility information and ensure proper wiring.

What is the range of the antenna?

Antenna range is more related to the radio itself than the power antenna. The antenna should be compatible with the radio system in your vehicle.

Is there a warranty?

Check the product documentation for information on warranty coverage. Manufacturers often provide warranties for their products.

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