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Keurig K-Compact Single Serve Coffee Brewer User Manual

Keurig K-Compact Single-Serve Coffee Brewer Featured

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Keurig K-Compact Single Serve Coffee Brewer

Keurig K-Compact Single-Serve Coffee Brewer Product

ABOUT Keurig
Keurig is a brand of coffee makers and beverage brewing systems. The company is known for its single-serve brewing technology, which allows users to brew a single cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or other hot beverages quickly and conveniently.

The Keurig brewing system uses specially designed pods called K-Cups, which contain pre-measured coffee grounds or other beverage ingredients. These K-Cups are inserted into the machine, and the Keurig brewer punctures the foil top and bottom of the pod, allowing hot water to pass through and brew the beverage directly into a mug or cup.

Keurig machines offer various features and options, including different cup sizes, temperature control, strength control, and programmable settings. The brand has expanded its product line to include models for both home and commercial use, as well as accessories such as storage units for K-Cups and reusable coffee filters.

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Before You Brew

  1. Plug & Place
    • Remove the packing tape from the brewer and plug it into a grounded outlet.
    • Place a large mug (10 oz. minimum) on the drip tray plate.Keurig K-Compact Single-Serve Coffee Brewer (1)
  2. Rinse & Fill
    • Remove the water reservoir lid, then lift the reservoir straight up to remove it.
    • Rinse the reservoir with fresh water and fill it to the MAX line.
    • Replace the water reservoir, making sure the lock tabs engage with the brewer.
    • Replace lid.
    • NOTE: Do not use distilled water.Keurig K-Compact Single-Serve Coffee Brewer (2)
  3. Power On
    • Press the power button—the green power light will illuminate.
    • The brewer will automatically begin heating the water. This will take about 4 minutes. Once the heating sound stops, the brewer is ready.Keurig K-Compact Single-Serve Coffee Brewer (3)
  4. Lift & Lower
    • Lift and lower the handle. Do not insert a K-Cup® pod. The three brew buttons will blink.
    • Press the small cup button to start a cleansing brew. Pour the hot water into the sink.
    • The one-time setup process is now complete and you are ready to brew!Keurig K-Compact Single-Serve Coffee Brewer (4)
  5. Place Mug
    • Place a mug on the drip tray plate. If using a travel mug, remove the drip tray and place the mug on the drip tray base.
    • NOTE: Between brew cycles, the brewer may take about a minute to reheat.Keurig K-Compact Single-Serve Coffee Brewer (5)
  6. Lift & Insert
    • Lift the handle and place a K-Cup® pod in the K-Cup® pod holder. Lower the handle
      completely to close the lid.
    • Do not remove the foil lid on the K-Cup® pod.Keurig K-Compact Single-Serve Coffee Brewer (6)
  7. Brew & Enjoy
    • Select your brew size. The button will remain illuminated while brewing—about 1 minute. Brewing ends with a burst of air.
    • Lift the handle and dispose of the used K-Cup® pod. The brewer will be ready to brew another cup in about a minute.
    • NOTE: After 60 seconds, the brew buttons will be disabled. To re-activate, lift and lower the handle completely.
    • CAUTION: While brewing, there is extremely hot water in the K-Cup® pod holder. To avoid injury, do not lift the handle during the brewing process.Keurig K-Compact Single-Serve Coffee Brewer (7)

Brewer Features

  • Smart Start heats and then brews in one simple process. No need to wait for the brewer to heat before selecting the brew size. Power on your brewer, place a mug, insert a K-Cup® pod, and lower the handle. Then, select your brew size. The brewer will heat, then automatically begin brewing.
  • Auto Off automatically turns your brewer off 2 hours after the last brew for energy savings.Keurig K-Compact Single-Serve Coffee Brewer (8)

Caring for your Brewer

Regular cleaning keeps your brewer running smoothly. Always be sure to turn off and unplug your brewer before cleaning.

Brewer Exterior

  • Keep your Keurig® brewer looking its best by cleaning the exterior from time to time. Just clean with a damp, soapy, lint-free, non-abrasive cloth.
  • Never immerse the brewer in water or other liquids.Keurig K-Compact Single-Serve Coffee Brewer (9)

Drip Tray

  • The drip tray can accumulate up to 8 ounces of overflow and should be emptied and cleaned occasionally. To remove it, slide it toward you, keeping it level to avoid spilling. Clean in a dishwasher (top rack only) or rinse and clean with a damp, soapy, lint-free, non-abrasive cloth.Keurig K-Compact Single-Serve Coffee Brewer (10)

Water Reservoir & Reservoir Lid

The water reservoir lid and water reservoir should be periodically cleaned with a damp, soapy, nonabrasive cloth and rinsed thoroughly.

