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Edifier W820NB Bluetooth Headphones Instruction Manual

Edifier W820NB Bluetooth Headphones Featured


Edifier W820NB Bluetooth Headphones

Edifier W820NB Bluetooth Headphones Product

About Edifier
Edifier specializes in creating high-end audio products that are both technologically advanced and beautifully crafted. Edifier, a company with its headquarters in Beijing, China, was founded in 1996 and offers a variety of home audio, professional audio, vehicle audio, headphones, and microphones for both personal entertainment and business use. In February 2010, Edifier joined the Chinese stock exchange and became the first company listed in the Chinese audio market. In 2010, Edifier was considered the sole Chinese corporation implementing a national trademark strategy.


  • Package Dimensions 11.22 x 9.41 x 3.66 inches
  • Item Weight 1.17 pounds
  • Batteries 1 Lithium Ion batteries required
  • Model Name W820NB
  • Form Factor Over-Ear
  • Connectivity Technology Wireless


Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Technology: These brand-new wireless headphones from 2021 can cancel out up to 38dB of noise. This reduces background noise while enhancing your music-listening experience.

Finished to Hi-Res audio standards and are “Hi-Res Audio Certified” by JAS Built with a sizable dynamic tetanized composite diaphragm driver, these speakers create detailed, crystal-clear sound.

‘Clear Phone Calls’ are equipped with noise-canceling speech technology and help you conduct smooth, natural conversations.

The headphones are finished off with a long-lasting battery that is effective and provides up to 49 hours of playback time (tested in the lab)

‘Ambient and Gaming Mode’ enables you to listen to music while remaining aware of your surroundings. Low latency in gaming mode is as low as 80ms, and sound and picture synchronization is flawless.

Product Description

Bluetooth headphones are High-quality Quality unique original noise-cancelling headphones

  • Embrace Your Ears You can use more comfortable headphones with an adjustable beam thanks to the skin-like sponge cover.
  • Compatible with the system and not broken A quick connection to your device, Bluetooth 5.0, Music No Longer Waiting, is compatible with Apple, Android, and other operating systems.
  • The bass is powerful and the sound quality is good The JAS has certified the W820NB Headphones as meeting all Hi-Res Audio Standards. You may enjoy any music listening session with these because they have a frequency range of 20Hz to 40KHz.

Excellent Noise Cancelling

Edifier W820NB Bluetooth Headphones (1)

Enjoy your music without being interrupted by outside noise. Hybrid ANC technology in the W820NB headphones can cut noise by up to 38 dB. This reduces background noise while enhancing your music-listening experience.

Natural conversations can be had on clearer phone calls

Edifier W820NB Bluetooth Headphones (2)

You can have smooth, comprehensive, and natural conversations with the voice call NC technology in the W820NB Headphones.

Longer Playtime with a Durable Battery

Edifier W820NB Bluetooth Headphones (3)

An effective, long-lasting battery that powers the W820NB Headphones provides 49 hours of playback time.

Method of Usage of Edifier Headphones

When using the headset for the first time, press and hold the power button for around 3 seconds to turn it on. The headset will pair automatically with your phone when the blue and green lights flash alternately and quickly. Once pairing is complete, the blue light will flash twice.

FAQs About Edifier W820NB Bluetooth Headphones

Does noise cancellation safeguard hearing?

They are not intended to defend against noise. Modern noise-cancelling earbuds and headphones use soundproofing for higher-frequency sounds and active noise control for low-frequency sounds to block out undesired background noise.

What is the process for Bluetooth noise cancellation?

Noise-cancelling headphones keep an eye on the ambient noise and block it from ever reaching your ears. In order to successfully “cancel out” both sets of sounds when the soundwaves meet, tiny microphones in the earcups or earbuds listen to the frequencies of the ambient noise and then generate the exact opposite signal.

How do I activate noise cancellation on the Edifier?

The noise cancelling mode will automatically be activated once the earbuds are turned on and inserted into the ears. When playing music, taking out the earphone can pause it, and putting it back in again can continue it.

Is Edifier a noise Cancelling?

The noise-cancelling headphones are excellent for regular commuters and frequent travellers. Anyone looking for inexpensive noise-cancelling headphones that are also effective may consider the Edifier W860NB. The fact that a clamshell case and an aircraft adaptor are included further proves that these are intended for both commuting and travel.

What is the difference between noise cancelling and active noise Cancelling?

Well-designed ear cups are used in passive noise cancellation to block out unwanted noise. This applies to both in-ear and over-the-ear headphones, and the earbud itself will block out external sounds. Speakers and microphones are used in Active Noise Cancellation to lessen ambient noise.

Is Edifier good for music?

The Edifier W820NB is an excellent entry-level or intermediate speaker, yes. It has a reliable, compact design, high-quality audio, and is reasonably priced. They are perfect for a brand-new music producer who is just getting started.

How can I connect my phone to my Edifier headphones?

Android devices: Slide the Bluetooth icon to the right to turn on both your speaker and Bluetooth on your device. The Edifier speaker can be found by selecting “search for devices.” In order to have the option to connect, touch and hold the speaker’s name. Choose it and enjoy the crystal-clear sound.

Does edifier W820BT have a mic?

The Edifier W820BT has a single microphone that is located a distance from the user’s mouth. Since there is only one microphone, no noise will be filtered out by it.

How effective is an edifier?

3.0 out of 5 starsA fantastic product with some serious issues. Let’s start with the positives: These speakers are excellent value. These are an excellent purchase if you’re searching for a sturdy, pleasant-sounding bookshelf speaker that you can plug directly into your PC or TV and that will fill a room with rich sound.

How do I use Edifier W820NB?

When using the headset for the first time, press and hold the power button for around 3 seconds to turn it on. The headset will pair automatically with your phone when the blue and green lights flash alternately and quickly. Once pairing is complete, the blue light will flash twice.

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