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KiiPix Portable Printer Photo Scanner Quick Start Guide

KiiPix Portable Portable Printer Photo Scanner FEATURE


KiiPix Portable Printer Photo Scanner

KiiPix Portable Portable Printer Photo Scanner PRODUCT

About KiiPix
KiiPix is a portable smartphone photo printer that allows you to print photos from your smartphone onto instant film, similar to the way traditional Polaroid cameras work. It’s a compact and simple device designed to provide a nostalgic, analog feel to your digital photos.

Here are some key features and details about KiiPix:

  1. Compatibility: KiiPix is designed to work with most smartphones. You place your phone on top of the device, aligning it with the lens, and then use the KiiPix app or your phone’s built-in camera app to select and capture the photo you want to print.
  2. Instant Film: Instead of using traditional ink or toner, KiiPix uses Fujifilm Instax Mini film, which produces small, credit card-sized prints with a retro aesthetic. You’ll need to purchase this film separately.
  3. No Batteries or Power Required: KiiPix is entirely manual and doesn’t require any batteries or a power source. It’s a purely mechanical device that relies on the smartphone screen’s brightness to expose the film.
  4. Image Adjustments: The KiiPix app or your phone’s camera app may offer some basic image adjustments, such as brightness and contrast, to help you get the best print results.
  5. Portability: KiiPix is designed to be portable and easy to carry around, making it a fun accessory for parties, gatherings, and travel.
  6. Print Size: The prints produced by KiiPix are typically around 2.4 x 1.8 inches (62 x 46 mm) in size, with a white border reminiscent of classic instant photos.
  7. Manual Printing Process: After capturing the photo on your smartphone’s screen, you need to manually turn a crank on the KiiPix device, which moves the film past the exposure area to develop the image.
  8. Price: KiiPix is generally more affordable than many other portable smartphone printers, making it an accessible option for those who enjoy instant photography.

KiiPix is a fun and simple way to create tangible memories from your smartphone photos, offering a unique blend of modern technology and nostalgic instant photography.


  1. Wings
  2. Shutter button
  3. White Frame
  4. Print dial
  5. Mirror
  6. Central cover
  7. Back cover
  8. Film counter


Requires FUJIFILM Instax mini film (not included)

  1. Open.KiiPix-Portable-Portable-Printer-Photo-Scanner-Quick-Start-Guide-2
  2. Load film.KiiPix-Portable-Portable-Printer-Photo-Scanner-Quick-Start-Guide-3
  3. Close.KiiPix-Portable-Portable-Printer-Photo-Scanner-Quick-Start-Guide-4
  4. Turn the print dial.KiiPix-Portable-Portable-Printer-Photo-Scanner-Quick-Start-Guide-5
  5. Eject film cover.KiiPix-Portable-Portable-Printer-Photo-Scanner-Quick-Start-Guide-6
    Do not open the back cover until the film has run out.
    If opened, the film will react to light and become unusable.


  1. Open.KiiPix-Portable-Portable-Printer-Photo-Scanner-Quick-Start-Guide-7
  2. Slide white frame from central cover.KiiPix-Portable-Portable-Printer-Photo-Scanner-Quick-Start-Guide-8
  3. Peel clear film.KiiPix-Portable-Portable-Printer-Photo-Scanner-Quick-Start-Guide-9
    • Set your phone screen brightness to maximum.
    • Change Auto-Lock (iOS) / Sleep (Android) to 5 minutes.
    • Turn off Auto-Brightness (iOS) /Automatic brightness (Android).
    • Use screen lock to keep pictures from rotating.KiiPix-Portable-Portable-Printer-Photo-Scanner-Quick-Start-Guide-10
  5. Place KiiPix frame on phone, align and then place on top of KiiPix wings.KiiPix-Portable-Portable-Printer-Photo-Scanner-Quick-Start-Guide-11
  6. Use reflective mirror to ensure photo is lined up. Press shutter button.KiiPix-Portable-Portable-Printer-Photo-Scanner-Quick-Start-Guide-12
  7. Turn print dial to release film.KiiPix-Portable-Portable-Printer-Photo-Scanner-Quick-Start-Guide-13


