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Graco Pack n Play Playard Owner’s Manual

Graco Pack‘n Play Playard featured

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Graco Pack n Play Playard

Graco Pack‘n Play Playard product

ABOUT GracoBaby

GracoBaby is a brand that offers a wide range of products for infants and young children, including strollers, car seats, high chairs, swings, and playards like the Graco Pack ‘n Play. GracoBaby is known for its high-quality and innovative baby products that are designed to make life easier for parents and provide comfort and safety for babies.

It was founded in 1942 by a man named Russell Gray and Robert Cone, who combined their last names to create the Graco brand. The company initially made machine and car parts, but it later shifted its focus to baby products and became a leading manufacturer in the industry. Today, GracoBaby is part of the Newell Brands family of companies and continues to produce popular and highly-rated baby gear that parents trust and rely on.

Read all instructions BEFORE assembly and USE of the product. KEEP INSTRUCTIONS FOR FUTURE USE
Failure to follow these warnings and instructions could result in serious injury or death

Setting Up the Playard

  • Keep fingers clear of top corners during setup. Be sure playard is completely set up before use.
  • Check that the four top rails are completely latched, the center of the floor is pushed down, the mattress/pad is flat, the straps are securely fastened to the bottom of the unit and the four corners are tucked under the stiffeners. Always follow the instructions in the owner’s manual to set up the playard.

Using the playard

  • The playard is for playing or sleeping. When used for playing, never leave the child unattended, and always keep the child in view. When used for sleeping, you must still provide the supervision necessary for the continued safety of your child.
  • Always keep the playard away from hazards in the area that may injure your child.
  • When a child is able to pull to a standing position, remove large toys and other objects that could serve as steps for climbing out.
  • Stop using this product when your child reaches 35 inches (89 cm) in height, weighs more than 30 lb (14 kg), or is able to climb out.
  • Do not modify playard or add any attachments that are not listed in the owner’s manual, including an add-on bassinet.
  • Children can become entrapped and die when improvised netting or covers are placed on top of a playard. Never add such items to confine the child in playard.
  • NEVER leave a child in a product with the side lowered. Be sure the side is in raised and locked position whenever a child is in the product.
  • If refinishing, use a non-toxic finish specified for children’s products

Avoiding Suffocation Hazards

Unlike cribs that have rigid sides, the playard has flexible sides. As a result, the playard mattress/ pad is specially designed to prevent suffocation. The playard mattress/pad has a solid base, a certain length, and width, and is less than one inch thick in order to meet safety standards. Using a thicker or a different-sized mattress/pad may allow a child’s head to get between the mattress/pad and the side of the playard causing suffocation.

Infants can suffocate

  • In gaps between a mattress too small or too thick and products sides
  • On soft bedding. NEVER add a mattress, pillow, comforter or padding. Use ONLY mattress pad provided by Graco


  • To reduce the risk of SIDS, pediatricians recommend healthy infants be placed on their backs to sleep, unless otherwise advised by your physician.
  • Never use plastic shipping bags or other plastic film as mattress covers not sold and intended for that purpose. They can cause suffocation.
  • NEVER use a water mattress with the playard.

Avoiding Strangulation Hazards

  • Strings and cords can cause strangulation. Keep strings and cords away from child.
  • NEVER place the playard near a window where cords from blinds or drapes can strangle a child.
  • NEVER hang strings on or over the playard.
  • NEVER place items with a string around a child’s neck, such as hood strings, pacifier cords, etc.
  • NEVER attach strings to toys.
  • This product is not intended for commercial use.

Parts list

This model may not include some features shown below. Check that you have all the parts for this model BEFORE assembling your product. If any parts are missing, call Customer Service

No tools requiredGraco Pack‘n Play Playard fig- (1)

FEATURES ON CERTAIN MODELSGraco Pack‘n Play Playard fig- (2)

