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Honeywell FocusPRO 5000 User Manual

Honeywell FocusPRO 5000 Series FEATURE


Honeywell FocusPRO 5000

Honeywell FocusPRO 5000 Series PRODUCT

About Honeywell
Honeywell is a multinational conglomerate company that produces a variety of consumer and industrial products, including aircraft engines, automotive products, gas turbine power systems, and home appliances. The company also provides services such as energy management, building automation, and security systems. Honeywell was founded in 1906 and is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Read and save these instructions.
For help please visit yourhome.honeywell.com

Thermostat controls

Honeywell FocusPRO 5000 FIG-1

Display screen

Honeywell FocusPRO 5000 FIG-2

  • Heat: Heating system control.
  • Cool: Cooling system control.
  • Off: All systems are off.
  • Auto: The thermostat automatically selects heating or cooling depending on the indoor temperature.
  • Em Heat: Emergency & Auxiliary Heat control. The compressor is locked out. (Select models only.)

Auto changeover (heat/cool)

Auto Changeover is a feature used in climates where both air conditioning and heating are used on the same day. When the system is set to Auto, the thermostat automatically selects heating or cooling depending on the indoor temperature. Heat and cool settings must be at least 3 degrees apart. The thermostat will automatically adjust settings to maintain this 3-degree separation (called “deadband”). The 3-degree separation between heating and cooling set temperatures is fixed, and cannot be changed.

  1. Press the system button until the screen displays “Auto”. Honeywell FocusPRO 5000 FIG-3
    NOTE: The Auto system setting may not appear, depending on how your thermostat was installed

Built-in compressor protection

Damage can occur if the compressor is restarted too soon after shutdown. This feature forces the compressor to wait for a few minutes before restarting. During the wait time, the display will flash the message Cool On (or Heat On if you have a heat pump). When the safe wait time has elapsed, the message stops flashing and the compressor turns on.

Honeywell FocusPRO 5000 FIG-4

Battery replacement

Batteries are optional (for backup power) if your thermostat was wired to run on AC power when installed. Install fresh batteries when the REPLACE BATTERY warning begins flashing. The warning flashes about two months before the batteries are depleted. Replace batteries once a year, or before leaving home for more than a month. All settings are permanently stored in memory, and do not require battery power.

Honeywell FocusPRO 5000 FIG-5

TH5110D: AAA alkaline batteries.
TH5320U/TH5220D: AA alkaline batteries.

Customer Assistance

For assistance with this product, please visit yourhome.honeywell.com.
Or call Honeywell Customer Care toll-free at 1-800-468-1502.

Honeywell FocusPRO 5000 FIG 6

Equipment damage hazard
To prevent possible compressor damage, do not operate the cooling system when the outdoor temperature is below 50°F (10°C).

Accessories/replacement parts

To order, please call Honeywell Customer Care toll-free at 1-800-468-1502.


  • Battery holder……………………….Part No. 50000951-001
  • Cover plate assembly*……………Part No. 50001137-001
  • Cover plate assembly*……………Part No. 50002883-001


  • Battery holder……………………….Part No. 50007072-001
  • Cover plate assembly*……………Part No. 50002883-001
    *Use to cover marks left by old thermostats.


If you have difficulty with your thermostat, please try the following suggestions. Most problems can be corrected quickly and easily.

Display is blank

  • Check circuit breaker and reset if necessary.
  • Make sure power switch at heating & cooling system is on.
  • Make sure furnace door is closed securely.
  • make sure fresh AA or AAA alkaline batteries (depending on model) are correctly installed (see page 3).

The heating or cooling system does not respond

  • Press the SYSTEM button to set system Heat (see page 2). Make sure the temperature is set higher than the Inside temperature.
  • Press SYSTEM button to set system to Cool (see page 2). Make sure the temperature is set lower than the Inside temperature.
  • Check circuit breaker and reset if necessary.
  • Make sure power switch at heating & cooling system is on.
  • Make sure furnace door is closed securely.
  • Wait 5 minutes for the system to respond.

Temperature settings do not change

Make sure heating and cooling temperatures are set to acceptable ranges:

  • Heat: 40° to 90°F (4.5° to 32°C).
  • Cool: 50° to 99°F (10° to 37°C).

“Cool On” or “Heat On” is flashing

  • The compressor protection feature is engaged. Wait 5 minutes for the system to restart safely, without damage to the compressor (see page 3).