The water reservoir lid and water reservoir should not be put into the dishwasher. Do not dry the inside of the water reservoir with a cloth as lint may remain.

To clean the filter screen at the base of your water reservoir, empty the water reservoir and follow one or all of the following procedures:

Keurig K-Compact Single-Serve Coffee Brewer (11)

  • Rinse the filter screen with the strong force of water from your faucet.
  • If you have a sprayer, aim the water spray at the filter screen.
  • Fill the water reservoir with approximately two inches of clean water and agitate (shake) the water reservoir. Empty the water reservoir, fill it with clean water, and return it to the brewer. If needed, repeat the above procedures.
  • CAUTION: Please rinse the water reservoir thoroughly after cleaning. This will ensure that no cleaners or cleaning solutions remain in this area as they may contaminate the water supply in the brewer.

K-Cup® Pod Holder Assembly

Keurig K-Compact Single-Serve Coffee Brewer (12)

To remove the K-Cup® pod holder from the brewer, lift the handle and grasp the top of the K-Cup® pod holder with one hand while pushing up on the bottom of the K-Cup® pod holder
from underneath with the other until it releases. After cleaning, align the K-Cup® pod holder with the opening using the two front ribs as a guide and snap into place from the top.

CAUTION: There are sharp needles that puncture the K-Cup® pod above the K-Cup® pod holder and in the bottom of the K-Cup® pod holder. To avoid the risk of injury, do not put your fingers in the K-Cup® pod holder.


The funnel can be removed from the K-Cup® pod holder by pulling on it until it pops off. To replace it, just snap it back onto the K-Cup® pod holder.

Exit Needle

Remove the pod holder assembly and detach the funnel. Locate the exit needle on the inside bottom of the K-Cup® pod holder. Insert a straightened paper clip into the exit needle to loosen the clog and push it out.

Keurig K-Compact Single-Serve Coffee Brewer (13)

Entrance Needle

Lift the brewer handle and locate the entrance needle on the underside of the lid. To clean both holes in the needle, hold the brewer handle in the upward position, and with your other hand, carefully insert a straightened paper clip into both holes. Gently move it around to loosen any coffee grounds. Lower the handle completely and run two water-only brew cycles. Do not insert a K-Cup® pod.

Keurig K-Compact Single-Serve Coffee Brewer (14)

TIP: Refer to www.Keurig.com/support for video instructions on cleaning the entrance/exit needles.

Descaling your Brewer

You should describe your brewer every 3-6 months. Properly follow the descaling procedure.

Depending on the mineral content of your water, calcium deposits or scales may build up in your brewer. Scale is nontoxic but if left unattended can hinder brewer performance. Regularly descaling your brewer every 3-6 months helps maintain the heating element and other internal parts that come in contact with water. Calcium deposits may build up faster, making it necessary to descale more often.

Descaling Procedure

Before you begin, you will need a large ceramic mug, fresh water, Keurig® Descaling Solution, and access to a sink. Do not use a paper cup. Ensure that there is no beverage pod in the K-Cup® pod holder. Please allow approximately 45 minutes for the descaling procedure.

STEP 1: Descaling Solution Rinse

Press the power button to power the brewer off.

Pour the entire bottle of Keurig® Descaling Solution into an emptied water reservoir. Then fill the empty bottle with water and pour it into the water reservoir. Press the power button to turn the brewer back on.

Place a large mug on the drip tray and run a rinsing brew by lifting and lowering the handle and selecting the largest brew size.

STEP 2: Descaling Rinse & Repeat

Repeat the rinsing brew process until the added water light is illuminated. Do not use a K-Cup® pod. Let the brewer stand for at least 30 minutes while still on.

After 30 minutes, discard any residual solution from the water reservoir and rinse thoroughly.

STEP 3: Fresh Water Rinse

Fill the water reservoir with fresh water to and not beyond the MAX line.

