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LaView B9 Outdoor 1080P Security Camera Quick Start Guide

LaView B9 Outdoor 1080P Security Camera FEATURE


LaView B9 Outdoor 1080P Security Camera

LaView B9 Outdoor 1080P Security Camera PRODUCT

About LaView
LaView is a network video surveillance and home security firm with U.S. headquarters in the City of Industry, California. We provide surveillance equipment that is up to industry standards, including Full HD 1080P devices and HD IP technology with wireless choices.


  1. Connect the camera to power via the included adapter ( If you are not setting up the camera for the very first time, press the Reset button instead for 5 seconds until you hear a beep.)LaView B9 Outdoor 1080P Security Camera-fig 1

  2. Please download the LaView App from the App Store or Scan the QR Code below. LaView App is available for both iOS and Android OS. Search the name “LaView, in the App Store or Google Play. ( The other LaView apps, such as LaView Connect, LaView ONE, and LaView Life do NOT support B9 camera)

    LaView B9 Outdoor 1080P Security Camera-fig2

  3. Make Sure Your Phone Is Connected To A 2.4ghz Wi-Fi network

    LaView B9 Outdoor 1080P Security Camera-fig3

  4. Complete the app registration process
    LaView B9 Outdoor 1080P Security Camera-fig4

  5. I click on the ‘+ sign to add the camera. Continue to click “Video Surveillance”›> “Smart Camera”

    LaView B9 Outdoor 1080P Security Camera-fig5

  6. Wait until the LED indicator is flashing rapidly, which means the camera is ready for pairing.

    LaView B9 Outdoor 1080P Security Camera-fig6
  7. Enter the WiFi Password to generate a QR code that carries your WiFi information

    LaView B9 Outdoor 1080P Security Camera-fig7
  8. Use the camera to scan the OR code on the phone (keep the camera 6-8 inches away from the phone)

    LaView B9 Outdoor 1080P Security Camera-fig8
  9. The camera will beep when it receives the OR code. Press ‘I heard a Prompt’ then. The camera will start pairing When connecting, you should make sure your router, mobile phone, and camera are as close as possible
    LaView B9 Outdoor 1080P Security Camera-fig9
  10. Wait until the camera is connected online and finish set up If the pairing is not successful, press the Reset button for 5 seconds until you hear a beep and start again. Or check the FAQ section in the User Manual for more troubleshooting stepsLaView B9 Outdoor 1080P Security Camera-fig10

LIVE VIEW & PLAYBACKLaView B9 Outdoor 1080P Security Camera-fig11

  1. Camera Name 
  2. Time Stamp
  3. Edit Camera Settings
  4. WiFi Signal Strength 
  5. Switch Video Quality HD/SD 
  6. Mute / Unmute Speaker of LaView APP
  7. Enter Full-Screen Mode 
  8. Screenshot: Take a Screenshot and Save to Album
  9. Two-Way Audio: Press and Hold to Talk. Release to Listen
  10. Playback: Watch Video Playback that is Recorded on a MicroSD Card 
  11. Record: Record a Video Clip and Save to Album
  12. Album: The Folder Where Screenshots and Video Clips are Saved 
  13. Cloud Video: Watch Video Playback Recorded on a Cloud Server (Subscription Required)

ALEXA SET UP (Optional)

BEFORE YOU STARTLaView B9 Outdoor 1080P Security Camera-fig12

  1. In the LaView APP, go to the camera you are setting up, and tap the ‘Edit’ button to enter the camera menu.LaView B9 Outdoor 1080P Security Camera-fig13
  2. Tap the camera model number or camera nameLaView B9 Outdoor 1080P Security Camera-fig14
  3. Edit the camera name to one that is easy to pronounce such as ‘Baby Room, ‘Front Door Camera, ‘Living Room’ etc

    LaView B9 Outdoor 1080P Security Camera-fig15

  4. Tap the Menu icon E and choose ‘Skills & Games’ in the Alexa APP

    LaView B9 Outdoor 1080P Security Camera-fig16

  5. Search ‘LaView’ and choose the “LaView skill. (Not LaView ONE)

    LaView B9 Outdoor 1080P Security Camera-fig17

  6. Tap ‘ENABLE TO USE’LaView B9 Outdoor 1080P Security Camera-fig18

  7. Log in to your LaView APP account and tap ‘Link Now

    LaView B9 Outdoor 1080P Security Camera-fig19

  8. Tap Authorize’LaView B9 Outdoor 1080P Security Camera-fig20

  9. Tap ‘Done’ after the LaView APP is linked to the LaView Skill.LaView B9 Outdoor 1080P Security Camera-fig21

  10. Tap ‘DISCOVER DEVICES’LaView B9 Outdoor 1080P Security Camera-fig22

  11. Wait until the Alexa APP discovers the LaView camera. Check the following if Alexa repeatedly fails to discover the camera.
    A. Ensure the LaView camera, the Alexa device, and your phone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
    B. Ensure the LaView camera is powered on and set up in the LaView APP.
    C. Ensure the Alexa device, such as the Echo Show, is set up and connected
    D. Ensure the camera is added to the LaView account that is linked to the LaView Skill in the Alexa APPLaView B9 Outdoor 1080P Security Camera-fig23
  12. You can now tell your Echo device to show the camera feed by calling ‘Alexa, Show Baby Room: You can change and update the camera name in the LaView APP camera menu. (Refer to Step 3)LaView B9 Outdoor 1080P Security Camera-fig 24


FAQS About LaView B9 Outdoor 1080P Security Camera

LaView cameras can they go outside?

Laview Outdoor Security Camera Has A 130° Wide Angle 2.1 Megapixel HD Lens.

The LaView camera is water resistant.

Waterproof to IP65 Onvif compatibility for Rated

Do LaView cameras continuously record?

At predetermined intervals, the cameras will automatically begin and cease filming.

How long does the battery last on a LaView camera?

a battery life of 180 days

How far in the distance can a camera see?

10 and 70ft

What is the range of an outdoor camera?

A wireless security camera’s typical range is 150 feet.

Is the LaView camera WiFi-compatible?

When Wi-Fi is not accessible, LaView wireless cameras can be used as wired cameras.

What country produces LaView cameras?


Are LaView cameras audio capable?

Dual-Wave Audio

How many days are captured by cameras?

90 days.

Are LaView cameras night vision capable?

The robust starlight sensor that is built-in and capable of producing a full-color night view

LaView camera is it secure?

Our cameras have strong encryption built in, so you are the only one who can access them.

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