5-year limited warranty

Honeywell warrants this product, excluding battery, to be free from defects in the workmanship or materials, under normal use and service, for a period of five (5) years from the date of purchase by the consumer. If at any time during the warranty period, the product is determined to be defective or malfunctions, Honeywell shall repair or replace it (at Honeywell’s option).
If the product is defective,

  • (i) return it, with a bill of sale or other dated proof of purchase, to the place from which you purchased it; or
  • (ii) call Honeywell Customer Care at 1-800-468-1502. Customer Care will make the determination whether the product should be returned to the following address: Honeywell Return Goods, Dock 4 MN10-3860, 1885 Douglas Dr. N., Golden Valley, MN 55422, or whether a replacement product can be sent to you.

This warranty does not cover removal or reinstallation costs. This warranty shall not apply if it is shown by Honeywell that the defect or malfunction was caused by damage that occurred while the product was in the possession of a consumer. Honeywell’s sole responsibility shall be to repair or replace the product within the terms stated above. HONEYWELL SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY LOSS OR DAMAGE OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING ANY INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES RESULTING, DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY, FROM ANY BREACH OF ANY WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, OR ANY OTHER FAILURE OF THIS PRODUCT. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so this limitation may not apply to you. THIS WARRANTY IS THE ONLY EXPRESS WARRANTY HONEYWELL MAKES ON THIS PRODUCT. THE DURATION OF ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, IS HEREBY LIMITED TO THE FIVE-YEAR DURATION OF THIS WARRANTY.

Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitation may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights which vary from state to state. If you have any questions concerning this warranty, please write Honeywell Customer Relations, 1985 Douglas Dr, Golden Valley, MN 55422 or call 1-800-468-1502. In Canada, write Retail Products ON15-02H, Honeywell Limited/Honeywell Limitée, 35 Dynamic Drive, Toronto, Ontario M1V4Z9.

Automation and Control Solutions

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1985 Douglas Drive North
Golden Valley, MN 55422
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© 2013 Honeywell International Inc. 69-1923EFS—03 M.S. Rev. 07-13 Printed in U.S.A.

FAQs Honeywell FocusPRO 5000

What causes a Honeywell thermostat to malfunction?

Install fresh batteries; Examine the circuit breaker. Verify that all panel doors are closed on the interior unit; Verify that the furnace or air conditioner is receiving power by making sure the switch next to the indoor unit is turned on.

Why is the temperature readout on my Honeywell thermostat incorrect?

The problem might be resolved by cleaning the thermostat’s interior. The sensor will struggle to function properly if there is too much dust within. If problems persist after cleaning, you could want to recalibrate your sensor.

What is my Honeywell thermostat’s control scheme?

Setting the temperature on your Honeywell thermostat is easy if you have a manual thermostat. To adjust the temperature, simply push the up and down buttons. Until you adjust it again, the temperature you set will remain.

Is a battery required for a Honeywell thermostat?

There is a low battery indicator light on Honeywell thermostats. You’ll have roughly 60 days to change the batteries after this light turns on.

How long does a Honeywell thermostat last?

The typical lifespan of a thermostat for upkeep, repair, or replacement is variable (unlike air conditioners that need a tune-up every year). Yet, in general, you can count on your thermostat to endure for at least ten years. Thermostats may start acting up after ten years.

Would a Honeywell thermostat still function if the power goes out?

The internal battery in this thermostat is NOT present. In case of a power loss, all application and installer setup processes are preserved on a chip. A supercapacitor is used for the clock’s temporary storage.

What are the symptoms of a broken thermostat?

The most typical sign that a thermostat is malfunctioning is overheating. Your car’s thermostat may become stuck in the closed position as a result of corrosion or aging. If this occurs, the engine may overheat, resulting in serious damage, because the thermostat will prevent the coolant from getting to the radiator.

How can a Honeywell thermostat be reset?

Remove the batteries from the thermostat and turn it off. Negative to positive and positive to negative battery insertion is incorrect. Place them back in the proper order when ten seconds have passed. You’ll get a factory reset for your thermostat.

A thermostat determines the temperature in what way?

A thermistor is a cheap instrument that digital thermostats use to measure temperature. This resistor enables temperature-related changes in electrical resistance. A digital thermostat’s microprocessor has the ability to sense resistance and translate the result into a temperature reading.

Is AC wire required for Honeywell?

The common wire, or (C-Wire), gives Wi-Fi thermostats constant power from heating and cooling equipment, such as furnaces (e.g. Air Conditioning systems). All Resideo Wi-Fi thermostats require C-Wires.

What occurs if the battery in a Honeywell thermostat dies?

Your programmed thermostat won’t work if the batteries are dead, which prevents you from operating your HVAC system. The preset settings on your thermostat will also be lost. You’ll have to swap out the batteries if you make it this far.

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