Playard Setup

  1. Disconnect straps holding mattress around playard.Graco Pack‘n Play Playard fig- (3)
  2. Remove the mattress from around playard.Graco Pack‘n Play Playard fig- (4)
  3. Pull up on the side rails in middle above the push button until all four sides are locked. DO NOT push the center down yetGraco Pack‘n Play Playard fig- (5)
  4. When setting up, lock rails BEFORE lowering the center. Be sure the top rails have become rigid. If not, pull them up again until they are stiff. If the top rails do not latch, lift the center of the floor higher. CHECK that fabric covers the cornersGraco Pack‘n Play Playard fig- (6)
  5. Hold one end of the unit up and push the center of the floor down until locked securely into placeGraco Pack‘n Play Playard fig- (7)
  6. Always use a mattress/pad soft side up.Graco Pack‘n Play Playard fig- (8)
  7. Pull the two hook and loop tabs under the mattress/pad through the slotted holes and attach them to the hook and loop patch on the bottom of playard.Graco Pack‘n Play Playard fig- (9)
  8. Pull the four snap straps on the corners of playard mattress through the bottom of playard. Wrap around the tube and fasten and snap onto the tube. Repeat on all corners.Graco Pack‘n Play Playard fig- (10)Graco Pack‘n Play Playard fig- (11)
  9. Tuck four corners of the mattress/pad under corner stiffenersGraco Pack‘n Play Playard fig- (12)

Bassinet Set Up

SUFFOCATION HAZARD Infants have suffocated:

  • In gaps between extra padding and the side of the bassinet, and On soft bedding.
  • Use ONLY the mattress/pad provided by Graco. NEVER add a pillow, comforter, or another mattress for padding.
  • FALL HAZARD: To help prevent falls, do not use this product when the infant begins to push up on hands and knees or weighs over 15 lb (6.8 kg), whichever comes first.
  • Use a bassinet with only one child at a time.
  • Never place a child under the bassinet.
  • The bassinet must be fully assembled and installed, including four metal tubes, eight clips, and a mattress/pad, before use. Do not modify the bassinet or add any attachments that are not listed in the owner’s manual.
  • DO NOT store the bassinet in the playard while in use.
  • To help prevent heat build-up inside the playard and to avoid overheating your child, when using the bassinet DO NOT use an outdoor canopy.
  • To reduce the risk of SIDS, pediatricians recommend healthy infants be placed on their backs to sleep unless otherwise advised by your physician.
  • If a sheet is used with the pad use only the one provided by Graco or one specifically designed to fit the dimensions of the bassinet.
  • Never place the child in the bassinet while the napper/changer is attached. 3-B Bassinet Set Up
  1. You will need to remove the mattress/pad from the bottom of the playard to use inside your bassinet.Graco Pack‘n Play Playard fig- (13)
    1. Make sure to fasten the bassinet clips to the playard Always press down on the left side of the clip, then the right as shown. Repeat on all eight clips.Graco Pack‘n Play Playard fig- (14)
  2. Insert the tapered end of the bar into the end of another bar with the hole in it. Repeat with another set of bars. CHECK: Tubes MUST be assembled before placing mattress/pad in the bassinetGraco Pack‘n Play Playard fig- (15)
  3. Insert the mattress/pad soft side up into the playard, making sure the hook and loop patches on the bottom of the mattress attach to the matching hook and loop patches on the bassinet.Graco Pack‘n Play Playard fig- (16)

To Fold

  1. Release snap straps and hook and loop straps on the bottom of playard. Pull the mattress fully out of playard.Graco Pack‘n Play Playard fig- (17)
  2. DO NOT unlock the top rails yet. Pull the center of the playard floor up with the tab in the middle of the playard. The center of the floor must be halfway up before the top rails will unlockGraco Pack‘n Play Playard fig- (18)
  3. The center of the floor must be up.
    1. Lift up slightly on the top rail.
    2. Push the button located on the side of the top rail to release the two tubes.
    3. Push down.
    4. Repeat on all four rails until all tubes are released.
      1. If top rails do not unlatch, DO NOT FORCE. Lift the center of the floor higher.
      2. Both tubes must be released for the top rail to foldGraco Pack‘n Play Playard fig- (19)
  4. Do not force. If the unit will not fold, look for a partially latched top rail. Squeeze the latch button to release the rail.Graco Pack‘n Play Playard fig- (20)

To Cover

  1. Cover the unit with the handle out.Graco Pack‘n Play Playard fig- (21)
  2. Zip together.Graco Pack‘n Play Playard fig- (22)