Place a large mug on the drip tray plate and run a rinsing brew using the largest brew size. Do not use a K-Cup® pod. Pour the contents of the mug into the sink.

Repeat the brew process until you have completed at least 12 rinsing brews using the largest brew size. You may need to refill the water reservoir at least one time during this process.

NOTE: The cleaning action of Keurig® Descaling Solution may result in a “foam” dispensed from the brewer. This is natural, as the solution is reacting with the scale inside. For a brewer that is heavily scaled, the brewer may not fill properly after the descaler is added. If this occurs, you may see only a small or no output dispensed, followed by the sound of air blowing out.

If this occurs:

  • Turn off and unplug the brewer.
  • If there is Keurig® Descaling Solution in the water reservoir, discard the contents, rinse the water reservoir thoroughly, and refill it with water.
  • Plug the brewer back in, power it on, and repeat the Step 3 Fresh Water Rinse cycle. The brewer should begin to function normally as the solution is rinsed out and the scale is removed. If the problem persists, allow the brewer to sit unplugged for at least 30 minutes before continuing with the rinse.


Grounds in Your Coffee

Grounds may have gathered in the exit or entrance needle and can be cleaned using a straightened paper clip or similar tool.

  • Clean the exit needle of the K-Cup® pod holder. Refer to the exit needle care instructions.
  • Clean the brewer entrance needle. Refer to the entrance needle care instructions.

Brewer Will Not Brew

  • After placing the K-Cup® pod in the K-Cup® pod holder, make sure that the handle is pushed down securely and the brew buttons are flashing.
  • If the add water light is illuminated, add water to the water reservoir. Fill to and not beyond the MAX line. Make sure the water reservoir is seated properly in its base. If the added water light continues to be illuminated even after refilling, contact Customer Service.
  • If the small cup, small mug, and large mug lights are all on simultaneously, lift the handle and remove the K-Cup® pod (if present in the brewer). Close the handle and place a large mug on the
    drip tray. Press the power button once. The brewer may dispense hot water.
  • If the small cup, small mug, and large mug lights all blink simultaneously, contact Customer Service.

Brewing a Partial Cup

  • The exit needle may be clogged. Refer to the exit needle care instructions.
  • The water reservoir may have been removed during brewing. Replace the water reservoir and perform a rinsing brew without a K-Cup® pod.
  • The brewer may need to be described. If you have repeated the descaling procedure on your brewer two times and it is still only brewing a partial cup, contact Customer Service.

Brewer Does Not Have Power or Shuts Off

  • Make sure that the power button has been turned on.
  • Plug the brewer into its own grounded outlet. If the electric circuit is overloaded with other appliances, your brewer may not function properly. The brewer should be operated on its
    own circuit, separate from other appliances.
  • For energy savings, the brewer automatically turns off 2 hours after the last brew. Press the power button and the green power light will illuminate.
  • If the brewer still doesn’t have power, contact Customer Service.

Helpful Hints

Water quality varies greatly. If you notice an undesirable taste in your beverage (such as chlorine or mineral tastes), we recommend using bottled or filtered water. Do not use distilled water.


Beyond these recommended cleaning and maintenance procedures, this brewer is not user-serviceable. For service, please refer to the Warranty section of this guide.


Empty the water reservoir before storing or transporting and take care to ensure that you store your brewer in a safe and frost-free environment. Please be sure to store your brewer in its upright position to avoid water leakage from the inner tank. If you store the brewer in a cold environment, you run the risk of water freezing inside the brewer and causing damage. When you prepare to use it after storage, we recommend rinsing the water reservoir with fresh water and running three rinsing brews without a K-Cup® pod.

If you plan to move your brewer to a different location, turn the brewer off, unplug it, and empty the water reservoir. If your brewer has been in an environment below freezing, please be sure to let it warm to room temperature for at least 2 hours before using it.

Click or Call!

Have Questions?

We’re here to help. Visit www.Keurig.com/support for step-by-step videos on cleaning, descaling, and more.

Still Need Help?

Give us a call at 1-866-901-BREW (2739)



Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. (Keurig) warrants that your brewer will be free of defects in materials or workmanship under normal home use for one year from the date of purchase. It is recommended that you register your brewer on www.Keurig.com/new so that your purchase information will be stored in our system. Keurig will, at its option, repair or replace a defective brewer without charge upon its receipt of proof of the date of purchase. If a replacement brewer is necessary to service this warranty, the replacement brewer may be new or reconditioned. If a replacement brewer is sent, a new limited one-year warranty will be applied to the replacement brewer.