  1. Position White frame back on central cover, align and slide to secure KiiPix frame in place.KiiPix-Portable-Portable-Printer-Photo-Scanner-Quick-Start-Guide-14
  2. Close.KiiPix-Portable-Portable-Printer-Photo-Scanner-Quick-Start-Guide-15


Do not place in direct sunlight as this may cause risk of fire. We do not accept responsibility for any damage, loss, failure and/or internal data corruption of your devices (eg. Smartphone) due to use of this product. No batteries required. Be careful not to get fingers, hair or clothes caught in gaps or moveable parts. To avoid unexpected accidents, keep product away from children under 3 years old after use.

Read instructions carefully before using film (sold separately). Do not cut or take apart film (sold separately). Do not get paste on clothes. If you touch the paste within the unused film, wash thoroughly immediately. If the paste gets in your eyes and/or mouth, consult your doctor immediately after washing. Discard plastic bag immediately after opening.

Do not drop or hit against objects. Do not place in direct sunlight or expose to excessively high or low temperatures. When taking photos, avoid excessive brightness, especially when using outside. Pictures may react to light.

  1. Your KiiPix is a precision instrument. Do not get it wet or drop it. Also, do not expose to sand.
  2. If you are not using your KiiPix for a long interval, keep it where it will be safe from heat, dust, and moisture.
  3. Remove soil and dust from the lens, etc. with an air blower and by wiping lightly with a piece of soft cloth.
  4. Do not use solvent such as thinner and alcohol to remove soil.
  5. Keep the film chamber and KiiPix interior clean to avoid damaging films.
  6. Moth repellent gas such as naphthalene adversely affects your KiiPix and film. Avoid keeping your KiiPix or film in a chest with mothballs.
  7. Note that the temperature range within which your KiiPix can be used is +5°C/+41°F to +40°C/+104°F.
  8. Keep the film in a cool and dry place. Do not leave the film in a place where the temperature is extremely high ( e.g., in a closed car).
  9. When you load a film pack, use the film as soon as possible.
  10. If the film has been kept in a place where the temperature is extremely high or low, bring it to room temperature before starting to take pictures.
  11. Be sure to use the film before the expiration or “Use Before” date.
  12. Avoid airport checked luggage inspection and other strong X-ray illumination. The effect of fogging, etc. may appear on unused film. We recommend that you carry the KiiPix and/or the film onto the aircraft as carry-on luggage. (Check with each airport for more information).
  13. Avoid strong light, keep the developed prints in a cool and dry place.
  14. Do not puncture, tear, or cut FUJIFILM instax mini film. If film becomes damaged, do not use.

See FUJIFILM instax mini film for film use instructions. Follow all instructions for safe and proper use.

All Rights Reserved. Made in Thailand.

Some pictures/illustrations may differ from the actual product. Color and contents may vary. Please retain all product information for future reference.

IMPORTANT: Remove any plastic attachments and packaging before giving to children.

FAQS About KiiPix Portable Portable Printer Photo Scanner

What sort of film is used by KiiPix?

FUJIFILM Mini Instax Film

Is KiiPix ink necessary?

FUJIFILM Instax Mini Film is necessary for KiiPix.

How much time does KiiPix require to develop?

Within 90 to 2 minutes approximately

Describe KiiPix.

The convenient and portable KiiPix Smartphone Picture Printer makes it possible to make enjoyment last a lifetime.

What is a portable printer for photos?

The best mobile photo printers provide on-demand, mobile printing from any location.

What distinguishes a picture copy from a printer?

Unconnected to a computer network, a photocopy machine generates duplicate copies of physical documents.

What is paper of the photo quality?

Baryta, shine, and glossy paper.

Can I print images from my phone?

Look at printers that can communicate with your phone directly.

Are photographs saved by printers?

To store images and data, printers have a specific amount of built-in memory.

Can photo printers produce documents as well?

Text and images can be printed on an almost dedicated picture printer.

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