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Hitron Cable Modem User Manual

Hitron Cable Modem Featured


Hitron Cable Modem

Hitron Cable Modem Product

About Hitron 


  • Step 1: Check the package contentsHitron Cable Modem (1)
  • Step 2: Connect the cable portHitron Cable Modem (2)
  • Step 3: Connect the powerHitron Cable Modem (3)
  • Step 4: Connect the Ethernet cableHitron Cable Modem (4)

Connect Options

Hitron Cable Modem (5)

Setup Complete

Congratulations. You have successfully set up your modem.
If you have any problem, see the sections below for help in identifying the problem.

IP addresses

If your cable modem is successfully connected to the network (see LED display) but you cannot access the Internet from a connected computer, your computer’s IP Address may be st up wrongly. In your computer’s control panel, ensure that your computer is configured to receive an IP address automatically (recommended). Contact your internet service provider for technical support.

Your computer will acquire the static IP or the floating IP provided by the internet service provider, who will also assign the IP for your cable modem. If your cable modem is unable to connect to the internet, the backend computer will acquire the IP address provided by the cable modem: and the IP address of the cable modem

LED Display

  • On: Modem is powered normally
  • Off: The modem is not powered or is malfunctioning.
    Please check if the power is plugged in securely.
  • Green: Blinking: Scanning for upload frequency in progress.
  • On: One upload frequency locked.
  • Blue: On Multiple upload frequencies locked (Channel Bonding).
  • Off: No upload frequency scanning (no Channel Bonding).
  • Green: Blinking: Scanning for download frequency in progress.
  • On: One download frequency locked.
  • Blue: On Multiple download frequencies locked (Channel Bonding).
  • Off: No download frequency scanning (no Channel Bonding)
  • Green: Blinking: Registration to source end in progress.
  • On: D2 registration to source end successfully.
  • Blue: On D3 registration to source end successfully.
  • Off: Registration failed
  • Green: Blinking: Data transmission between computer and modem in progress.
  • On: Connection with speed of 10/100M established between computer and modem.
  • Blue: On: Connection with speed of 100M established between computer and modem.
    Off: No connection between computer and modem or installation failed. Please check if the Ethernet cable is loose


For any unusual equipment behavior, please troubleshoot according to the following steps:

  1. Check if the equipment’s power is on and verify that all cable connections are secure.
  2. Check if all LEDs are working.

POWER LED Off Solution

  • Press the POWER button once to see if the LED is on and if the equipment turns on.
  • Verify that both ends of the power adaptor are plugged securely into the outlet and the equipment, respectively.
  • If the power adaptor is plugged in securely, please check if the outlet has power and try it again on another outlet known to have power.
  • If the problem remains, it could be an issue with the power adaptor.

Note: Do not use any non-HITRON power adapter to avoid any potential equipment damages. For any issues with the HITRON power adapter, please contact your cable service provider for a replacement.

LANS LED Off Solution

  • Please first verify that the equipment power is on and that both ends of the Ethernet cable are securely connected to the equipment and computer, respectively.
  • If the problem remains, it could be that the Ethernet cable is of the wrong specifications or is damaged.

Downstream LED is Off or Bunking Solution

  • Please verify that the cable is securely connected to the equipment. If the problem remains, please contact your cable service provider.

Upstream LED is Off or Blinking Solution

Please verify that the cable is securely connected to the equipment. If the problem remains, please contact your cable service provider.

STATUS is on, but the computer is unable to acquire an IP address or connect to the internet.


  • First, please check if the Ethernet card is successfully installed in your computer.
  • Then check if your network is configured to automatically acquire the IP address. If so, please check if the network connection is correct.
  • If the Registration LED is off or is blinking, this indicates problems with registration. Please contact your cable service provider

Safety Warnings And Certifications


Risk of electrical shock. Do not expose the device to water or moisture. The device is a high-performance communications device designed for home and office environments. Do not use the device outdoors. Keep the device in an environment between 0°C – 40°C (32°F -104″F). To avoid overheating, do NOT place any object on top of the device. Do not restrict the flow of air around the cable modem. The manufacturer assumes no liabilities for damage caused by any improper use of the device.


The manufacturer assumes no liabilities with respect to the contents of this document. The manufacturer also reserves the right to revise this document or update the content thereof without any obligation to notify any person of such revisions or amendments. Specifications are subject to change without notice.


The cable distribution system should be grounded (earthed) in accordance with ANS/NFPA 70, the National Electrical Code (NEC), in particular Section 820.93, Grounding of Outer Conductive Shield of a Coaxial Cable.

FAQ’S Hitron Cable Modem

What is a Hitron cable modem?

A Hitron cable modem is a networking device that connects your home or business to the internet through your cable provider’s network. It acts as a bridge between your local area network (LAN) and the cable provider’s wide area network (WAN), allowing you to access the internet using a cable internet connection.

How do I set up my Hitron cable modem?

Setting up a Hitron cable modem is generally straightforward. You’ll need to connect the modem to your cable provider’s coaxial cable and then to your computer or router using an Ethernet cable. Once connected, power on the modem, and it should automatically configure itself to connect to your cable provider’s network. If you face any issues during setup, your cable provider’s support team can assist you.

What is the default login and password for my Hitron modem’s web interface?

The default login credentials for Hitron cable modems may vary depending on the model and your cable provider’s customizations. However, common defaults are usually “admin” for both the username and password. It’s essential to change the default password after setting up your modem for security reasons.

How can I access the modem’s web interface?

To access the Hitron modem’s web interface, you typically need to open a web browser on a device connected to the modem (via Ethernet or Wi-Fi) and enter the modem’s IP address in the address bar. The default IP address is often or, but you can find the correct address in the modem’s documentation or by contacting your cable provider.

Can I use my own router with the Hitron cable modem?

Yes, you can use your own router with the Hitron cable modem. Most cable modems have a built-in router, but you can disable its router functionality and connect your own router to improve network performance, features, and customization options.

How do I update the firmware on my Hitron cable modem?

Firmware updates for cable modems are typically provided by your cable provider. The modem may automatically update its firmware when connected to the network. However, if you want to check for updates manually, you can do so through the modem’s web interface. Check your modem’s user manual or the support page of your cable provider for detailed instructions.

What should I do if my Hitron modem loses connection frequently?

If your Hitron modem frequently loses its internet connection, there could be several reasons, such as signal issues, network outages, or modem malfunctions. First, check the modem’s connection to the cable outlet and ensure the coaxial cable is securely connected. If the issue persists, contact your cable provider’s support team to troubleshoot the problem further.

Can I use a Hitron cable modem with any cable internet provider?

Hitron cable modems are generally compatible with most major cable internet providers. However, it’s essential to check with your specific cable provider to ensure their network supports the use of third-party modems. Some providers may have a list of approved modems, including Hitron models, that are guaranteed to work on their network.

What are the different lights on my Hitron modem, and what do they indicate?

Hitron modems typically have several indicator lights on the front panel. The lights may vary based on the model, but common ones include Power, Downstream, Upstream, Internet, LAN, and Wi-Fi. The lights indicate various states of the modem’s functionality, such as power status, internet connection status, and Wi-Fi activity. The modem’s user manual will provide detailed information about the meaning of each light.

How can I change my Hitron modem’s Wi-Fi name (SSID) and password?

To change your Hitron modem’s Wi-Fi name and password, you’ll need to access the modem’s web interface. Open a web browser, enter the modem’s IP address (e.g.,, and log in using your administrator credentials. Look for the wireless settings section to change the SSID (Wi-Fi name) and the security settings to change the Wi-Fi password.

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