Care and Maintenance

  • FROM TIME TO TIME CHECK YOUR PLAYARD for worn parts, torn material, or stitching. Replace or repair the parts as needed. Use only Graco® replacement parts.
  • IF PLAYARD IS USED AT THE BEACH, you MUST clean sand off your playard, including the feet, before packing it into cover. Sand in the top rail lock may damage it.
  • TO CLEAN PLAYARD, use only household soap or detergent and warm water.
  • TO WASH CARRY BAG, machine wash in cold water on a delicate cycle, and drip dry. NO BLEACH.
  • TO WASH BASSINET: Hand wash with warm water and household soap. Drip dry.
  • TO WASH NAPPER/CHANGER: Wipe clean with a damp cloth.
  1. Pull the red tab up to unlock. Stop when you hear it click. (See page 15)Graco Pack‘n Play Playard fig- (23)
  2. Lift the rail up slightly, press the button, and lower the rail. Repeat on all 4 sides. (See page 16)Graco Pack‘n Play Playard fig- (24)
  3. Wrap mattress around the playard. (See Page 17)Graco Pack‘n Play Playard fig- (25)

Quick Set-Up Guide

  1. Pull up on all 4 sides and snap into place. Do not push the center of Playard down until the top rails are locked. Graco Pack‘n Play Playard fig- (26)
  2. Push the center of playard down until you hear a click.Graco Pack‘n Play Playard fig- (27)

FAQs About Graco Pack‘n Play Playard

In a Graco Pack ‘n Play playard, can a baby sleep?

Yes! Playards are subject to the same federal regulations for newborn sleep as bassinets and cribs. Use of a Pack N Play in place of a crib or bassinet is acceptable. A newborn can snooze in the lower portion of the Pack N Play or the upper bassinet that comes with some models.

What distinguishes a playard from a pack n’ play?

For parents of newborns, the Pack ‘n Play is a practical and adaptable piece of furniture. The playpen, which includes both playards and free-standing baby gates, is the name of the category in general. While a well-known brand of contemporary playards is Pack ‘n Play.

What is the Graco Pack N Play playard’s maximum age?

Most Pack N Plays have a weight and height restriction of 30 pounds and 35 inches, respectively. Some models have no weight restrictions at all. (We’ll discuss those soon.) Around age 2, many children will reach their maximum height.

A recall has been issued for Graco Pack N Play?

The Pack ‘n Play Everest Playard, Pack ‘n Play Nuzzle Nest Playard, Pack ‘n Play Rock ‘n Grow Playard, and Pack ‘n Play Day 2 Dream Playard with Bedside Sleeper are among the models affected by the recall.

In a Graco Pack’N Play, how long can a baby sleep?

Most Pack ‘n Plays let kids use them until they weigh around 30 pounds, are 35 inches tall, or can climb out on their own, whichever comes first. This will be between the ages of 2 and 3 due to the fact that everyone grows differently.

Is a playard required for infants?

What about a playard? You can live without a playard without a doubt (in fact, many essential baby item lists leave them off). But many families opt to purchase it as an investment. The independence and peace of mind they can afford you are invaluable, especially for new parents!

Whom is a playard intended for?

suitable for a variety of age ranges: From a newborn to three years old, they can be used. The majority of specialists concur that Pack ‘N Plays are secure for infants and toddlers to play and sleep in.

Whom is a playard intended for?

suitable for a variety of age ranges: From a newborn to three years old, they can be used. The majority of specialists concur that Pack ‘N Plays are secure for infants and toddlers to play and sleep in.

Mattresses—do you put them in Pack N Plays?

The mattress that came with your Pack N Play is the only one that ought to be used in it. According to Graco Consumer Services, “For the safety of your kid, we do not recommend utilizing any after-market mattress or extra-soft buntings in our playards,” which is in line with what we infer from the evidence.

Do babies find it comfy to sleep in Pack N Plays?

A pack’n play often comes ready-made as a secure resting area for your infant. It’s already a safe atmosphere, so you probably don’t need to do anything to make it safer. “I’m fine with it [for sleep] as long as it fulfills the most recent consumer product safety standards,

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