This warranty only applies to brewers operated in the United States and Canada. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state and, in the case of Canada, from province to province.

Only the use of Keurig® K-Cup® brand pods and accessories will guarantee the proper functioning and lifetime of your Keurig® brewer. Any damage to or malfunction of your brewer resulting from the use of non-Keurig® pods and accessories may not be covered by this warranty or may result in a service fee if the damage or malfunction is determined to be caused by such use.



Some states or provinces do not allow the exclusion or limitations of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you depending on the state or province of purchase.

Nor does this warranty cover damages caused by the use of non-Keurig® pods or accessories, services performed by anyone other than Keurig or its authorized service providers, use of parts other than genuine Keurig® parts, or external causes such as abuse, misuse, inappropriate power supply, or acts of God.



Some states or provinces do not allow disclaimers of such implied warranties or limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitation may not apply to you depending on the state or the province of purchase.


Keurig® brewers are high-quality appliances and, with proper care, are intended to provide years of satisfying performance. However, should the need arise for warranty servicing, simply call Keurig Customer Service at our toll-free phone number 1.866.901.BREW (2739). Please do not return your brewer for servicing without first speaking to Keurig Customer Service to obtain a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) number. Keurig® brewers returned without an RMA number will be returned to the sender without servicing.


Keurig K-Compact Single-Serve Coffee Brewer (15)

  • Water Reservoir Lid
  • MAX Fill Line
  • Water Reservoir
  • Water Reservoir Lock Tab Slots
  • Power Cord
  • Handle
  • Lid
  • K-Cup® Pod Holder (H and I are the K-Cup® Pod Holder Assembly)
  • Funnel
  • K-Cup® Pod Assembly Housing
  • Drip Tray Plate
  • Drip Tray
  • Drip Tray Base

For replacement parts, please visit www.Keurig.com

Fully experience the benefits that come with your new Keurig® brewer at: KEURIG.COM/NEW

Keurig K-Compact Single-Serve Coffee Brewer (16)

FAQs About Keurig K-Compact Single Serve Coffee Brewer

How do you use a Keurig K compact single-serve K-cup pod coffee maker?

Simple button controls: Just insert a Pod, select your desired cup brew size, and brew a great-tasting cup in under a minute. Dispense hot water: Open and close the brewer handle (without a Pod) and select your cup size for Hot water on demand.

How do I clean my Keurig K compact with vinegar?

Fill the water reservoir halfway with vinegar. Add water: Fill the reservoir the rest of the way with water. Run the machine: Start the brew cycle without inserting a K-cup. Repeat until the reservoir is empty, discarding the mug contents after each brewing cycle.

Does Keurig K Compact have auto shut off?

Although this is a very basic brewing machine, I always appreciate an auto shut-off function. The K Compact turns off automatically after two hours of inactivity.

Can I use tap water in my Keurig?

It’s acceptable to use tap water in a Keurig. As long as it’s clean, water from anywhere should work. However, most would recommend using filtered or bottled water. Tap water holds more mineral content than the alternatives

What are the buttons on Keurig?

To select a specific cup size on most brewers, you push the associated button. It may be a digital button on the display screen or a physical one on the brewer top. The first model we tried many years ago had one lonely button.

Can you use a Keurig to boil water?

Recap. A Keurig does not boil water. The highest temperature to which a Keurig can heat water is 192° F which is perfect for brewing your coffee. You can get just hot water from Keurig for your instant meals.

Can you put tea bags in a Keurig?

You can brew standard tea bags. In addition to brewing K-Cup® coffees and teas, your Keurig® machine can be used as an instant hot water dispenser. Just put your teabag in a mug and place it on the drip tray. Run a water-only brew cycle and viola…a freshly brewed tea bag.

Why is my Keurig K compact not brewing?

Maybe try descaling. The machine. Okay give that a give that a try or you can even clean the needles. Right so just try cleaning up the needles and the lines

What does the over-ice button do on a Keurig?

The iced button is designed, instead, to make the coffee hot so it has the full flavor of brewed coffee, but with the correct strength and flavor so that when it cools over the ice, it ends up tasting like full-flavored coffee that happens to be iced.

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